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The Mac Partisan: Macs vs Windows - When Will Windows Users Learn That If You Run With Scissors You're Going To Get Hurt? ... A Resource - June, 2004 To April, 2006

Retired: Saturday, July 29, 2006

Below you will find a list of links that have been culled from around the Net relating to why using Macs is a better choice than other computing platforms. Like our other 'Hub' pages, this one is intended as a one stop launching point. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the use of Macs from a partisan perspecitve, mail it to us and we will add it.

Running Windows Vista on my Mac
Windows XP performance on a Mac
Benchmarking XP on a Mac mini
Boot Camp graphics tests
iMAC Windows Benchmarks
XP Pro versus Mac OS X
Windows expert tries Boot Camp
AMD and Intel Mac compared
A week in Boot Camp
XP and iMac a cool combination
Boot Camp Beta: (FAQ)
Inside Boot Camp
Welcome to Mac OS XP
Hans And Franz: MacBook Pro vs. Acer.
Prizefight: MacBook Pro vs. Acer

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New PC buyers to give Intel Macs a try
'Half' of PC Users Want to Go Intel-Mac
Confused columnist on 17” MacBook Pro
Apple: Going Out Of Business Since 1976
Windows on an Intel Mac: A Retrospective
Sometimes It Must Suck to be Apple.
Why Vista will be GREAT!
Boot Camp--Even Better than the Real Thing?
System Shootout
System Shootout
Apple May Be Low-Hanging Fruit for IT
Will Vista Be the Last Microsoft Produces?
All to gain for Apple with Boot Camp?
Apple Re-Boots Its Windows Strategy
Benchmarks: Windows XP on the MacBook Pro
End-run for Apple Around Windows
For Mac users, installing Windows is a snap
Microsoft finds Apple move hard to swallow
Where Vista Fails
Evil Lurks Inside Microsoft’s Mac Labs?
Switchers -- the sequel?
Things You Need to Know before Running XP
Hackers load Linux onto Intel Mac
Apple's Switch-Hit Homer
Not Perfect but Boot Camp is as Advertised
Can Boot Camp Give Windows the Boot?
Boot Camp won’t move Mac users to Windows
Windows Security for Mac Users
Windows “ON” Or “IN” Your Mac A Big Deal?
Readers: Let the Pigs Fly
Apple’s Monopoly Claims Come Back To Haunt
Apple PCs more popular than Wintel PCs
More Votes for Mac
A week in Boot Camp
Benchmarking XP on a Mac mini
Mac cultists, and Windows salvation
Boot Camp Convert Mac Users to Windows?
Windows AMD and Intel Mac compared
New view for the Mac
Dual boot Macs will help Linux: 10 reasons
Best Darned Windows Experience Anywhere
Boot Camp A Jobsian Masterstroke
Switching to Mac (But Not Really)
MacBook Pro: Using it as a Mac and a PC
Review: Programs Bridge Windows-Mac Gap
XP won't expose Macs to viruses,
Marriage of Windows, Macs is bliss
Apple could double market share
Boot Camp and its effect on Mac gaming
A Windows expert tries out Apple's Boot Camp
Boot Camp is good - but Parallels is better
Windows XP Pro versus Mac OS X
nonsense about BootCamp?
Boot Camp benefits could be huge
Mac vs Windows: the Boot Camp revolution
Gordon Freeman goes to Boot Camp on a Mac
Teething troubles for Apple's Boot Camp
Bunk Camp: Apple gets it wrong
s Your Mac A PC Or Is It A Mac?
A Weekend with an XP iMac
Working with Windows
The Trojan Plan
Macworld roundtable: Assessing Boot Camp
Apple Opens Boot Camp for Windows Users
Dual-Boot versus Virtualization
Asinine Ideas Regarding Apple’s Strategy
Win on Mac: A Sign of the Apocalypse?
Switching to Windows (On a Mac)
Boot Camp: Good for Mac gaming?
Take the No Windows-Booting Pledge
Why I no longer proselytise the Mac.
iMAC Windows Benchmarks Revealed
PC World: Boot Camp graphics tests
Blame Microsoft for Apple's Boot Camp
Windows XP and iMac a cool combination
"Blue-Screen-of-Death"or should it be "Aqua"
Boot Camp: Apple's Insanely Bad Idea
Boot Camp is smoke…
Hello, Mac Gaming Machine
Gaming with Boot Camp changes everything
Boot Camp: the day after
Boot Camp Beta: MacBook Pro (FAQ)
Macs running Windows won't shift balance
Dude, you got a Dell? What are you, stupid?
Mac-XP: Good business or bad software?
The Real Reason Behind Apple's Boot Camp
Mac OS XP: Hands on with Boot Camp
Inside Boot Camp
How Bill Gates and I Differ
The Truth About Vista
Apple Can Learn from Skittles/Windows XP
What if Microsoft Bought Apple?
Apple Death Knell #50: Microsoft & Google
Aozora to replace PCs with Macs
Apple's focus vs. Vista Vision
Dell, Apple Lead Brand Trust, Microsoft Last
Boot Camp Public Beta: Macs do Windows, too
Boot Camp: Apple's Enterprise Trojan Horse?
Dual-boot strategy a bold move for Apple
FAQ: Windows on Macs
Apple's Boot Camp Review: eWEEK Labs
We Reached Operating Systems Detente?
Will PC users see Apple in a new light?
A long-running debate goes on: Mac or PC?
Windows XP on Macs: Tested, Benchmarked
From iPod to MacBook Pro: A Switcher's Tale
Windows on Mactels? I couldn't care less ...
Opinion: Does Dell beat MacBook Pro on price?
he'll be the first to own a Mac with Intel
I'm Not Buying a Mac
Booting Windows on Intel Macs
Windows Vista booting on an Intel iMac
Dell Dj Ditty Vs Apple iPOD
Men are from PCs, women are from Macs
Mac, PC Worlds Edge Closer
How to give Windows XP the boot iMac
One more round in the battle of Gates vs. Jobs
The performance debate: Linux vs Windows
Apple-Microsoft: The View from China
Is it Time to Consider an Apple Macintosh?
Casual Comfort: Why I Use a Mac
My Wife Is Switching to the Mac: First Update
It doesn't matter if Intel Macs run Windows.
OS X on PCs? Don't Hold Your Breath
Will Intel move impact iPod's 'Halo' effect?
XP on an iMac Core Duo? Sort of.
Apple: Design and software,distinguish Macs
Really a need for the Windows vs Apple debate?
Google going after Microsoft and Apple
Google Eats Apple
How Many Apple Computer Users Are There
The myth of the overpriced Mac
Windows XP on Intel Macs
Acolytes see a crack in Windows
MacBook Pro vs. Dell Inspiron E1705
Apple Worth More Than Dell
Apple to Pass Dell: Market Cap
The Microsoft-Apple Soap Opera
Windows aims to kill off the iPod
How Apple Could Mess Up, Again
Just What Apple Needs: Intel
Dell Macs
Microsoft to fall over in 2006? pfft!
Macintosh Justification
Is Apple a matter of choice?
PC Stuff That should Be Mac Stuff
Forget Dell, Make the Switch
A Switcher's Experience
Switch To A Mac
Microsoft, Apple and Backwards Compatibility
Mac Users Miss All the Security Fun
Macs are inherently safer more secure
Apple tops Dell, Sony in ratings survey
Is there or Is There Not a Halo Effect?
Apple vs. Dell vs. Microsoft
switching dad
Take Control of Switching to the Mac
Apple's role in the MS monopoly
Is That a Mac in Your Cart? Hi Switcher!
Apple's Growing Army of Converts
Tempted by the Apple?
Opinion: 1 Million Switchers
More MacIntel Transition Strategies
Company possibly preparing for OS War
Dell, Microsoft Struggle. Apple Growth
How to Switch To A Mac - Part 2
Mac takes bite out of Windows
Over 1 million Windows to Mac converts
MacTel strategy includes Windows and Linux
Technology deathmatch: Apple v. open source?
Microsoft announces Dead.com
Microsoft: Steve Jobs nothing to worry about.
Apple rise as Dell misses targets
Apple lobs grenade into media center
'Biased' Apple Media has Dvorak Worried
Can Apple Usurp Microsoft as OS King?
pro-Mac, anti-Microsoft media bias
Apple Is Tough Foe for Microsoft and Real
Why Chose Mac For Productivity?
Microsoft shows fear: calls iPod 'proprietary'
What breaks, what doesn't?
Finally, Gates And Real Make Nice
Your New PC: Be Very Afraid
Cross-Platform Software Development
A Windows Media Tip
My Experience Windows XP to Mac OS X
Windows Vista Beta 1 vs. Mac OS X "Tiger"
Biggest Threat to Microsoft Might Be Apple
Microsoft: Et tu, Apple?
iPod Halo Effect strikes tech columnist
Emerging Alternatives to Windows Vista
The OS doesn't matter (Sun Labs Day)
Tiger out, Apple calls Microsoft ‘shameless’
How you can ship Longhorn TODAY!
Windows is weak: where's the alternative?
Macintosh vs Windows
Torvalds switches to Apple
The Switch Is Complete
Linux to Mac : A switcher's story
Mac Zealots and PC Bigots
SNS helps Macs, PCs live together

How did Linux become so popular – Or, has Apple been asleep at the wheel? - “While it’s still a Microsoft dominated world, Linux has become a force to be reckoned with in the Server market. With its low startup costs and OS X-like stability, Linux poses a real threat to Microsoft. Can Apple be seen as being even a little interested in the Server market, or should the x-serve just quietly slip away?”

Thurrott asks for portable Apple Macintosh buying advice - If you'd like to tell Paul what to do, where to go, or something else entirely, have at it. "Superior Dell DJ?" Paul's a laugh riot, huh? And in which "key areas" does Mac OS X lag behind Windows XP? We've identified a few after much use of both systems.

And he screams for his Mac: A tale of Windows woe - So now I have the grind of deleting Outlook, reinstalling it, reinstalling the plug ins, and pulling all the contacts down from a backup. And the irony of it is that this is one of those things that ridiculously simple to do on a Mac: simply use iSync with a .Mac account and you can keep the contacts and calendars for multiple machines in sync easily and reliably. Why isn't Apple screaming about this? With more and more individuals having two machines, it's a key thing to do - and on Windows, it's a pain in the posterior.

Opinion: Longhorn Vs. Linux... Again - By the time Longhorn comes out I'm sure everyone will be sick of the subject "windows vs linux." Will longhorn finally destroy that pesky linux and mark another decade of Microsoft's monopoly, or will the underdog come out with a stunning upset and send a multi billion dollar company to it's grave? Although both those views are pretty far from reality, at least in my opinion, that's what you'll hear a lot of. But this article isn't about that, it's about one side effect of longhorn which I don't think has been considered enough...

Mac Updates vs. Windows updates - Contrast the above with Windows XP which has been around for quite a time now (4 years?! I am blissfully ignorant of all things Windows). Microsoft releases service back after service pack but no upgrades like Apple does. Longhorn seems more likely to arrive after world peace at this stage and even Microsoft is talking about an XP plus in the interim

A pear of projects plan to offer Mac OS on PCs - A team of open-source developers has released software which emulates the PowerPC processor architecture and enables users to run Mac OS and some Unix OSes on PCs powered by Intel Corp. x86-architecture processors

The Definitive Operating System Comparison - Hopefully I can help with that question. Within this article I will attempt to evaluate Windows XP, Linux, OS X, and FreeBSD in comparison to each other and attempt to answer some basic questions such as, "Which operating system is better designed for the novice user" or "Which one is the most secure" (a key concern in our virus infested cyber world). Even though this article is appearing on a site that is Windows XP centric, I assure you I will display no vendor preference and base my conclusions only upon quantitative data I have researched

Mac vs. PC, a small cost comparison experiment - For fun, we agreed, to "purchase" a PC and see what we could get for this price. This short blog presents the results of our little personal survey, for anyone who is interested. Of course, before we get further, allow me to say that I do not pretend to have written a definitive cost comparison between Macs and PCs : this is not my goal and such a thing cannot really be done. Consider the following lines the summary of a personal experience that I wished to share with my Mac friends

Mac Death Match, Round Six: Chaffin vs. Enderle - Strangely, Enderle actually appears to agree with Chaffin on some points Chaffin raised in Round Five -- most specifically, that Apple needs to overhaul its marketing roadmap. Does this mean Chaffin wins by technical KO? Or is Enderle faking him out before his own knockout punch?

Mac Death Match, Round Five: Chaffin vs. Enderle - MacNewsWorld: To what degree is Apple moving in the right direction, and to what degree should it switch its course?

The Channel's Longhorn Concerns - Microsoft spent a lot of time at WinHEC touting Longhorn, but was the big push mainly a defensive move against Mac OS X and Linux? Some channel members think so. Observers also predict problems—either major or minor—with driver support for Microsoft's next release of Windows, which is now targeted at release next year

Why I won't buy a so-called "cost efficient" computer - while reading a respected "business" magazine, I found a column explaining to managers that buying computers from companies like Apple, IBM or even Dell was "out", old-fashioned and simply the worst idea you could have. Instead, companies were to order custom-built devices, on which they should all install a free operating system -- the article didn't specify which one -- and push it at every level of the hierarchy.

The Back Page - Bryan Chaffin vs. Rob Enderle, Rounds 3 & 4: What Is Apple? - When I originally wrote my answers, as well as the rebuttals, I thought they were going to be published all at one time, which is why I waited until today to point you to rounds 3 and 4. To me, the responses make more sense when taken as a whole, but Mr. Enderle and I wrote so much that publishing everything at one time just wasn't possibl

Mac Death Match, Round Four: Chaffin vs. Enderle - MacNewsWorld presents Round Four of our six-round Mac Death Match, in which Mac Observer editor-in-chief Bryan Chaffin and the always-controversial industry analyst Rob Enderle respond to the other's argument over what wags what at Apple: the hardware or the software? And this time, the gloves are off, as both contestants attempt to ridicule and verbally pommel the other into submission

Computers: New considerations - Overall, when it comes to technical support for desktop computers, Apple rated significantly better than Dell, while Compaq and HP rated significantly worse. It’s not clear how those other companies handle support; Apple, Compaq, and HP did not comment

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