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The Mac Partisan: Macs Make Good Business - Why Macintosh Should Be The Tool Of Choice For Many Types Of Businesses: A Resource
Updated: Sunday, October 13, 2002

Below you will find a list of links that have been culled from around the Net relating Macs and their use in businesses large and small. Like our other 'Hub' pages , this one is intended as a one stop launching point. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the use of Macs in business, mail it to us and we will add it.

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Power Macs used to float hot air business - They use a Web-based application built for them with Power Mac G4s by Recall Design in Adelaide. Recall built a multilayered Web interface to connect Balloon Aloft's network of booking offices around Australia, provide secure and private management tools and in-house messaging, plus public access to a booking system with credit-card facilities, according to The Age. Balloon Aloft went from an single-user database system to a totally Web-enabled business

Apple and the corporate world - Recently, Apple launched a concerted effort to get a piece of the corporate/enterprise market (about time, some would say). The company hopes that Mac OS X, its Xserve rack-mountable server, and the some new "i applications" will help the company make some serious inroads into the world of big business

Can an Apple a day keep the IT expert away?

Mac Business Expo to Host Gaming Pavilion - The Macintosh Business Expo is an annual event in Seattle, Washington which boasts over 50 exhibitors and takes place this year on October 3. IMG received word that the 2002 expo will not be all work, though, as they also plan to have a 30-computer game arena set up for players to try a variety of titles

Clueless Columnist Follow-up - All right, roll out the big guns: yesterday we reported on Dave Kearns' remarkably misleading column for Network World in which he makes fun of Apple's "switcher" commercials because he thinks the only PC people who would change to Macs are brainless jellyfish who can't maintain their PCs or don't have the sense to hire an IT guru. What's worse, he betrays astonishing ignorance about what Macs can do and in effect tells his readers not to believe the ads

Apple VP to keynote Mac Business Expo

Apple's Switch Ad Frightens It Networking Guru - If you are wondering what scares a person who provides consultation services in Silicon Valley, take a look at an editorial he penned for NetworkWorldFusion called "Can an Apple a day really keep the IT expert away?" In that piece, he specifically states that a world where people can run their networks without an expert is "scary."

Mac users have fewer choices for personal finance software, but good options exist - The bottom line on Macintosh: An Apple machine is often a good choice for personal-finance tracking, but do your research before buying hardware or software so you won't get any nasty surprises

Could Macs mean business at last? - OS X has several noteworthy business features, including: a Unix foundation that's perceived (perhaps mistakenly) by many to be more secure than Windows; support for PPTP-based VPNs; and a discovery technology called Rendezvous that makes child's play out of connecting to network-based resources (storage, printers, databases, etc.) including those bound to Windows systems. Business software vendors are already coming out in support of Jaguar too

Mainstream Tech Pundit Says Apple In Good Position For Run At Business Market - Mr. Berlind has some other interesting observations coming from a Windows-centric viewpoint. Perhaps most importantly, it's another article that lends credibility to Mac OS X as a business platform

Jonathan Moore, publishing systems consultant with EMAP, managed to get all the equipment he needed to produce this year's Glastonbury Times daily festival paper in the back of a Toyota Land Cruiser. With a total of six Macs, running QuarkXpress, Microsoft Office and various Adobe software packages -

Business thrust continues Apple's OS jag - Much of the buzz over Apple Computer's Mac OS X 10.2 has focused on desktop computers, but the company also has a new server operating system that's been refined for businesses

Do Faster Chips Really Matter for Business? - With the increasing prevalence of complex network architectures and a new crop of online consumers increasing the loads on overburdened commerce servers, it seems as though the need for speed in computing has never been greater. Despite the need, however, companies have slowed the rate at which they adopt the newest, fastest processors

Try the taste of an Apple Mac menu - Next time you need to buy new hardware for your small business, remember the Apple Mac is an option

PC trade-in 'woos Windows switchers' - Apple Financial Services is working with PC Again to offer a Mac trade-in program, the Great Upgrade. PC Again is a large IT recycling company. The Great Upgrade offer's only available to business customers at present

Macs in the Workplace, Part 2 - Macs are more common in offices than many people in the media realise

How Apple is worming its way into corporate IT - I rarely hesitate to speak up when Apple does something I consider ill-advised. At the same time, I feel obliged to give the company credit for the smart stuff, too. I'd put Apple's decision not to gouge its trailblazing Xserve customers in the latter category

Mac in the Enterprise: An Odyssey - The first step toward enterprise integration was to install VersaTerm on the Mac clones and enable AppleTalk routing over the Frame Relay connections. That allowed the computer users to access the character-based functions of the Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Timbuktu provided file sharing and management over the Wide Area Network

The Macintosh and Windows worlds are no longer separated by incompatible standards - We have prepared the following guide for all those who believe in openness and convergence. It aims to catalogue the different solutions that allow Macs and PCs to work together. It is both an instruction book and a product guide, bringing you all the information you need to ensure harmony between the two environments

Forward Migration Kit: Software for architects, part III - This week we're serving up the last in our three-part series on Mac software for architects

Mac OS X Gains Enterprise IT Attention - The Mac OS X system's stability and user interface attract server administrators, but application availability still limits business desktop appeal

Apple - Hot News - All By Myself - the three created the project "All By Themselves" in iMovie, on two PowerBooks. In addition, the trio used Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and QuickTime in the process. The animation for "Buddy the Lady Bug" was done in Flash, then converted to DV in QuickTime, so it could be imported into iMovie

Mac OS X in Enterprise and Education - "The Windows Centric Administrator" - what will students face in the real world? The answer to that question is not "100% Wintel" and educators are missing the boat when they treat their computer purchases in that manner. The installed Mac, Unix and Linux platforms exist in the real world. It is not a one brand solution. At the very least, the installed base of computers in any academic environment should reflect the user base. By not doing so, we discriminate against different learning styles

Apple Continues To Get Noticed In IT-Oriented Press - The article says that convincing IT managers to buy Macs may be a tough challenge, and we agree; the stigma that suggests that Macs just aren't machine enough for server rooms and corporate desktops won't disappear over night. One thing that might help, as Vern Seward suggests in his editorial "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Macs In IT Mags," is if Apple advertises more in IT trade magazines.

Forward Migration: Church makes media, more with Macs - Crossroads Christian Church, located in Evansville, IN, runs an almost entirely Mac network. They have close to 30 Macs (as well as five Wintel systems) and currently use three Mac servers, according to Media Pastor Dan Hendricks. And you know what sort of systems they use for video, don't you?

Apple's Enterprise Play - Those of us who get a vicarious thrill out of matching wits with Apple's executive branch have been waiting for the company to make new overtures to the enterprise market practically since the day then-Apple CEO Gilbert Amelio announced the acquisition of Jobs' NeXT Software at the end of 1996

Apple Courts Enterprise with Rack-Mounted Server - Apple CEO Steve Jobs has ended months of speculation with the announcement that Apple will ship a rack-mountable server based on the G4 platform in mid-May

Imacination, Apple team up for e-commerce solution - Ch-Ching! developer Imacination Software announced today that it has teamed up with Apple to deliver e-commerce solutions targeted specifically at commercial software vendors

Apple announces first rack servers, P2P, chat, web services - What no one expected was a slew of bold software initiatives across the board - many more than a typical Jobs keynote - and as a teaser for an announcement next week, word of Apple's first ever rack mount servers.

Jobs Romances the Enterprise at WWDC - In addition to a promised "confidential sneak peek" at Jaguar, the long-awaited next major release of Mac OS X due late this summer, Jobs unwrapped surprises aimed at bringing the Unix-based OS into the mainstream of enterprise environments. Those announcements included new support for cross-platform standards such as ActiveDirectory, SMB, Bluetooth, LDAP and Kerberos

Free Love and Selling Macs╩ - The Kerista commune was not just promiscuous, it was extremely industrious. In the span of about five years, the commune transformed a modest house-cleaning business into the biggest Macintosh dealership and consulting firm in Northern California

Forward Migration Kit: Restaurant software, part II - This week we conclude our two-part series that looks at Macintosh software suitable for restaurant owners and operators

Apple - Mac OS X - FirstEdge - to help fledgling entrepreneurs benefit from better bookkeeping, the award-winning accounting software developer MYOB has released FirstEdge, a simple yet powerful accounting and business management solution especially for sole proprietors or very small businesses. FirstEdge also works exclusively on Macintosh, taking full advantage of the power and interface of Mac OS X

PC to Apple? - Watch out, Bill Gates, our unscientific survey finds a big percentage of PC users would consider switching to a Mac

Forward Migration: Forms software for the Mac - Shana Corp. is the first company we'll look at that makes forms creation software. In fact, the company positions itself as the only true x-platform eForms solution for Mac

Forward Migration: Endless Noise using Macs for USPS - Endless Noise is an award-winning sound design and music company. Originally established in Santa Monica in 1993, the company was re-launched in 2001 to compose and produce music and sound designs for feature films, TV programming and commercials

HDTV - HDNet broadcasts many sports programs live but uses Final Cut Pro, Power Mac and the Pinnacle CineWave HD I/O board to get taped programs ready for air.

Fortune.com- Fortune500: Apple Computer - RANK: 325

Q&A Part III: Java creator Gosling on Java tools, his move to Mac - Java creator James Gosling, a vice president and fellow at Sun Microsystems Inc., talked about the state of Java tools and his personal preferences in computers, including his shift to a Macintosh laptop

Fortune.com- America's Most Admired Companies: Apple Computer, Inc

OS X biz system, 'protein folding' spotlighted - Apple's Small Business Web site is now highlighting a complete Mac OS X Business Management System through application integration

Forward Migration: Church is all Mac - Lakeshore Christian Church in Antioch, TN is completely Mac-based. Everything from office work to Sunday morning worship video is entirely Mac driven,

Apple - Hot News - Design It Yourself - Evolution does everything on Power Macs. "Throughout the process," says Denkers, "Apple and Adobe products have been key. I don't think Evolution would even exist, or be anywhere near the company we are, without the Macs and the software products that work on them."

Apple Computer partners with TVA - city-based click and mortar company,╩TVA Help.com Pvt Ltd,╩which offers support services for mobile computing systems like notebooks and palmtops,╩today announced its partnership with US$ 5.3 billion Apple Computer Inc to provide support services for their iBooks and PowerBooks in India.

Apple - Hot News - Trial by FireWire - Zavaletta, a stickler for professional courtroom presentation, knows that wrangling with VCRs and slide projectors can interrupt and slow down a trial. So when he took on the Erb's Palsy case, he decided to organize all the video testimony into a concise digital presentation using Apple's iMovie 2 and iDVD 2, and present the video clips in court using his iBook

Little support for Microsoft - Only five of the 47 public comments on the Microsoft antitrust case released by the Justice Department on Friday are in support of the government's settlement with the software giant

Forward Migration: Location Connect svc Mac compatible - Last Friday MacCentral told you about Axcess, which develops custom accounting and executive information systems, has expanded its custom database software design base to include satellite Internet services that are fully compatible with Mac and PC systems. However, there's another company, Location Connect that's been doing Mac compatible, satellite Internet access a while longer than Axcess, though they don't have the on-board-aircraft solution of the latter

Dear Microsoft: Make It Stop, Please! - Those incessant and infuriating dialog boxes in the Office X trial version that keep nagging me to buy just cost you a customer

Renting Macs is the Apple of Gallagher's eye - Five years ago Arne Gallagher realized he could plug his 15 years' sales work with Apple Computer Inc. into a niche business of his own. He saw a market for renting Apple's various Macintosh computers, such as its colorful iMac desktops, Powerbook laptops or other design-conscious gizmos

Forward Migration Kit: Mac Bed & breakfast software - This week we're looking at Mac software tailored to the bed & breakfast (B&B) industry.

Apple - Media Arts - Making Money on the Mac - On January 1, 1999, member nations in the new European Union (EU) officially adopted the euro as its common currency - a move intended to build a single European market with a single, stable monetary system. But before the EU could issue new money, it first had to design it. Most designers see their Apple computers as a way to make money, but Austrian graphic designer Robert Kalina is more direct in pursuing this objective. He uses his Power Macintosh to design real money. Kalina has done this so successfully that he was chosen in a competition to design the first series of euro banknotes for the new European Union

6-Month Mac Convert Moves Large Company From Wintel To Mac - Observer Charles A. Wagoner offers the tale of how he took his company from a fairly large Wintel network to the Mac. Better yet, when he began the process he had been a convert to the Mac platform for only 6 months.

Forward Migration Kit: Automobile software for the Mac OS - This week we're looking at Mac OS software designed for use by those in the automobile management industry.

Forward Migration Kit: Jewelers' software for Mac OS - This week we're looking at Mac OS software designed for jewelers. We'll be looking at a wide range of products, from applications designed to keep track of stock and inventories to software used in making custom jewelry.

Forward Migration Kit: Insurance software for the Mac OS - This week we'll look at insurance software for the Mac.

Forward Migration: Navigation Center - The E-business Center recently opened its first Mac-based Internet Navigation Center in San Jose, Costa Rica. The Navigation Center, called "Internet Cafe Colon," is almost entirely Mac based, with 30 iMac DV+/400MHz systems, five iMac DVD/450MHz systems, three G4s, and two Titanium PowerBooks.

Forward Migration Kit: Telephony software, part II - PhonePro from Bing Software lets you create your own telephony applications.

Verizon Turns To Apple Solution Provider In $2 Million Enterprise Deal - Does Apple Computer still have legs in the enterprise space? Apparently so. Verizon Information Services, a division of telecommunications giant Verizon Communications, has turned to solution provider PWR Systems to implement and support more than 600 Macintosh G4 installations throughout the United States.

BusMac: a list for Macintosh Business Users - BusMac is a forum for Macintosh users in a business environment. Most anything related to hardware, business software, troubleshooting, or productivity.

Macintosh Computers in a Law Firm - Believe it or not, computers from the dark side are almost nonexistent at Blumenfeld & Cohen's, Washington, DC office. We have two PCs for the accounting department and a general utility PC for some other functions, which I will address later. All the other computers are Macs.

Macs in Business: "Homebrewed Solutions on Vintage Macs" - Wholesale distributor to homemade wine and beer stores runs a 100% Mac business.

CNN 'to switch to PowerBooks' - CNN will equip its news teams with PowerBooks as part of its restructuring plan, according to reports.

MS' Mac boss weighs Apple moves - After describing his company's plans to bring its Office suite to Apple's next-generation Mac OS X during a speech at Macworld Expo here, Kevin Browne, manager of Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, discussed the past, present, and future of the company's Mac operation.

Multimedia visitor guides - Based on QuickTime and Flash technologies, the QuickVu system also takes advantage of Power Macs to digitize, edit, and compress the video, and WebObjects to stream clips over the Internet.


An international network of professional Macintosh computer trainers, educators and instructors - To provide an international network of Macintosh computer trainers, instructors and educators so that anyone, anywhere can easily access Macintosh OS application support and assistance

Digital Industry is More Profitable With Macintosh - or how to make an extra 26,000 a year

NASA Fights To Keep It's Macs - useful arguments and strategies for keeping Macs in your work place

Why Macs are better in the Law Office