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The Mac Partisan: Macs vs Windows - Round Three To ..
Updated: 12/11/02

Below you will find a list of links that have been culled from around the Net relating to why using Macs is a better choice than other computing platforms. Like our other 'Hub' pages, this one is intended as a one stop launching point. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the use of Macs from a partisan perspecitve, mail it to us and we will add it.

Featured Book: Macintosh... The Naked Truth by Scott Kelby

Back in the saddle - a rather interesting article entitled“Windows Video Editing Pulls Ahead of the Mac” in Connected Home Magazine. Has iMovie really lost its edge over its Windows Movie Maker counterpart, or does Apple really provide the best home movie making experience there is out there? The debate is surely a valid one, but I don’t think the author of the article makes a good enough argument to crown Windows Movie Maker the new king

A Smooth Switch with Move2Mac - How do you get all your files from the PC to the Mac? Detto Technologies has recently released a program called Move2Mac that promises to make the move a snap. Does it deliver? We decided to find out

A Closer Look At Iceland's "Switch" Campaign - Iceland, a country of only 300,000, has a much higher percentage of Mac users than the rest of Europe. Apple has 10% market-share in Iceland, much higher than in the States. In fact, according to an article on Macs in Iceland by print magazine Mac Directory, the only country where Apple does better is Switzerland

PC NoteBooks Vs. PowerBook + iBook = No Contest - With OS X, it is increasingly difficult for Windows mavens to argue, with any degree of credibility, that it is difficult to connect Macs to Windows or Unix networks. In addition, as is well known, both Macs and Mac users generally require much less technical support from sys admins than Windows machines

Aqua Elements And iApps Showing Up On Windows Desktops - Smokin' Monkey writes "Amazing. Windows users, rather than switching, are trying to clone Aqua and Apple's iApps. Check out their iTunes and iChat and Dock clones

Why you should buy an Apple this Christmas - If you've never been to an Apple Store (there are 50 around the country), you really should seek one out--imagine a Gap with stylish computers instead of jeans and sweaters. If you don't live near one, you can always visit the online version or one of the several Mac-specific online merchants. NOW BEFORE YOU say, "Oh, no, I'm not an Apple person," let me tell you something I've learned in the course of writing a how-to book for people switching from Windows to Mac

Macs defy the hackers - IF you want a computer that's largely free from attacks by malicious hackers, cyber-terrorists, worms, trojan horses or viruses - go for an Apple Macintosh. That's the obvious conclusion to be drawn from an extensive report by British computer security company Mi2G

Switching: It's Not Just For Individuals Anymore - "In an interview with the O'Reilly COO, she says, "I will share with you that we're currently in talks with Apple to possibly do a corporate switching program." She also says that Macs account for 15% of the systems and rising."

InfoWorld columnist switches to Mac while retaining anti-Mac bias - As if the rest of the "Switchers" are switching under some extreme duress, InfoWorld columnist Tom Yager describes how he switched to Mac "by choice." Whatever. Subtle bias aside, this is an interesting read. We guess Tom is still stunned, blinking in the bright light and hasn't yet shed his misplaced anti-Mac attitude completely

Weathering the 'switch' - switchers weren’t hard to find one recent Saturday at the Apple Store in Towson Town Center. Randy Cox, a computer programmer with Northeastern Supply Corp. who specializes in Microsoft’s .Net Web services, was looking to buy his first Mac, an iBook. Cox said Apple’s Switch ads had caught his attention, and as a programmer, he was intrigued by Mac OS X’s Unix underpinnings

I Made the Switch - I switched. No, I'm not friends with the creative director at Apple (AAPL), and I don't plan on being the next "reality model" to mug for an ad. I haven't used a Mac since high school, but my PC laptop just melted down after nearly five years of trusty service, so when Apple announced its new line of more robust PowerBooks and iBooks two weeks ago, I bit.

iMac Teaches Gateway, HP a Lesson - in Quality - The 17" iMac beats out both Dell's Profile4 and HP's flat-panel PC offerings not on price - but on quality and ease of use.

Bellevue firm eases the move to a Mac  - a Bellevue company, Detto, released a solution this month with Apple's full support and encouragement: Move2Mac (www.detto.com). For $59.95, the package includes software for both platforms that allows a relatively painless transition of files using a special USB cable to connect two machines

Apple's Windows LAN Manager On Why He Switched, & Why His iMac Is On eBay - "Mac OS X gets out of your way, while Windows wants to be in your face." So said Aaron Adams, Windows LAN manager and the star of one of Apple's Switch TV ads. When we heard that Mr. Adams was selling his iMac on eBay (link corrected), we wanted to find out why. That answer was easy, he's upgrading to a PowerBook G4 (TiBook), and is using proceeds from the iMac to pay for it, so we took some extra time to talk to this Switcher about why he Switched in the first place

Review: Gateway Profile 4 vs. Apple iMac  - Frankly, for many Mac buyers on a budget, the iMac is a great deal because of the monitor. A Power Mac would cost much more. But for those making a choice between an iMac or Profile 4 might consider a notebook if an all-in-one system is the preference

12 Months Later: A Switcher's Tale - Overall, the "12 month report card" suggests that the best solution to some of these problems isn't to switch "lock stock and barrel," but instead to integrate Macs into the workflow, using them to provide specific solutions. Clearly, the stability of Mac OS X has been everything Apple promised. Audio and MIDI support is (finally) working well, and there isn't a day that goes by we don't thank our lucky stars that there are so few Trojans, worms and viruses targeting the Mac. Despite the issues with browsing and email, which are really the only problems that are ongoing sources of trouble (and which, perhaps not coincidentally, can both be traced to Microsoft), the rest of the system runs smoothly

Mac 101 - Welcome to the first column in a series of articles aimed at introducing and explaining in detail the Apple Macintosh platform to PC users. This will help them get a fair idea of the capabilities of a Mac and rest to doubt the FUD (Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt) factors spread by malicious competitors.

Moving to Mac Made Easy - "According to an article on CNET, Apple has a new weapon in its campaign to woo PC users: a $59 piece of software that makes the switch to Macintosh easier. Detto Technologies has started selling Move2Mac, a combination of software and a custom USB cable that helps PC users move many of their files, settings and even background pictures to a new Mac running Mac OS X 10.2. Sounds nice. Is there anything like this in the works for the penguin masses?"

All Aboard! (But No PCs Allowed)   - Humphrey is a big, friendly guy. He does a lot of entertaining on his warship. He hosts parties, and often takes friends out on the Chesapeake Bay, which is not too far from his home in Laurel, Maryland, an upscale Washington, D.C., suburb. Humphrey imposes a few rules, of course; seafaring wouldn't be safe without them. But one of the strictest, and most idiosyncratic, involves computers. He allows only Macs on board

Software aims to ease Mac switch - Apple Computer has a new weapon in its campaign to woo PC users: a $59 piece of software that makes the switch to Macintosh easier

Apple Is Still Microsoft Pal - The relationship between Apple Computer and Microsoft reminds me of an anecdote about the Cold War alliance between Albania and the People's Republic of China: At a bipartisan conference, Albanian representatives bemused their Chinese hosts by insisting that their tiny country was the natural leader of a bloc comprising 802 million citizens—2 million of them Albanian

Apple leads. Wintel follows. As usual - Can you say, "Stone Age?" Hoo boy, Dell dips its ugly big toe into the water and offers optional "floppyless" notebooks. "The computer company is to offer a storage alternative to the floppy disk in the form of its USB Memory Key

Apple: Microsoft's Friend or Foe? - Fast forward to the summer of 2002. The agreement expired, no extended proposal has been put in place, and published reports have questioned the state of the relationship. To date, neither company has made overtures toward signing another agreement

The right move - PC users, fed up of system crashes, bland beige boxes and ugly graphics, are voting with their feet and migrating to the Mac. Everybody's talking about the new Apple ads

CNN Anchor Switches To The Mac, Announces It To World In Column - CNN's Technology anchor, Renay San Miguel, has made the Switch to the Mac. Mr. Miguel covers technology issues for both Headline News and CNN, and his face is known by millions

Succumbing to a Mac attack - "What kind of computer do you have at home?" he asked. "Well, I have a Sony Vaio." Judging from the look on his face, you'd have thought I had said that his fictional hero, Jack Ryan, was a liberal wimp. "You gotta get a Mac," he said, just before he whipped out his cell phone and called in an airstrike on my apartment. OK, so I made up the airstrike bit. And maybe Clancy wasn't solely responsible for my recent purchase of a PowerBook G4. But his answer did get me thinking once again about Apple's computer products and the near cultlike devotion they inspire in Mac enthusiasts.

Interview With a Switcher: Juan Proano - Part 1 - Juan is the president of Plus Three a company that was synthesized out of a design firm in Philadelphia and a open source developer in Washington D.C. Juan's major client is the Democratic National Committee and he splits his week between New York, Philadelphia and Washington - so he travels a lot. His company's philosophy is to give away the software they develop - it's all open source and distributed under the GPL license - and to make money on the implementation. And it appears to be working

Windows: '[M]ore error messages than help files' - Here are some highlights from Apple's 'switch' stories page

Apple - Switch - Real Stories - We've received thousands of emails from people who have successfully switched from PCs to Macs. Executives. Parents. UNIX users. Students. Researchers. Retirees. Here are some of their true stories. We'll continue to add letters during the coming days - we have many good stories to share with you

Mac Mentoring A Switcher - Jen Segrest writes "When a PC user switches they usually do it alone, and a little overwhelmed. I helped someone switch recently and it was really cool to rediscover how cool the mac is with fresh eyes and bring someone into th e fray. I've started a yahoogroup called Mac Mentor to be a place for mac users to and answer switcher questions via the mailist. or even adopt a switcher. If interest grows I'd like to proceed with this to be a website to match switchers to mentors. If you'd like to help guide a new switcher, please think about joining us and becoming a MacMentor!"

Usability Shootout: Mac OS X vs. Windows XP - Scriptability

PC Magazine Heaps Praise On iMac, Names It Editor's Choice - That bastion of Wintelness known as PC Magazine has reviewed Apple's iMac G4, and heaped praise upon it in the process. The magazine gave it 4 out of 5 stars, and named it the Editor's Choice award in the "Innovative PCs: Desktop Computer" category

Microsoft Ad Campaign To Promote Mac, PC Unity - The ads, which will debut in Macintosh publications Saturday, will use a humorous approach to attempt to dispel the long-held belief of many computer users that Macs and PCs occupy separate and distinct parts of the technology universe

TMO Interviews Jeremiah Cohick, TV Spokesperson, Switcher & Former Mac-Basher - "I used to bash Macs." So says Jeremiah Cohick, the subject of one of Apple's most recent Switch TV commercials. "That was more a move out of ignorance," Jeremiah added as a follow-up

The Mac and Windows Compatibility - One thing that has really been overlooked about the Mac is its excellent compatibility with Windows. While compatibility has long been a part of the Mac OS (including PC Exchange and DOS cards for Quadras and early Power Macs), in the past couple years it really has been ignored as a feature. Until Mac OS X, that is

Why I (still) just love my iMac - I've been thinking about the iMac, those ads, and switchers in general a lot this week. While I'm officially "on vacation," I'm spending my "time off" writing a book for would-be switchers, intended in part to help them make the right choice. As part of my research, I've been going through my old AnchorDesk columns, looking for stories about Apple that I might include in the book

Home Networking Wars: PC vs. Mac - Although Apple's AirPort components may be more expensive than comparable PC networking equipment, a Mac network may be easier to set up. "With all Mac, it's nice and integrated, which is not true if you build it yourself," Howe noted.

Apple revives rivalry between Mac and PC - IT is a myth that Apple computers are expensive. It is also a myth that a user cannot upgrade, say, a Macintosh's existing memory or graphics card to add more computing muscle to the computer. It is also a myth that most of the popular games and applications cannot run on the latest Apple computer.

Gateway Profile 4XL Review An iMac Wanna-Be, Or Really Nice PC? - despite the TV commercials that show it somersaulting over an iMac, the new Gateway Profile 4 looks less like an iMac-style seamless fashion and lifestyle statement than, well, a really nice LCD monitor with a notebook PC glued to its back [yuck!]

Windows Maven: "Why Windows Has The Edge Over The Mac" - Kim Komando hosts a radio show which she claims gets 50,000 calls per hour for computer tech support questions. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem all that qualified to handle those calls, at least not for the Mac, judging by a column she penned titled "Why Windows has the edge over the Mac." The problem isn't with her opinion, but rather the remarkable level of ignorance she displays in supporting those opinions

Cattle drive - In a new series of ads, Gateway Inc. pits its Profile 4 personal computer against Apple Computer's iMac, daring potential customers to choose sides. Tough call. Many Apple users feel passionately about their machines. Gateway - those folks who ship their PCs in boxes that resemble Holstein cow skins - engenders about the same brand loyalty these days as a glass of lukewarm milk

Inbox: Apple vs. Gateway revisted - There were a few points that you might want to note. One, while the Profile includes an Ethernet port, it comes with Windows XP home version which has some noticeable limitations in regard to networking. This is important to college students and businesses that are networked

Apple, Gateway comparison a Hail Mary pass - Let us start from the top, with the companies themselves. Gateway is hemorrhaging money. Apple is making it. Apple offers innovative products created by brilliant design and engineering teams. As for Gateway, well, it mostly offers the sincerest form of flattery

Hiawatha Bray Asks "Why Switch? Do You Hate Your PC That Much?" - In what we see as an interesting, as in peculiar, article, Hiawatha Bray, long-time tech pundit for the Boston Globe, has written a piece called "Apple's good, but that's no reason to switch," that asks his readers why they should Switch to the Mac. The interesting aspect comes out of Mr. Bray's technique for showing how users should most likely stay with Windows: he talks about all the great points of Apple hardware and Jaguar

The fatal flaw inside MS's new Media Center PCs - If Microsoft's handling of digital-rights management in its new Media Center PCs is any indication, Redmond is perfectly happy to sell out its customers to keep the entertainment industry happy.

Are the Floodgates Opening on Microsoft? - The company's troubled situation has become more obvious during the past year or so, as the media has started to reflect the increasing disquiet among Microsoft's users. Even some of the Microsoft-friendly media have been criticizing Microsoft's current strategies. If you read any PC publications, you have probably felt the groundswell of opinion that is starting to turn critical

Profile, I've seen the iMac. I've used the iMac. The iMac is a remarkable machine. Profile, you're no iMac - the Profile is a fast and powerful machine with an excellent feature set at a great price. In other words, on paper it clearly bests the iMac, as eTesting Labs has shown. In the real world, however, the iMac's quality construction and components, floating LCD, bundled iApps and SuperDrive all enable one to do so much more than the Profile, with so much less effort. Isn't that what it's all about? Maybe someday the rocket scientists at Gateway will understand that, although I'm not holding my breath

Is Gateway's Profile 4 a 'Smarter' Buy than Apple's iMac? - Perhaps, but Gateway's TV ad and Apple's "switch" ads invite PC-Mac comparisons. And while Gateway says the Profile 4 is superior to the iMac, others might see merits in both machines. Here's how these consumer-computer competitors stack up

Leave Cow PC in the Pasture - When the new Gateway Profile 4 all-in-one LCD computer came out, we took one look at it and laughed. It does have a few "value" features familiar to PC buyers, such as a big hard drive and more standard memory, but it looks like something a bad shop teacher built for his landlady

Where do "switchers" come from ? - ReluctantSwitcher writes "An interesting story in MacDev raising the possibility that the influx of "switchers" might originate from the Linux base rather than Windows

Gateway: Picking Fights It Just Might Lose - No one has suffered from the collapse of Gateway Inc.'s (GTW ) stock more than Ted Waitt, the ponytailed CEO who founded the computer company 17 years ago on his parents' Iowa farm. Just three years ago, Waitt's one-third stake was worth $9 billion. Now, as the company weathers a bruising industry downturn and a nasty price war with Dell Computer Corp. (DELL ), the value of his shares has dwindled to about $400 million

How Gateway Profile 4 Compares to IMac - Imitation is truly the highest form of flattery. That said, Apple should be flattered that Gateway has decided to directly attack its popular LCD-equipped iMac with the release of its Profile 4, an all-in-one PC complete with an LCD. Tonight on "Tech Live" we set the two next to each other to see just how close a copy of the iMac Gateway has created. Our feeling are mixed

It's the Software, Stupid Why Apple Will Thrive as PC Vendors Burn - The personal computer industry is in a death spiral. The industry won't die, but several companies probably will, to join names like Packard Bell, Tandy, Zeos, and countless others that have lived, grown, and died on the PC side of the street. Sales are down, profits are down, and even companies such as Apple, Dell, and Microsoft are feeling the pinch. So we keep asking ourselves, "How can we grow the Mac market?"

Think Smarter? Just the Advice Gateway Needs - And this is the company telling potential customers to "Think Smarter"? The irony is not subtle here. Gateway, once reasonably respectable in the consumer market, has fallen far in the last two years. Hit hard by the slowdown in computer purchases, Gateway has had to revamp its image and system of selling computers quickly or Dell would have rolled it over and picked its pockets. That could still happen

Apple's Jaguar Leaps Ahead of Windows - The good old days are here again: The new version of OS X once more gives Macs clear superiority in operating systems

Apple goes after PC users with new system upgrade - Apple Computer wants to win the hearts of PC users. And the company's new Jaguar operating system is clearly its biggest effort yet to make PC users who switch to Macs feel comfortable

Usability Shootout: Mac OS X vs. Windows XP - Let's take an in depth look at the basic usability of these 2 OSes. Is it no longer true Macs are easier than PCs? Has Windows XP finally caught up with (and maybe even surpassed) Mac OS X? To get a little more clarity on this topic, I decided to look at the 2 OSes - Mac OS X 10.2 and Windows XP - in depth, and cover usability issues such as networking, windows and keyboard controls, voice feedback and voice recognition, the Dock vs. the Taskbar, Find/Search, Help, and much more.

Gateway Publishes Report That Shows Its PC Outperforming The iMac - We are not Apple apologists at TMO, far from it, and we have often said that Gateway is one of the PC companies we respected. This report, however, and indeed Gateway's entire assault on the iMac consumer, is just a bit pointless

The Mac vs. PC debate - Chris Pascual is sick of his Windows PC. He says it's an eMachines running Windows XP, and it keeps crashing. Pascual, a 20-year-old college junior, is saving up for a new computer, and he's interested in Apple's Macintosh. ``I'm just saving up for a new computer,'' he said. ``Macs are intriguing. They catch my eye. I'm tired of calling technical support.''

21st Century Technology Wars: Apple Vs. Microsoft - Who will rule the tech universe? Will it be Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) Bill Gates and his .NET strategy, which aims to turn the PC into the nerve center of every home, with tendrils snaking out to encompass everything from Web services to music and digital video? Or will it be Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) Steve Jobs and his digital hub strategy, which seeks to position the Mac at the center of consumer digital devices, like cameras, scanners and MP3 players?

Desktop computers: Readers report - The chart below shows the percentage of computers bought over the past five years that ever had a repair to original components. Our findings have been consistent in recent years. However, a brand's repair history includes models that may have been more or less reliable than others

Windows Dissatisfaction Bolsters Mac, Linux - The study, a joint effort between Sunbelt Software and The Yankee Group, found that 38 percent of respondents said they are considering alternatives to Microsoft's products since the software company announced its new licensing structure

Multimedia Answers: Macintosh poses fewer problems than Windows - Apple Computer's new "Switch" advertising campaign struck a chord with me. Over a third of the correspondence I receive is from users frustrated with Windows. Every time I read an e-mail describing a Windows error message or a computer that acts as if it has a mind of its own, I think, "If they were using a Macintosh, they wouldn't be writing to me with a problem like this." I know because I myself made the switch from Windows to Macs last year.

Why buy a PC when you can have a Mac? - Well, I'm here to end the debate and stop the fight. Simply, the Macintosh is the best computer built today -- bar none. I've used them both, and based upon personal experience, PCs running Windows XP can't hold a candle to the elegant user experience provided by a Macintosh running MacOS 9 or OSX. Sure, PCs have their strengths, and I'll outline them below. But the Macintosh is superior in a variety of ways

Full Disclosure: Sick of Blue Screens? Get a Mac! - Don't fret: Fantasies about ditching Windows are perfectly normal--maybe even healthy

Mac vs. PC Platform Passion - I've been noticing that there is something of an attempt to draw a line between PC users and Mac users. Phrases like "Mac users have a deep relationship with their machine" seem to be common. But what these people are ignoring are the simple things that show that die-hard Mac users and PC users aren't really all that different

Switch Different - what of the others? The geeky ones. The scripters. The sysadmins in their server cages. The command-line jockeys. Those through whom the source flows openly. Now, from the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, come their stories...

Where Apple and Microsoft Part Ways - Gates & Co. wants Jobs & Co. to push OS X, thereby boosting Office X sales -- but Apple makes its money selling hardware, not software

"It's just a spat" Steve saysBut is it? - According to Steve Jobs, in an interview outside the Jacob Javits Center in New York last week, the recent moves by Microsoft, that in this writers opinion, pokes a finger in the eye of Apple Computer, is nothing more than a "spat". I'm not so sure.

More on MS Mac FUD - I got some great comments by email from a long time Apple (and Unix) developer and user, who said I could reprint them here if I kept him anonymous

MS Mac Developer Responds - In response to my July 19 weblog entry, MS Mac FUD, Phooey, I got some interesting mail from one of the developers on Microsoft's Mac team. Here are some highlights

Mac moves designed to give Microsoft migraines - MS scenarios analysing potential conflicts between an x86 MAC, and Windows platforms raise far different and more dangerous threats to the virtual Microsoft monopoly on desktops, than IBM ever did with OS/2. Apple, unlike IBM, knows a thing or two about ergonomics, and customer satisfaction, and poses a genuine threat that Microsoft cannot brush aside easily

The Mac user, the web's elite - how people's computer preferences affect their online behavior. A recent report from Nielsen//NetRatings finds that computer choice does in fact point to what sort of habits web surfers have and where they fit in demographically. And it turns out that users of Apple computers are a more desirable demographic to advertisers than are PC users

Steve Jobs To Newsweek: Dell Is Wal-Mart, Apple Innovates - This article offers a nice look at Steve Jobs, the kind of look the public doesn't often get. We particularly enjoyed the comment about Dell, because the company truly is the Wal-Mart of computing. It's accurate, and the fact that Mr. Jobs acknowledges that Dell *is* making money shows that Mr. Jobs isn't being petty

MS/Apple: Can this marriage be saved? (I doubt it) - The fact is, Apple is doing more with its own software than Microsoft does with its Mac applications. The new Mac OS X 10.2 mail client includes what appears to be fairly innovative anti-spam technology (which I'll review one of these days). And iCal does things (such as shared and Web-publishable calendars) that Microsoft doesn't really seem to have thought of yet--at least not for its Mac clients. With the new mail features, iCal, and iSync, Apple is competing directly with Mac Office--and winning. If Apple spends time making AppleWorks more competitive, the thought of Macintosh without Mac Office might not only become thinkable but, perhaps, even a good deal

Which Is Better? PC or Mac? Better for What? - So, now we understand why the Macintosh has the niche market it does. And we understand why some people just don't like Macs. But there is still a large part of the market that we haven't covered yet. And that market can be referred to as Joe Sixpack and his Amazing Packets (JSP for short, a Robert Morgan original). But what does this ever-elusive consumer market want from a computer? They want it to work. They want it to be understandable, i.e., a good balance of symbols and language. They want to easily connect all of their digital gadgets to it and have it work without trying. They want hassle free computing. In other words, they want Macintosh and don't even know it.

University confirms Gartner findings: Macs are cheaper - and less trouble - Here's one we almost overlooked: an IT manager at Melbourne University has confirmed the accuracy of the Gartner study, carried out at that university, which found that Macs were up to 36 percent cheaper to own and run than Windows PCs. What's more, he's specified ways in which Macs are less trouble than the PCs on the university network

Australian study finds Macs are 36 percent cheaper to run than Windows PCs - In examining direct costs, Gartner found that Macs required less technical support and the hardware and software costs were lower

The secret's out: Mac's cheaper - IT's a great pity, but a public stoush between Apple Computer Australia and the Gartner market research firm is obscuring some intriguing discoveries about the operation of mixed networks of Macintoshes and Windows PCs

Macs Toast PCs By 36% on Total Cost of Ownership - The report is based upon analysis of lab installations of 4,500 Macs and almost 5,500 Windows machines used at the University of Melbourne. The total costs were $AUD14.1 million ($US7.05 million) for Macs and $AUD18.9 million ($US9.5 million) for Windows. This works out at under $2,000 ($US1,000) for each Mac unit, and over $AUD2,500 ($US1,250) for each Windows machine. The report measured number of support personnel, number of support hours and the satisfaction users had with their respective networks

Apple pulls pricey-Macs myth release - Industry sources suggest that Apple wished for the information to be released further into Apple's newly-unveiled ad campaign. The company's "Switchers" ads are designed solely to attract Wintel users - particularly IT network managers - to the Mac platform. Macworld UK has obtained a copy of the now-absent release. As reported yesterday, Gartner found Macs to be 36 per cent cheaper to run than PC

Best of Reader Comments: Macs vs PCs - So why are the Unix geeks buying Apple laptops? Read around and you'll find that the Unix and even Linux geeks, especially in the US, are buying Apple gear, specifically for OSX. It's nothing to do with being cool it's about getting stuff done from wherever

Anti-Macintosh Propaganda - Vnunet.com, a UK Technology site has recently posted two anit-Macintosh articles

PC vs. Macintosh, WARNING: Stupidity Ahead - When I received my latest copy of Popular Science, a magazine about current and future technology, my first instinct was to obviously read the cover. I noticed a small box at the top displaying "Sony vs. iMac: We test and rate the hubs" and then a neat picture of the mouth watering new G4 iMac along side a Sony Tower. Of course I jumped up and went straight to the article entitled "Put up your digital Dukes".

Putting a Mac in a PC house - En route to Pottery Barn one Friday night, I came to an abrupt halt in front of the Apple store, transfixed by the new iMac. I wound up buying one -- having never before contemplated leaving the comfortable Windows PC fold

Basilisk II Puts a Mac on a Windows Computer - Basilisk II is one of several programs that try to emulate a Mac on PC hardware. All are 680x0 emulators; no one has released emulation software for a PowerPC CPU. Like the commercial SoftMac, Basilisk II requires Mac ROMs to work, either installed on a US$200 card sold by the SoftMac people or (more commonly) with ROM image files captured with SoftMac's CopyROM utility (and transferred from a Mac-floppy to a PC hard drive using SoftMac's free GemXplor file transfer utility)

Tips on moving from PC to Mac or Mac to PC - The Mac and PC platforms offer various pros and cons, and it's common practice to switch between the two. Perhaps your workplace runs both or you just can't get the latest multiplayer video game on your Mac. Maybe your Mac makes you feel out of the loop or your Windows machine is just too hard to use. Heck, you might just covet that really cool, new iMac, but fear of the unknown platform holds you back. We set out to demystify the process of switching between Windows and the Mac OS

Jobs and Gates: The Odd Couple Endures - Whether or not they renew their cooperation pact, the two bosses know that their companies' fortunes are intimately linked

Can Macs and PCs really get along? - If you put a bad-tasting item in your mouth, the natural instinct is to spit it out. A similar reaction can occur to those stalwarts testing computer hardware and software. However, quite the opposite reaction could be seen as my colleague David Coursey extended his test of the Macintosh from one month to two, and then to three. "If I just want to sit down and write--and use a computer that doesn't get in the way--Microsoft Office for Mac and OS X are a powerful combination," he concluded in a recent column

Can a Windows guy learn to love the Mac? You bet! - when I'd used up all my other excuses, I finally came to the real reason I'd extended the experiment: I like this little iMac and don't want to give it up. It's a whole lot more fun than my Windows machine, and a great creative tool for whacking out these daily columns

Why Microsoft and Apple need to renew their vows - A COUPLE OF ISSUES are on the table. The first concerns Mac versions of Microsoft Office. Yesterday, Microsoft's Browne announced that Microsoft will continue to build Office for Macintosh at the conclusion of the current five-year agreement on a "release to release" basis. Which I take to mean that, as long as Mac Office is profitable, Microsoft will continue to build new versions

PC to Apple? - Watch out, Bill Gates, our unscientific survey finds a big percentage of PC users would consider switching to a Mac News flash! Windows PCs don't seem to inspire the kind of loyalty that Macs do. At least, that's the conclusion you might draw from the nearly 1,800 responses to our Mar. 27 reader survey, entitled: PC to Apple?

My iMac epiphany - I never thought I would buy anything from Apple, but I did. After 17 years of loyalty to the PC (starting with the IBM PS/2 and ending with a Dell Dimension), I broke down and bought the new Apple iMac. The iMac has been called revolutionary by some (Apple fans and design freaks) and an expensive lamp or innovative dinner tray by others (PC diehards). My decision to buy the iMac was easy. It looked really cool and I needed a new computer to fit on a small deskpace at home.

Would you ever try a Mac? Don't count on it - "It is doubtless more difficult to move from a Mac to Windows than vice versa," Coursey wrote when answering a long series of questions about the Mac posed by a reader. "Switching from Windows to Mac (which for most people isn't so much switching as gaining Mac skills) requires an open mind and about a week of regular use." HOWEVER, that "open mind" was sometimes in short supply. Some Windows users want nothing to do with a Mac, while others appreciate the differences between the platforms

Try a Mac? Why it won't hurt as much as you think - What does it take to turn a Mac voyeur into a Mac user? Last week I wrote about people who are very interested in Macs but remain firmly wedded (welded?) to Windows. In response to that column, I received e-mail from a reader (whose identity I won't reveal, since he works for Sun) challenging me to present the Mac's case and convince him that it's worth making the switch. It occurred to me that this reader's concerns might be yours, too. So let's take a look at his questions and see if my answers will change you from cautious fan to convert

Mac voyeurs: All talk, no action - Have you heard about the Mac voyeurs? I've been running into them in spades lately. Maybe you've met them, too. Or perhaps you, yourself are a Mac voyeur, and don't even know it. Mac voyeurs are people who want to know all about my Macintosh project. They are intensely interested in knowing everything about how the Mac works. That's innocent enough, but it grows from there. THESE PEOPLE tell me--almost emotionally--how important they think Macintosh is. They usually say something like, "It keeps Microsoft honest" or "Bill Gates stole all his good ideas from Apple."

The challenge: If I go Mac, will I ever go back? - Can a Windows-dependent technology columnist live happily as a Mac user? That's the question I am about to spend a month of my life trying to answer. In theory, a Windows user ought to be able to get along quite well with a Mac. But will it prove true in real life? And how much will I have to give up or find workarounds for because Mac doesn't go there?

Jobs: 'Switch' campaign a huge success - His keynote at Macworld Conference & Expo in New York kicked off with some new "Switch" ads, two featuring "real world" students and a hilarious one featuring comedian Will Ferrell (of "Saturday Night Live"), who identified himself as a "porn actor."

Better Computers and Better Users - The Mac has long enjoyed (or been saddled with, depending upon your point of view) a reputation for being the creme de la creme of personal computers -- the machine used by the best and the brightest, the elites. Are Mac users really smarter and more sophisticated? Now there's scientific corroboration

Macintosh vs. Personal Computer - Scott Kelby says it's tough being a Mac user stuck in a Windows dominated world. He recently published his fifth book called "Macintosh...The Naked Truth", and how that affects everything from social situations to relationships with your family, an irreverent, off-the-wall, PC-slamming, totally-biased look at the Mac user. We sat down with Scott Kelby to get his advice on how to survive a one-on-one encounter with a total PC geek, why he sometimes wants to strangle Apple's management and the saga of the upside-down logo

Are Mac users smarter? - Those who surf the Web using a Mac tend to be better educated and make more money than their PC-using counterparts, according to a report from Nielsen/NetRatings. The study also said Mac users tend to be more Web savvy, with more than half having been online for at least five years. And the Mac faithful are 58 percent more likely than the overall online population to build their own Web page and also slightly more likely to buy goods online

A For Apple in Consumer Satisfaction. B+ For Dell - In a 'reliability' survey of 15,000 readers, Apple, HP, Toshiba and IBM headed the laptop reliability list, while Sony and Handspring topped the handheld sector.