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The Mac Partisan: The Mac And The Creative Professions - Why Macintosh Is The Tool Of Choice For Most 'Artists' Who Use A Computer: A Resource
Updated: 12/26/02

Below you will find a list of links that have been culled from around the Net relating Macs and their use in the creative professions. Like our other 'Hub' pages, this one is intended as a one stop launching point. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the use of Macs in creative field, mail it to us and we will add it.

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Apple - Hot News - DV Expo West - For two evenings, a film festival after the conference showcased short films, most cut on Macs, by up-and-coming film directors. We caught up with several of the film makers to find out what tools they used to make their film, and how Macs helped in the process.

Apple - Shake - Lord of the Rings - WETA is simultaneously producing all three films in the trilogy: "The Fellowship of the Ring," "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King." To date, Shake has been instrumental in helping WETA tackle more than 1,000 compositing-intensive effects shots on the projects

Cut to the chase  - Editors tend to get in a groove with a system they're comfortable with and stay there for decades. For most, it was a slow and painful transition from mechanical splicers to the computerized, nonlinear systems of which Avid has become something of a de facto standard. In the past year or two, however, Avid has been fending off parries from the low-cost challenger Final Cut Pro, which actually has gained some ground in the areas of television, commercials and trailers. Now it has cleared another major hurdle -- its first big-league feature. Esteemed editor Walter Murch sent ripples of surprise through the editing community when he decided to use the system to cut Anthony Minghella's "Cold Mountain," due out Christmas 2003, for Miramax

Pundits praise Apple design team - Wired Magazine has nominated Apple's Industrial Design team for a RAVE award in recognition for its work on the LCD iMac

Software helps anyone become a moviemaker - The easiest of the free software to use, and by far the most powerful, is iMovie from Apple (www.apple.com/imovie). This software is so elegant and intuitive that I edited my first video without even looking at the instructions

Apple - Hot News - New Forms of Art - Alfred students and faculty exclusively use Macintosh in three state-of-the-art computer labs containing 68 Power Mac G4s with 17-inch Apple Studio Displays. Peripheral equipment ranges from wide-format printers to a variety of devices for enabling multimedia, sonic art and video projects. The Macs used for video and multimedia are equipped with Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. Shefrin explains that the Macs are viewed at Alfred not only as tools for executing projects, but as a way of thinking through the creative process

Study Comfirms What Apple Has Known: Computers Are The Digital Hub - While Microsoft, Dell, and others have been trying to figure out how their boxes can remain relevant in the coming years, Apple already figured it out and pointed the way

Apple - Hot News - Sinch - nstead of connecting the Viditar to an amplifier, Smith plugs it directly into the FireWire port of his 800 MHz PowerBook G4 which he brings onstage with him. While the band plays, he triggers videos using buttons on the Viditar neck, which call up any of 128 individual QuickTime files per song

Laagan, Tikawali style - An Apple Macintosh computer, a digital movie camera and five young boys huddled in front. There's nothing striking about the scene, except that the boys are from a non-descript Haryana village, and they are working on what will be the third movie written, shot and edited entirely on their own.

Moviemaking capability has gone Hollywood - I've now made dozens of movies with my Macs and I have to tell you, folks, the state of moviemaking on a Mac has improved a zillionfold in 10 years. Whenever I show a movie I've created on my Mac, someone invariably asks how much it costs and how hard it is

Apple - Hot News - Coldplay - All four members of Coldplay have PowerBooks and iPods, and their sound engineers have PowerBooks as well. "There are a lot of PowerBooks lying around," says Berryman. "They're such amazing machines. Even for just watching DVDs on the plane. It's brilliant

Apple - Pro/Video - Dave Gare - Although influenced by the sheer capacity of the format, the company's move to DVD was ultimately triggered by customer requests for media choice and meaningful interaction. "For corporations, there is truly useful interactivity in DVD," says Gare. Reason enough for any business to go there and with DVD Studio Pro, easy enough to do

Macs drive town's art scene - The centre accommodates up to 50 Macs - including 29 dual-processor Power Mac G4s - and three Mac editing-suites, all using Apple's Final Cut Pro video-editing software. Four Xserves also run the building's network

Author uses iBook, ViaVoice to pen sports bio - Two years ago author Steve Moore started a writing collaboration with ABC Radio sports anchor, Johnny Holliday. The result was "Johnny Holliday: From Rock to Jock," a new book written entirely using an iBook and IBM's ViaVoice

Macs in Indian-telly breakthrough - Apple has published a case study looking at the positive impact of its technologies on life in India.The study concerns India's first reality TV show, Let's Join Hands (Haath Se Haath Milaa), which was edited using Apple technology, and was funded by the BBC

Apple - Pro/Photo - Pixel Perfect Africa - to put a human face on Africa, Cohen reached for technology - scores of digital cameras to capture images and batteries of Macs to process them. And on February 28, 2002, Cohen deployed a small army of nearly 100 of the world's top photojournalists across the continent for the first-ever all-digital Day in the Life shoot to capture a balanced picture of Africa - in pixels

Apple - Pro/Video - "The Rules of Attraction" - Enter Final Cut Pro and Cinema Tools, applications that smoothed the delivery of a movie that matched Writer/Director Avary's vision while meeting Producer Avary's form-fitting budget. The QuickTime-based architecture of Final Cut and Cinema Tools allowed Avary and editor Sharon Rutter to shuttle freely between film and DV while shooting and editing to achieve complex effects, including rewinds and split-screen, required by a uniquely non-linear script. These capabilities, according to Avary, "worked like lightning and saved hours a day."
And with a full editing suite in his home, on a Power Mac G4, Avary could edit any time

Building Music for the Movies  - Late at night, when no one is around, Danny Elfman flips the light on in his studio, turns to his Mac and experiments with the rhythms, propulsive beats and choral textures for his newest film score

Paul Mac-cartney - A 'secret' Paul McCartney Web site blocked to Mac users is now open, thanks to action from the man himself

Digital Killed the Video Star - Thanks to Apple, more and more people are exploring digital video, but I wasn't sure if people realized how far we've come in such a short time. The whole art form has been liberated and simplified. I recently set up a Bryce server farm in my house to render animation between three Macs and a PC. It took about 30 minutes of setup time. Six years ago, that type of computing power would have been nearly impossible without several SGI machines and $1,000,000. Apple has opened the door to new filmmakers who have no idea how lucky they are

Macs making music: A Producer's journey - David Ellefson has been a professional musician, performer, recording artist and songwriter for the last 25 years. Most notably the last 18 years have taken him to the recording studios and stages around the world as the bassist for the rock group Megadeth. As a long time Macintosh enthusiast his Macs, include desktop machines, iMacs, iBooks and PowerBooks

Apple - Creative - Bruce Hornsby: Sound Decisions - From the PowerBook generating the tones of a Wurlitzer electric piano to the PARIS Pro workstation recording the concert and the Pro Tools system mixing the audio for the DIRECTV special, the Mac was involved in every step of creating, capturing and finessing the sounds of Bruce Hornsby's appearance at Villa Montalvo

Apple - Hot News - Flogging Molly - The video was a success, getting play on "120 Minutes" and "MTV2" and pushing "Drunken Lullabies" close to the top of Billboard's Indie chart. But Marino insists that in directing this success he gave only as good as he got - from an inspired band, a battery of digital cameras, and a flexible postproduction system tucked inside a PowerBook G4

High-tech tools bring film to life - 'Charly' edited on Mac G4 laptop for just a fraction of Hollywood budget

PowerBooks, Final Cut Pro put to use in film, video - The makers of the movie "Charly" didn't need a Hollywood budget for their film; in fact, they edited the flick on their Titanium PowerBook G4, according to a Deseret News story.

Dan Gillmor: Apple stands firm against entertainment cartel - Intel's doing it. Advanced Micro Devices is doing it. Microsoft is doing it. Apple Computer isn't. What's Apple not doing? It's not -- at least so far -- moving toward an anti-customer embrace with Hollywood's movie studios and the other members of the powerful entertainment cartel

Apple - Hot News - Opera Electronica - Experience a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Paradise Lost: Opera Electronica."

Apple - Education - UCLA - As part of the internationally acclaimed program in the Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media, tomorrow's filmmakers learn the technology tools used by today's leading edge media professionals. And as industry insiders know, those who hope to create the next Hollywood blockbuster are now preparing for their careers on Power Mac G4 systems with Final Cut Pro

Apple - Creative - Documenting the Shanghai Ghetto - "I don't think we would have been able to do this movie without these new digital tools - the DV cameras, Final Cut Pro, and our Power Mac," says producer/director Amir Mann

The Right to Tinker - Playing around with computers helped create the Apple computer. But Hollywood wants to outlaw the practice

Apple's Big Bite - Since going out on my own earlier this year, I've gained a keen appreciation for systems that are easy to set up and use in all sorts of places, such as home offices, location sites, etc. Laptop-based DV edit systems have made this easier, but still leave you longing for the missing features and better monitoring. This time around, I'm actually reviewing a combination of several products from Apple, which all happen to work ideally together for the budget-minded videographer

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Macs, Maya used in NFL promo creation - Maya is the industrial-strength 3D design and animation software from Alias/Wavefront, which was updated to version 4.5 this month. AfterEffects is the tool for motion graphics and visual effects from Adobe. The software was running on four dual processor Power Macs

Apple - Hot News - The digital advantage - Many professional photographers find that digital photography gives them strong competitive advantages over film-based photographers. Here are three points of view from pro photographers who have worked both with film-based and with digital photography

Apple - Hot News - Video Spin - After the team digitally captured the 30 minutes of footage they liked best, they loaded 60 to 80 clips into the Vidvox software and assigned the clips to keys on a MIDI keyboard."We performed and recorded video directly into a PowerBook loaded with Final Cut Pro, basically bypassing tape by performing right into timeline

Tech preferences of Ad people - Apple's Power Mac G4 won as the favorite tech tool of creatives, with almost 30% of respondents voting for it. This group was particularly passionate about their tech toys.

Mac, camera, action! - Following the lead of one of Hollywood's biggest names, Ben Hammersley produces his debut film - on a laptop

Apple offers digital-video deal - Apple UK is offering Commotion and Deck free to DV editors purchasing both Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro - as well as a £200 rebate

Applications still scarce, but announcements are starting to appear - Simply put, Apple dropped the ball on MIDI and audio support in the 10.0 version of the Mac OS X operating system. The Mac, once the platform of choice for professional music and audio-editing applications, suddenly became an also-ran, with next to no support for professional audio applications. An April 10, 2001 report at MacFixIt.com described the grim details of the situation. Responding to a somewhat critical review of Mac OS X,

Apple - Hot News - Herbie Hancock - In this interview, the Grammy and Emmy-winning musician, singer, songwriter and producer explains how he caught the bug for technology, how Macs and virtual instruments have taken over his studio, how mixing in surround has enhanced the live tour experience and how he feels technology can be used to take the world to a higher level

  Apple takes a bow   - Rapidly becoming an industry standard, Final Cut Pro, Apple's non-linear editing app is to receive an Emmy Engineering Award this year for its impact on the television industry

Apple takes bow for another Emmy - Apple Computer has scooped up a second Emmy, this time for its Final Cut Pro video-editing software

Apple wins another Emmy - Apple Computer Inc. has won another Emmy Award, this time for the company's video and film editing software, Final Cut Pro. Apple will be given the award for its impact on the television industry by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at the Goldenson Theatre in Hollywood

Comments: MP3s, RIAA, and Apple - Forrester Research, a market research firm, interviewed about a thousand online consumers and found out what any sane person already knows: that downloads of songs are good for the music business and help sell more pre-recorded CDs.

Salt Lake City Film Festival to feature Apple, others - Coordinators of this month's Salt Lake City Film Festival noted that the event will feature corporate and movie industry leaders, independent films, and a "FutureCinema Expo" that will feature emerging technology. Among the rosters of companies that will be participating is Apple

Mac-produced visuals seen at Area2 festival - The Area2 festival, now on tour nationwide with artists such as Moby and David Bowie, features a two-hour DVD of visuals produced on the Mac

Apple - Hot News - Summer NAMM 2002 - The bi-annual music gear convention hosts over 500 exhibitors from all over the world who come to Nashville (and Los Angeles in January for the Winter NAMM session) to show off their latest toys and trade tools - from guitars, drums, orchestral instruments and amps, to audio and MIDI hardware for computer-based recording. Apple's acquisition of Emagic was the buzz of the digital audio software section. However, people were even more interested in checking out the latest third-party hardware and software ready for Mac OS X.

Apple - Shake - Shake brings a powerful new dimension to Apple's pro film and video lineup: compositing and visual effects. And, just as Final Cut Pro has changed the way the industry edits, Shake has changed high-end post production forever by introducing an affordable software solution for film and video professionals

Macs Making Music: Pro Tools - If there is one piece of gear that reinvented multi-track music recording it is without a doubt Digidesign's Pro Tools. In fact Pro Tools did for the music recording industry what Adobe's PageMaker, Illustrator and Photoshop did for the desktop publishing industry. While there are many digital audio hardware/software products available for the Mac, Pro Tools says it all in its name; gear designed for the most discriminating music professional

Apple - Creative - Milton Greene Archives - "With the Power Mac and Photoshop 7 for Mac OS X," Greene says, "we have the ability to work with very high-resolution scans of original film negatives and transparencies. We can manipulate these large files - some more than a gigabyte - and hand-finish each image, pixel by pixel." Thanks to the Mac, Greene, head of Milton Greene Archives, recaptures, enhances, rebuilds, alters, and ultimately breathes life back into photographs that would otherwise be lost to time

MacDirectory Culture: Producing Television On A Mac - "I have an interest in emerging technology and nonlinear editing. It was a chore to get on Avid machines hereńand I wanted to stay on top of the curve," he said while taking a break from an edit session at the station, music playing softly from his new iBook sitting beside him. He immediately recognized the potential of Apple's Final Cut Pro, bought the software and a G4 and set up shop at home. This was just before Final Cut's major debut at the NAB conference

Forward Migration Kit: Software for architects - In the architecture market Apple is three times more popular than in the general computer market with an average of 15 percent market share

Apple - K12 Education - University of Sheffield - Pitts-Tucker works as a designer at the university's student-run advertising agency by day and creates award-winning animations by night. With the help of his iBook, a Power Mac G4 system, and iMovie, Pitts-Tucker is realizing his dream of a career in animation. But even he admits that the story of his rise to fame has been ... well, almost cartoonish

Video's Third Revolution Seminar - At this informative seminar, you'll see how Final Cut Pro has evolved to become a video editing powerhouse, harnessing the processing capability of Power Mac G4 computers to deliver breakthrough enhancements--including real-time effects; built-in color correction; and a remarkable new high-capacity, high-quality offline format for unmatched mobility--that elevate it far above the competition

Apple - Hot News - The District - "Last night we did a green screen shot of a guy that was going to be composited into a shot that we were going to do that evening at a large building," says Brenton Fletcher, computer visual effects supervisor for "The District" CBS television series. "The shot was of this guy on top of the building. I had the PowerBook running After Effects on the set, so I could do a temp comp right there.

Apple - Hot News - CG Wizard of "Harry Potter" - f anyone can do it, Legato can. He's the Academy award-winning visual effects wizard who broke new ground by integrating live action with digital character animation in "Titanic," "Apollo 13," "What Lies Beneath" and "Interview with a Vampire." For "Harry Potter," Legato furthered the art form by making visual effects look more spontaneous and alive, this time with the help of a PowerBook, Power Mac and Final Cut Pro.

Apple - Solution Experts - CDI: Making Digital Assets More Accessible - Today, many design firms are transforming cabinets full of film transparencies into digital image archives that provide centralized image access and easier re-use. While digital imaging makes it more efficient to capture, manipulate, print, and archive images, it also presents several challenges.

Apple - Hot News - Macs, Lies & DV Tape - How would he make his indie hit "sex, lies & videotape," if he could make it today? Here's why, here's how.

Apple showcasing Mac OS X at IPEX 2002 - At the IPEX 2002 print-publishing trade show in Birmingham, England, Apple is pushing Mac OS X 10.1 for its performance in editorial workflows and knowledge management

Apple rep to keynote at creative conference - His presentation will be titled "Creativity + Technology = WOW!" Marra will be talking about how to enhance your creativity by integrating attention-grabbing digital multimedia such as CD, DVD, MP3

IPEX 2002: Apple 'obsessed' by publishing - Publishing on X Showing Macworld around Apple's large stand at IPEX, Ziv pointed out the "complete spectrum" of leading publishing applications that now work with Apple's modern operating system, Mac OS X.


BIAS Debuts Deck 3.5 for Mac OS X - Berkley Integrated Audio Software, Inc. (BIAS) unveiled Deck 3.5, a brand-new version of their award multi-track digital audio workstation software for the Mac. This important upgrade offers several important new features including native Mac OS X compatibility

Apple software adds finishing touches to films - Apple's interest in becoming a serious contender in the world of film editing and postproduction became more fully realized with the release of a software package beta-tested on Steven Soderbergh's upcoming movie

Apple - Hot News - Joining the Union - Now Final Cut Pro and Cinema Tools (formerly Film Logic) are changing the rules again. Their low-cost, high-end functionality has established motion picture desktop editing as a preferred alternate route for many independent filmmakers, trailer houses and studios.

Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro - Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro enhances Final Cut Pro 3's 24fps editing capabilities with support for film cut lists and 24-frame edit decision lists (EDLs) for high-definition (HD) video

Inside the SuperDrive - Is it a CD burner? Is it a DVD burner? Yes, it's both. With a SuperDrive-equipped Power Mac G4 or iMac, creative professionals can now write to CDs and DVDs without additional software, simply using the Finder on Mac OS X.

Forward Migration: From music producers to new converts - Get reel with iPod and Final Cut Pro looks at how Rodney Charters, director of photography for Fox's "24" and Warner Bros' "Roswell" TV series uses Macs, iMovie and Final Cut Pro in his work

Apple - Hot News - Alan Moulder - Moulder runs ProTools, Logic, Reason and Reaktor on a Power Mac in the studio, and on a PowerBook for remote editing. "The PowerBook is great for all uses and I can't think what I would do without it now," says Moulder. "I can use it on long plane journeys to mess around with sounds or sequences and I can expand on those ideas when I get to the studio."

Apple - Hot News - Orphanage Goes 3D - their names roll by in the credits of films such as Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace, Men in Black and Mission Impossible. In just a few years, these indie filmmakers have earned a reputation for turning out studio-quality digital films and special effects - and they do it using Power Macs and off-the-shelf software. Among the tools they use to create digital effects: Alias/Wavefront's Maya for Mac OS X - the preeminent professional application for modeling, animating and rendering 3D images

Forward Migration Kit: Woodworking software, part II - This week we're serving up part two of our roundup of woodworking software for the Mac

Apple - Hot News - Pro and Con - Moss saw something romantic but also deeply disturbing about Hogue's pathological desire to reinvent himself. In 1998, unable to shake his obsession, he began an investigation and spent three years chasing Hogue into his past, armed with Digital Betacam and Super 8 cameras and Final Cut Pro

Apple - Education - Pepperdine University - Realizing the value of their experiences and wanting to share their insights with other students, Gebhard and Marriner recently staged a second road trip. This time, the pair took along a Power Mac G4 and two iBook computers with iMovie to archive their interviews. The resulting stories are helping students around the U.S. to investigate a whole new realm of life possibilities

Av-a-go composing - Phil Wright, head of music at John Henry Newman school, Stevenage, is convinced that ICT can be harnessed as a powerful creative tool in music teaching. He runs a 12-station Apple Macintosh network with Cubase sequencer software in his music room. Although all the machines have been gathered as hand-me-downs and giveaways from parents over the past four years, this does not stop him from gaining front-edge results

Apple - Hot News - Multimedia Macbeth - Staged by the Tony-award winning Actors Theatre of Louisville, Kentucky, this Macbeth combines ancient elements of masks and ritual with a kaleidoscope of digital images ranging from satellite photos to shadow puppetry and abstract collages - all created and projected onto the stage using Macs

Apple gets a Grammy - Apple's contribution to the music and recording industry is recognised with a Grammy award

Final Cut Pro drives 'Blue Car,' 'Rules' films - "Blue Car," a feature film directed by Karen Moncrieff and accepted at the Sundance Film Festival this year, was completely edited with Apple's Final Cut Pro editing software

Apple - Hot News - Funny Business - when Paley left home, she vowed not to use computers anymore. "They made it too easy for me to avoid people," she says. "But by 1999, personal computers could finally handle the kind of graphics applications that interested me. I realized I could expand my art by going back to them." So in 1999, she bought her first personal computer, a PowerBook. Currently, she's animating and editing her current project, a 56-minute documentary called "Thank You For Not Breeding" on a Power Mac with two Apple Studio Displays

Alan Pasqua is a talented, well-respected film composer and musician. A resident of Los Angeles, Pasqua began studying classical and jazz piano at age seven. He attended Indiana University and The New England Conservatory of Music. With several of his own feature film score credits, including Sleepless in Seattle, Mr. Wonderful, and The Waterboy, Alan is also a loyal Mac user

Apple - Creative - Eco-Challenge and Digital Photographers - Eco-Challenge, the world's toughest expediton race, set Mother Nature against world-class athletes who mountaineered, horseback rode, mountain biked, kayaked, scuba dived, and rope climbed their way over 300 miles of treacherous New Zealand terrain. But the 8th annual competition also put seven photographers, their Nikon cameras, and Macs to the test

Forward Migration Kit: Embroidery/stitching software - This week we're serving up part one of our roundup of embroidery/stitching software for the Mac

Apple - Education - University of Colorado/Colorado Springs - It's no coincidence that musician Adrian Johnson counts Nine Inch Nails founder Trent Reznor as one of his prime influences. "Reznor started out just like me, doing everything on his own on his Mac, then eventually hiring live musicians," Johnson explains

Absorbing Apple's Aesthetic - Marcus Conge, who teaches 3-D design at the Rochester Institute of Technology, is an unusual instructor. While most tutors get their students to design for broad product categories, like toothbrushes or refrigerators, students are rarely instructed to design for a specific company. That Conge has singled out Apple is a testament to the company's unique position in the design world

Creating Art With Macintosh - Yorgo Alexopoulos' current exhibition combines video animation, sound, sculpture, and painting that reminds us of why Macintosh is the tool of choice for most artists who use a computer

Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Author Writes Exclusively On A Mac - Micheal Chabon, from Pulitzer Prize winning novels to screenplays, is a Mac user through and through

Macs influenced 'Lord of the Rings' - The Mac still has a very palpable presence in the effects business. Weta Digital, the company responsible for the digital effects on Lord of the Rings, has some custom Mac software that does useful stuff. And this software won't run on an x86 box, either.

eMac Daily Talks to Comic Creator Jim Woodring - The comic genius of Jim Woodring is supported by his G3. "My Mac G3 is second most essential tool in my studio, right after my drawing board," said Woodring. "I simply can't imagine how I could get along without it. It gives me much more control over all aspects of my work. I use it to correct finished drawings and paintings, to create and deliver production files, to communicate with clients and colleagues and to archive my work in an economical way. It has become absolutely indispensable to me." Woodring is the creator of Frank, a mysterious, wordless comic that has taken the world by storm.

Truckville' music mixer uses Macs - Creative director Jeff Elmassian of the award-winning sound design and music company Endless Noise is a big Mac fan. Most recently, he served as music mixer and sound designer for the new Dodge Ram 1500 commercials entitled "Reflections" and "Truckville."

Manhattan Neighborhood Network uses Final Cut Pro, G4s - MNN is responsible for administering public access cable television services throughout Manhattan. The fibre-channel system -- implemented by PWR Systems, Rorke's reseller -- provided a Fibre-Channel SAN solution to help MNN cost-effectively network its Mac-based Final Cut Pro workstations, according to MNN producer, Kenyatta Cheese

Apple garners several nominations in Rave Awards - What do Apple, James Gandolfini of "The Sopranos," director Tim Burton ("Planet of the Apes"), BMW, Radiohead, and "The New York Times" have in common? All are nominees for Wired Magazine's third annual Rave Awards. Wired's Rave Awards celebrate "the people, the products and the Web sites that represent the best in technology."

Mac Sightings - Lily Tomlin Is All Mac, & Check Out The Apple Billboard - The Screen Savers took a trip to Lily Tomlin's house where she also has a production studio run by Allee Willis. Ms. Willis is a songwriter with titles such as the Beverly Hills Cop theme song and the Friends' theme song to her credit. The house and studio are all-Mac, a point which was made repeatedly. Ms. Tomlin's network is anchored by a G4, and all of the Macs in the house are running Mac OS 9, for those keeping score at home.

Power Mac G4 helps design Spider-Man's costume - For the upcoming "Spider-Man" film, conceptual artist Warren Manser used a Power Mac G4 to design Spidey's costume, according to an interview at the Spider-Man Hype Web site. The artist said he used a G4 running Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and Macromedia Freehand to accomplish his work on the project.

Mac Sightings - Orange iBook Assists In Production Of The Lord Of The Rings - Thought I'd let you know that they're apparently using Mac's to do, well, something in New Line Cinema's upcoming Lord of the Rings-trilogy. In a picture at E! Online's Web site, there's a clearly visible tangerine iBook.

Mac Sightings - Planet Of The Apes Apes Designed With A Mac - At one point, the designer was talking about how his team had designed the ape makeup and started stepping us through the layers of one of the female characters on, now wait for it, a Mac. This Mac was booted into Classic for those keeping score at home.

Much of upcoming science fiction film done on Macs - 'Radius,' a science-fiction film made especially for the Internet is due this summer. And the Mac helped make it possible.

Access praises Macs ease in video editing - When Access Magazine, "America's Guide to the Internet," focused on "Desktop Movie-Making" they had some very nice things to say about Apple and its products.

"iTools definitely helped me find a new spot on the radio when my old gig fell through,' says Big Rick Stuart, a legendary modern-rock DJ

Elyse Couvillion's acclaimed four-minute short, "Sweet,' communicates without words the story of two soulmates, transcribed through imagery, motion and color - "I pre-visualized the film using Final Cut Pro on my Power Mac G4 at home to edit the storyboard animatic,' says Couvillion.

Visual Music -Both Composer and Videodelic are Mac-only applications, made possible by the creative blessing of the G4 processor. "The G4 Velocity Engine made live, real-time video manipulation in Onadime a reality,' credits Bruce Mitchell, Onadime CEO.

What's Mac Got To Do With It - The Apple Creative markets team went backstage to find out how Macs drive one of the most exciting stage shows in the biz today.