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Updated: 02/04/03

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Below you will find a list of links that have been culled from around the Net relating Macs in the Education environment. Like our other 'Hub' pages , this one is intended as a one stop launching point. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Macs in education , mail it to us and we will add it.

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Hunter College goes back to school with Macs, OS X, Xserve - the company's new Xserve server has been gaining attention in the enterprise space since its introduction last year. One place where the Xserve and other pieces of Apple hardware and software are being integrated is Hunter College, the flagship school for the City University of New York

'School Night at the Apple Store' gives back to schools - The kids -- ranging in age from 7 to 17 and decked out in school bus yellow "Digital Kids" shirts -- will take over the product displays throughout the Apple Store, giving a Science Fair-like atmosphere to the events. The students will be available to answer questions on their projects and how they were made

Apple gives teachers a break on iLife - Apple Computer has launched a promotion offering teachers and higher education faculty a break on its iLife and Keynote software. For a limited time, education customers can get the software combination for $15

Laptop computers beginning to go home with students - Seventh-graders at Brunswick Junior High School got to take their laptop computers home for the first time on Friday. Since the laptops were delivered last fall as part of former Gov. Angus King's high-profile technology initiative, the students have been using the computers extensively in the classroom, but have not been permitted to take them home

Henrico parents happy with iBook program - Ninety-four percent of parents responding to the 2002-03 Henrico County (Virginia) Public Schools (HCPS) parent satisfaction survey reported being "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" with the quality of education in the HCPS system. They're also happy overall with the iBook program

Quebec's Eastern Townships schools to buy 5,000 Apple notebooks - In its efforts to provide its students with the best learning experience, the Eastern Townships School Board announced today an innovative Enhanced Learning Strategy that will provide every student in its schools with an Apple portable computer. This will be the first board-wide laptop initiative implemented in Canada

Apple Announces "School Night At The Apple Store," Offers Fund Raising Opportunity For Schools - Apple has announced a new education program at some of the company's Apple Store retail locations across the country. The new program is being dubbed "School Night at the Apple Store," and is designed to give local schools a place to hold special events

Apple Design Awards to feature student apps - Apple's Design Awards will feature a Student Category again this year. The 8th Annual Apple Design Awards student category will recognize a winner and a runner-up for software innovation and use of Apple technologies

A Closer Look at Apple School Nights - Apple has announced 'Apple School Nights', a promotion to try and get schools actively involved with Apple and its stores. According to Apple, on these special nights parents and teachers from participating schools can save $50 on the purchase of any new Apple computer. And, for every computer that parents and teachers buy, Apple will credit $50 toward their school's purchase of Apple products

Laptops project to boost learning for Malcolm X Academy students - The 80 sixth-graders at Detroit's Malcolm X Academy are more eager than usual to head to school today. So is teacher Jeffrey Robinson.
Today is the day the kids will start learning about the Apple iBook computers they'll soon be using in the classroom -- the ones they'll eventually be able to take home

Lindows license offer targets schools - Software maker Lindows has launched a licensing program that will allow educational institutions to install its namesake operating system on an unlimited number of computers for $500 per year

Photography class changes image - the very popular
photography class at Newark Memorial High School has moved into the 21st century. That means the traditional darkroom outfitted with plastic trays of chemicals and red light bulbs no longer is open for use.
Instead, photography students are sitting in front of 32 new iMAC computers, reproducing pictures taken by tiny, black digital cameras

MacBowl 2003 raises $15,500 for SF school - Exhibitors at Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, Calif. took some time out on a rainy Thursday evening last week to raise $15,500 in computer equipment and cash for a San Francisco elementary school in need at the third annual MacBowl. The cash and equipment donated to the school will be used to set up a Mac-based computer lab

Apple educates teachers - The event will focus on the need to identify best practice in the use of the tools available to educators

Apple Offers iBook To Education Buyers For US$899 Until December 23rd - Apple has introduced another promo for the education market, the entry level iBook for US$899. That iBook is retailed for US$999, and the normal education price is US$949

XDarwin X11 server for OS X offers academic discount - Faculty and students of higher educational institutions are now eligible for the academic discount of 30 percent off of the $59.95 retail package price of XDarwin, the X11 server for Mac OS X from The XDarwin.org Project. But on January 1, retail pricing on XDarwin will be increased to $99.95

Top teacher trashes MovieMaker 'hype' - A leading UK educator has attacked Microsoft's claims that its MovieMaker 2 beta is the best consumer video-editing solution on the market.

Buy College Education, Get Free iBook - kraksmoka writes ""The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article about how Saint Leo University in Florida is offering an iBook laptop to every incoming residential student and full-time faculty member. '... the draw of the iBooks has encouraged some of the more than 1,700 students at the university's main campus who would otherwise commute to live in dormitories

Edinburgh's iBooks schools move - The move follows a visit by the city's education leader, councillor Ewan Aitken, to the US state of Maine, which already provides such a service - something education chiefs there says has improved pupils' discipline, behaviour, attendance and achievments

The Truth About Macs vs. PCs in Our Schools - When people make decisions for others, they are usually driven by their own motives, which include things like job security. They don't want to be called idiots for making a wrong decision. And for 90% of the world's computer users, anything other than Windows is a wrong decision. Period

A Smooth Switch with Move2Mac - You're all dressed up, but you don't want to go without all the PC files you have been hoarding ever since you bought your original 4.77 MHz IBM PC back in '81 -- or was it '82? You really can't remember that far back. How do you get all your files from the PC to the Mac? Detto Technologies has recently released a program called Move2Mac that promises to make the move a snap

Reader report: school district moves to Macs  - The majority of computers purchased are either Apple iBook or eMac machines. Several eMac labs have been established

University offers iBooks to students, faculty  - Florida-based Saint Leo University is offering every incoming residential student as well as full-time faculty an iBook

Guardian online highlights Apple education - he online version of the guide offers valuable information for educators, including a do and don't guide, case studies

Laptops for all? 'Stupidest idea' makes grade  - "Dear Governor," wrote the mother of a child whose seizure disorders kept him from holding a pencil long enough to complete a spelling test: "I want to thank you for saving my son's life."

Advice for Apple Education: Let's Get to It - Here's what Apple should be talking about in executive briefings regarding education: If you want the education market, work with your strengths. Bring back the distinguished educators and make them visible. Make a few well-placed grants of hardware for publicity's sake. As an alternative to price discounts, think about "buy 10 and get one free" kind of promotions. There's always someone who would benefit from an extra machine here and there. Gives the buyer some clout back home

Maine Laptops: IT Takes a Village   - The enormous undertaking hasn't been easy. But recent visits to a handful of Maine schools show that with the right mix of time, resources and community support, the laptop investment pays big dividends

Ireland's Royal College Of Surgeons Buys 305 iBooks For Incoming Students - the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland is using Macs for its incoming class of first-year students. The deal is worth €520,000 (US$521,451.68), and includes 305 iBooks purchased from Apple Ireland. The Irish Times also says that the Royal College of Surgeons now has the biggest installation of Macs in the Republic of Ireland

Should Our Schools - or Anybody Else - Have Macs or PCs? - In mid-2000 our local K-12 school district decided to "standardize on the Windows/PC platform ". At that time 90%+ of their computers were Macs. A group of local taxpayers felt that this was very unfortunate from several perspectives and started working on reviewing the merits of this decision. [Note: this group of citizens is not the local Mac user group.]

New FileMaker K-12 site caters to educators, administrators - FileMaker today announced that it has named Will Lucey, of North Star Academy, as its "Featured Educator," based on Lucey's use of FileMaker Pro

Apple digital video hailed in The Guardian - Apple's focus on using digital video in the classroom receives indepth and supportive coverage this morning with The Guardian's publication of a sixteen-page special report on the topic

Apple offers 'X for Schools,' 'X on Campus' promotions - The promotion offers educators a copy of Mac OS X 10.2 ("Jaguar"), "Getting Started with Mac OS XÓ Training CD, and AppleWorks 6.2 Volume Licenses with 128MB RAM for US$99 per user or with 256MB of memory for $129 per user (minimum order 10 seats). Schools can save even more with higher volume purchases, according to Apple

Apple Still # 1 in Education - Education is a critical market for Apple. While these numbers provide some comfort, they do not leave room for complacency. Simple arithmetic tells us that Macs might gradually be displaced by PCs if they do not maintain a strong share of the educaiton market

Students Treat Laptops with TLC  - "It's my school buddy," said an eighth-grader named Tom from Conners Emerson School in Bar Harbor, Maine. "It helps me with my work so I can get stuff done quicker and go on to the next thing."

Maine Spawns Budding Kubricks - Chappe's students are writing screenplays, and for extra credit they can use the school's digital video cameras and Apple iMovie software to make their own films. It's a creative writing lesson with a sprinkling of technology training

Stephen King Offers To Mentor Writing To 7th Grade Mac Users In Maine - Now, Gov. King , the Initiative, and Maine 7th graders potentially have a new ally. Stephen King, a native of Maine and a long-time Mac user, has offered his services as a mentor to aspiring writers

Maine kids to learn from master - Maine's junior high school students could soon be the envy of every horror fan and fledgling writer in the world.Stephen King has agreed to teach them about writing. And he wants to use the state's two-month-old laptop program to do it.

An Apple for Teacher Ain't Enough - Neither is a Dell. A classroom computer can help, if a teacher knows what to do with it. At least here, Apple is trying

Mobile Curriculum Computer Labs - KraZFoo writes "Apple has come up with an innovative idea: make a computer lab curriculum-specific, and mobile! Each lab comes with iBooks, a printer, and an AirPort base station. Depending on the curriculum, other components like digital cameras, video cameras, science equipment, specific software, etc. ..." There's nothing new about mobile labs, but I've not seen ones tailored to specific curriculums

EDS gives Maine schools more than $400 million in software - Plano, Texas-based EDS is contributing to the Maine Learning Technology Initiative by providing its Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) software tools to students in grades seven through 12

An Xserve for the Classroom - There's a lot to learn about this piece of equipment, even for power users, so take your time and write down everything that you'll need to remember

Apple upgrades US education labs - Apple yesterday introduced its new line of mobile labs - called the Curriculum Mobile Labs - for the US education market

BECTA, BFI: DV in classroom 'works' - BECTA (the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) and the British Film Institution (BFI) have released a 91-page report into their six-month-long research project on the use of Apple's digital video technologies in UK education

Proponents say Maine iBook program seeing results - "It is way beyond anyone's expectations. The one-to-one relationship of this incredible tool has exploded the educational process in Maine. Teachers who were opponents are now proponents. Parents are involved. The students are engaged."

It computes: Laptops equal better learning - Maine's idea was to provide every Grade 7 student in the state with a computer. Already it's making a difference, its proponents say

Apple joins Guardian in the Newsroom - Apple UK's project - called the Newsroom - with the Guardian and Observer newspapers has been a huge success, Apple claims.The papers recently opened the Newsroom, which offers visitors access to a huge collection of archive materials collected by the newspapers over the last two centuries.There's an educational element to the project, called The Schoolroom. This provides 16 flat-panel iMacs running Adobe InDesign 2.0

Taking tech to college - Laptops have become the big machine on campus

Apple gives Jaguar free to all K-12 teachers in Canada - Mac OS X v10.2 Jaguar requires a minimum of 128MB of memory and is designed to run on eMac, iMac, iBook, Power Macintosh G3, Power Mac G4 and any PowerBook introduced after May, 1998

Laptops for secondary teachers enhances ICT - Secondary teachers will soon have access to laptop computers for around $7 a week under a leasing scheme to improve learning outcomes, Education Minister Trevor Mallard said today. "The Government has committed $6.5 million per year to this scheme, enabling around 9,000 secondary teachers to have the opportunity to benefit from it," Trevor Mallard said

Macintosh Teachers Challenge: Give Apple Education a Road Map - Last week Apple Education announced that it was giving away OSX.2 (Jaguar) free to teachers. Being the cheapskate that I am, I quickly signed up for my free copy and encouraged the rest of the staff at my school to do likewise. Lo and behold, my disks arrived this morning. This is a nice gesture on AE's part, but the real question is: Does this mean that Apple is ready to fight for the education market or is it just (pardon the phrase) window dressing

Future teachers adapt to life with laptops - Students seeking teacher certification, including students who are not education majors, are required to buy an Apple iBook or PowerBook starting this semester as they enter the professional sequence of their degree plans. Students and faculty have mixed opinions about the implementation of the program thus far.

More Straight Talk About the Education Market - Schools have been very slow to adopt OS X for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was Apple's exorbitant pricing of the OS X Jaguar update. A lack of OS X native software, networking and printing problems, along with rather poor backward compatibility in running older "Classic OS" applications were all noted as reasons educators were holding OS X at a distance

iBooks part of New Zealand educational laptop program - The new program is open to all permanent full-time secondary teachers and will include iBooks among the laptops

Teachers utilize Mac OS X in the classroom - On October 17, Apple announced a new program to give teachers in the United States a free copy of Mac OS X Jaguar. While many schools districts throughout the U.S. have yet to try Apple's new operating system, some teachers and school districts have already implemented programs that utilize the applications and technologies in the OS

Governor Angus King talks about Maine's laptop program - Maine Governor Angus King first announced a laptop initiative for seventh grade students two years ago -- the contract was won by Apple to supply the State with iBooks. Since the announcement, King has come under fire for the cost of the program, which the state threatened to cancel on a number of occasions. Governor King recently spent some time with MacCentral to discuss the initiative

US teachers receive free OS X - The free copy of Mac OS X 10.2 will be accompanied by free copies of Apple's digital-hub applications: iMovie for digital-video editing; iPhoto for organizing and sharing digital photos; and iTunes for building a digital audio library

Straight Talk About the Education Market - With the latest rounds of educational sales figures, all sorts of folks are popping up with columns chock full of good suggestions how Apple Computer, Inc. can stop the erosion of their educational sales. While I find it personally gratifying that more folks see things now as I did several years ago, I really should tell the folks writing those columns, "It really doesn't matter." The sad fact of the matter is that Apple lost the critical mass necessary to stay viable in the education market a number of years ago

Apple UK leases notebooks to students for £7.58 per week* - At the end of the lease period, the notebook is offered for sale to the lessee for just fifty quid. Insurance and support is thrown in as part of the deal and Airport WLAN access is an optional extra

Apple offers education rental scheme - Apple UK has launched iStudent, a "flexible" rental programme for students at participating colleges to deliver access to Macs on a student budget.

Apple, iBooks, PowerSchool make school news - "Can you imagine the impact these will have when the teachers have 29 students with computers on their desks, and the teacher won't be lecturing for 45 minutes. It will be interactive," Principal Donna Sawyer told Mainetoday.com. "Computers on all the students' desks will revolutionize instruction in classrooms.

School software hits some snags - "PowerSchool is doing a good job," said Bill Lessa, district superintendent. "We looked at the big players in the information management field and they didn't have the pieces we wanted. I think this is still the right answer and that three months from now or six months from now we're going to feel better than we feel now."

Windsor 7th-graders iBooking it  - Brent Merrill, another Windsor seventh-grader, said he and his classmates will master their computers in a matter of days. "I liked it. It's fun," Merrill said after he put his laptop away in the special shelved cabinet built with wires to charge the computers' batteries. "I think it's a good idea."

New Apples for teachers : Some educators get laptops; labs need upgrades -The disparity among computers in Anchorage schools is clear when you wander the classrooms of Campbell Elementary School. In its computer lab, students use old Macintosh models that crash regularly and are unable to access the Internet. On the teachers' desks sit sleek new Apple iBook laptops, among 579 recently bought by the district.

Back To School: The Learning Company - First off, let me say there are a lot of software and hardware companies that specialize in or make educational products. I'd like to do a feature article on a lot of them, but that would be nearly impossible. I will try to include names, url's and brief information on as many of them as I can remember in the MacKids article of this issue. For this article I am specifically addressing "The Learning Company" and their products

Macs-imizing student potential - The people who are very happy with the teachers' and district's decisions were not well represented in the article. Because of the negative comments made by two individuals, the public has received a picture inaccurately indicating that our school district is in turmoil, administrators are making poor decisions, and students are not able to advance to higher levels of learning. Nothing is farther from the truth

Apple Losing Ground in Education A Teacher's Perspective from the Trenches - We remember when the only computer worth having in the classroom was an Apple II. We remember when Windows 1.0 came out with its laughable interface. We remember bringing our own computers from home out of sheer frustration with the lack of resources provided by our districts. Before there were IT committees, tech councils, or "standards," we were there. And now we're being assailed from all sides. Young teachers arrive having never used a Mac. Consultants gently guide purchases toward the Wintel hegemony

Cheryl Vedoe leaves Apple, joins Apex Learning - Cheryl Vedoe, the president of Apple's PowerSchool division, is leaving the company to become the president and chief executive officer of Apex Learning, a provider of online courses and instructional materials for high schools

Apple targets schools IT show - Apple will later this month attend an education trade show in Northern Ireland

Payoffs for laptop learning long-term, multifaceted - The Class of 2008 will be unlike any that came before it in Maine. That's when the current crop of seventh-graders graduates from high school. These are the first students who, on a statewide basis, will have had the benefit of using laptop computers full-time in middle school

Apple - Hot News - Steve and Kate's Camp - In addition to managing the camp using Macs, Steve and Kate provide Macs for the crowds of kids who want to make their own music videos, help produce movies about a stuffed crocodile and a rubber chicken for Camp TV and morph pictures of campers and staff in Photoshop 7

Laptops as a Fourth 'R' - Just putting a violin in a classroom won't turn a student into a musician. Computers by themselves won't create scholars. Computers can be thinking tools, a sophisticated way to expand a child's ability to analyze and explore. Many school officials from around the world are waiting to see how effectively Maine can achieve that critical educational goal

Maine gives laptops to all seventh-graders - Reports from the nation's retailers suggest that the usual surge of back-to-school buying is rather muted this year. People just aren't buying as many pencil pouches and protractors as they used to, not to mention computers. Just as well for Apple Computer Inc. that the state of Maine is about to hand out 16,000 new iBook laptops to every public school seventh-grader in the state

Bill Gates' Foundation Helping To Pay For Maine iBook Program - This Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world. The Foundation has donated millions of dollars to both education and health concerns around the world, but our irony meter was set off when we noticed that the organization was also helping with part of one of the largest Mac purchases ever, the Maine iBook initiative

Apple to reward schools' digital video - Apple and Canon sponsors of the New Creativity In Digital Video awards will be kitting winners out with an iMac, digital-video editing software iMovie 2 and a Canon digital camera for their school. Winning entries will be showcased nationally by 4Learning - Channel 4's educational arm

Apple launches education promotion - Dubbed "Back to School in Style" the promotion gives users that purchase any qualifying PowerBook G4 up to $150 in additional savings off the education discount

maclabmanager: Open forum for discussing management of Mac-based university labs - This list is for discussing issues with setting up and maintaining large arrays of Macintosh computers in situations such as a university or higher education computer laboratory

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