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Below you will find a list of links that have been culled from around the Net relating Macs in the Education environment. Like our other 'Hub' pages , this one is intended as a one stop launching point. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Macs in education , mail it to us and we will add it.

Educational Arsenal

Check out this class of laptops - Apple claims overall battery life of up to five hours -- or more than three hours if you're draining it with a DVD. During testing, the iBook boasted the strongest battery of the group

Macs on TV: Apple Gets Back-to-School Boost - NBC's Today show this morning featured three Apple products: the iBook, iMac and the iPod. Of the PC products demonstrated, Apple got the most screen space and time.

Virginia expanding laptop program in schools despite first-year troubles - Biology teacher Ed Chapman says a science maxim aptly describes the first year of Henrico County's program to equip high school students with laptop computers: "The more complex something is, the more likely it is that a small thing will upset it."

Technology in Education: A Reality Check, Part 2 - In his 1999 book, High-Tech Heretic, technologist Clifford Stoll argues against computers in the classroom. He points out many strong arguments: financial, time away from learning, cyber versus actual learning, movement towards information gathering at the expense of thinking skills, etc.. All the points are lucid, well thought out, and easily digestible. However, Stoll's argument fails in the end

Henrico iBooks a litmus test for Algebra courseware - ExploreLearning -- a developer of K-14 interactive content -- has announced a partnership with Henrico County Public Schools in Virginia. The learning software developer will be providing Henrico with its Algebra 1 product for the 2002-2003 academic year. The company and the county also plan to monitor whether the software affects students' ability to learn math

PC buyer's guide - Should she really get the three-year warranty when the machine could be a dinosaur by then? What about a printer? Should she consider buying a Mac over a Windows PC?

Best buys in college gear - Here's our grade-A supply list -- some of it practical, some extravagant -- for kids heading off to start their new life as college students

Pick a laptop: The perfect accessory for college - . This Apple is yummy. It's quite simply the notebook I'd want if I were back in college. The inviting iBook is fun to look at, pick up and use.

"Dude! You're Getting a Mac!" Apple Second Place in Q1 Ed Market - While yesterday's new Power Macs and eMacs represent astoundingly good value, I, for one, am a little worried that Apple hasn't targeted PowerBook, and especially iBook, for big discount deals. Especially with no refresh

Laptop Or Desktop? - The big issue facing us as we pack the car is what type of computer she should bring along. I raised these issues when we took a tour of campuses last year. The "Mac vs. PC" question is a non-issue. All of the campuses she considered say it doesn't really matter. The big issue is laptop vs. desktop

Flat-panel displays raise the curve for comfortable dormitory use - Flat-panel computer displays are ideal for students because they takes up less space in cramped dorm rooms than conventional picture-tube displays

Upgrade, or buy new for school? - To the immense regret of the PC industry, the back-to-school season doesn't generate the spike in sales it used to. But for some families -- especially those with kids headed off to college -- there are good reasons to shop for a new system now

Maine Governor Wants to Honor Apple Laptop Contract, despite Budget Issues - Attorney General Steven Rowe's belief that it would be legal but risky for the state to break its laptops-for-students contract may discourage lawmakers from trying to kill the program, Gov. Angus King said Tuesday. The opinion "does raise a red flag about the dangers of doing this," King said of suggestions that the Legislature should break the $37.2 million contract with Apple Computer to save money

King agrees with Rowe: Beware of canceling laptop deal - Gov. Angus King seconded a warning by the attorney general that canceling a $37.2 million contract for school laptops would be bad business for the state. "There are big downsides to walking away," King said Tuesday. "The damage to the state would far outweigh the benefits of canceling the contract. You need to be dependable."

Ohio Boys & Girls Club debuts eMac lab - The Boys & Girls Clubs of Portage County recently established a Quality Internet Lab at their Ravenna, Ohio location. The lab consists of two iMacs, four eMacs and high-speed internet connectivity via Road Runner and Apple's Airport wireless networking hardware

Apple - K-12 Education - iBook Laptop Initiative Raises Student Achievement - Since the closure of the local lumber mill, times have been tough in the tiny, rural town of Cascade. Countless families are living at or near the poverty level, and the economic prognosis isn't exactly encouraging. But students at Cascade High School (CHS) are overwhelmingly beating these odds. Thanks to the implementation of a new wireless iBook laptop initiative, nearly 80 percent of all graduating seniors are now planning to earn college degrees ... and student achievement is on the rise. Even in an area where few parents can afford computers or Internet access, CHS students now have educational opportunities available to them beyond the classroom

Apple offers OS maintenance program to educators - In am email sent to educators last night, Apple offered institutions a way to keep up-to-date with the latest Mac OS X system release. Dubbed the Apple Maintenance Program (AMP), the plan allows Institutions using Mac OS X to automatically receive all major upgrades at a reduced price

Malaysian school does Apple proud - Sri Cempaka became the first school in Malaysia, and the first in South Asia, to be named an "Apple Distinguished School" earlier this week for its extensive implementation and use of Macintosh technology in its education curriculum

Campus Radical: Apple iBook - FORTUNE tech guru Peter Lewis gathers all the gear you need to be cool at school--as demonstrated by the students of Brown University.

Apple Education's Blind Spot - A little more than 18 months ago I wrote an open letter to Steve Jobs and Cheryl Vedoe, begging them to do something, anything to revive the education division before it was too late. Since that time, much has happened. Apple has refocused on education. The company has aggressively gone after big account such as Maine, creating free advertising along the way. iMove has given Apple a new foothold in education. Unfortunately, a blind spot exists and it is costing the company true growth in education. What is it? The slow adoption by education software developers of OSX

Apple - Education - Stanford University School of Medicine - For years, Dr. Michael Cherry's desk was lost in space. More precisely, he'd lost most of his desk's available working space. A researcher in comparative genomics in Stanford School of Medicine's Department of Genetics, Cherry had three full-sized desktop computers on his desk - a Macintosh, a Windows system, and a UNIX "box" - on which he conducted his studies. But with the help of Mac OS X, Cherry recently did some office housecleaning. Now, a single Power Mac G4 running Mac OS X gives Cherry uncluttered access to his genome data, while delivering all the computing muscle he needs.

The Maine iBook Initiative: A Battle Between Lemmings And Learning - After spending time in an educational environment as an instructor and program director, I believe a fundamental change is occurring in American education. For generations much effort was focused on memorization of facts and figures. In the Information Age an importance is being placed of training students to access and retrieve information, make critical decisions as to the validity of the information accessed and retrieved and the matriculation of that information into reports and the knowledge-building process

Maine legislators reviewing Apple contract options - Two state representatives from Baldwin and Hampden, Me. have asked the Attorney General's office to find a way out of the state's multi-million dollar contract with Apple

Mac OS X in Enterprise and Education - "The Windows Centric Administrator" - The majority of school administrative personnel who run the dollars and cents part of the operation are PC bound. In high schools, that is because the software tools are more readily available for the Windows platform. The IT professionals are MCSE engineers, and the software designers started writing with dBase or Visual FoxPro. Names like Rediker, Jackson, and Blackbaud rule in the world of school software. These companies are flat out Windows developers. Support for a product like Mac OS X is there, but only in the form of clients or compatibility with Excel. If I am wrong, I hope that these companies come flying out of the walls to attack me. I suspect they will not

Legislators ready to raid laptop fund - Gov. Angus King's recommendation to attack a budget shortfall by reducing state aid to public schools has some lawmakers ready to raid his pet program to equip schools with laptop computers

Apple - Education - Apple at NECC 2002 - Attendees at the 2002 National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) benefited from some wide-ranging observations, data, and advice - as well as technology solutions to educational challenges

NECC: Apple reps elaborate on educational initiatives - Apple opened its booth to members of the press after the exhibit floor closed this week's National Educational Computing Conference (NECC). Journalists were offered a chance to get up close and personal with Apple's new products (such as the eMac and Xserve), as well as hear Apple reps tout the new education oriented products

Apple - Hot News - Apple Design Award - Dan Schimpf's company motto - "Serving the Mac Community for About a Week Now" - might have been true when the computer engineering major began developing MacJournal, his Mac OS X freeware program. But after taking first place in the first student competition of the 2002 Apple Design Awards, the University of Michigan student will probably have to change his motto. Today Schimpf spends most of his time developing for Mac OS X

eMac leads education resurrection - Apple has benchmarked the new system running Id Software's Quake III Arena action game at 68 frames per second, which is 80 per cent better than previous top-end PowerBooks, according to some reports

Apple's Classroom Counterattack - The education market may well become Steve Jobs's Waterloo, the great battle that marks an irreversible turn in his fortunes. With some luck, the Apple general will emerge as Britain's Duke of Wellington, at whose hands Napoleon suffered defeat on the plains of Belgium

New eMac, is education Apple's territory? - The eMac may look a bit like the infamous iMac G3, but it really isn't. First of all it has a G4 processor (700 MHz, making it quite up to the standards of the new iMac G4. Secondly it has a Flat CRT. Because the screen is flat, there is less glare, thus making the display much nicer on the eyes. That screen is also 17 inches. The iMac was only 15

Apple's Education Revival - Apple is known for the brand loyalty it engenders, and this phenomenon is nowhere more apparent than at institutions of higher education, where students have spoken and Macs have stayed

Texas College to Require Education Students to Buy Laptops - The policy, which will initially affect more than 300 undergraduate and graduate students, was unveiled last month and aims to integrate technology into the college curriculum as well as the profession as a whole

Apple's Hot for Teacher - To tick off the salient points of the new machine: The eMac, which is slated to ship in late May exclusively to education customers in the United States and Canada, resembles a supersize old-school iMac - or, more to the point, Apple's vintage 17-inch Apple Studio Display, with which the new system shares a 17-inch CRT monitor.

Can Apple Make the Grade? - Apple is moving to reclaim its standing in the education market by releasing its first personal computer designed exclusively for schools and colleges.

Laptop purchase required for future teachers, officials say - The University formally announced Monday that UT students entering teacher preparation programs will now be required to purchase Apple laptops upon their entrance

Microsoft puts the squeeze on NW schools - Predatory? Monopolistic? Customer-unfriendly? Microsoft? Say it ain't, Joe . . . and Steve and John and Scott and the rest of the computer tech supervisors at the 24 largest school districts in Oregon and Washington. At the busiest time of the year for those districts, Microsoft is demanding that they conduct an internal software audit to "certify licensing compliance." In a March letter, the software giant gave Portland Public Schools 60 days to inventory its 25,000 computers. "Which," said Scott Robinson, the district's chief technology officer, "is a virtual impossibility."

University Of Texas Colleges Require Students To Have "Apple Laptops" - How many times have we heard about a school or a university requiring its incoming students to have a Windows laptop? The tables have turned, at least at a couple of colleges at the University of Texas

Lucky few primary schools capture their science projects on digital video - and edit on computer - the Fionn project is giving all participating schools a swish iBook laptop Apple computer and a digital camcorder to record their experiments before being placed on the internet

Apple posts teacher-event feedback

In the past few weeks, the first shipments of iBook notebook computers arrived at nine Maine middle schools. These schools, one in each region of the state, were selected to be Demonstration/Exploration Schools to receive an advance deployment of computers, in order to serve as learning laboratories and training sites for teacher professional development

Comments: Latest School iBooks Developments - The last we heard, things were still hopping in the Richmond, Virginia (Henrico County) school system. A number of students who were issued iBooks decided to dowload and distribute naughty pictures, the schools had the laptops modified by Apple to prevent this, the kids figured out how to do it anyway, and dozens of students were being suspended for "subverting" the iBooks' operating systems

Apple may dominate K-12 education, but it's in a fight everyday for equality in higher education - I am a trustee for a local Chicago land college. Our college has a very prestigious graphic/liberal arts department that utilizes the Macintosh platform. I am writing to inform your readers of the current "political" environment our public institutions, which are funded by state and local taxes, operate in respect to the Macintosh platform

School district's technology access being enhanced - The district is leasing the computers for five years, at $75,000 each year. They are dealing directly with Apple Computers (for MacIntoshes) and Compaq (for IBM-compatibles). The package includes more than 285 new computers, about 100 printers and the peripherals and software

Laptops going home with students - Seventh-grader Heather Stults is being extra careful with the new laptop computer the school loans her. Every time Heather slips the machine into its black shoulder-bag case, she double-checks to make sure the bag is zipped tightly and her laptop can't fall out as she totes it from class to class. "I don't want it to get hurt, and I don't want it to get taken away, because it helps me get my work done," said 13-year-old

Wireless technology helps make Maine governor's vision a reality - Students learning how to use their new laptop computers at Auburn Middle School in Auburn, Maine, can surf the internet and exchange eMail without tripping over network cables or power cords

House: Divert laptop funding - The House of Representatives took a swipe at funding for laptop computers on Tuesday by passing surprise legislation to boost school funding. The measure asks a legislative committee to draft a bill transferring $3.5 million from the laptop fund to an account that would cushion the blow for school districts that stand to get less money next year under the state's funding formula

Laptop debate far from over - It took two years of wrangling to get this far. Now, Matthew Oliver hopes the political infighting is over and the state will fully implement Gov. Angus King's plan to equip middle-school students with laptop computers. "The program should go forward unimpeded," said Oliver, the superintendent of schools in Guilford-based SAD 4. He commented days after the Legislature passed a pared-down budget that spared a $25 million fund for the project. The program will kick into high gear this fall, when seventh-graders across the state get Apple iBooks.

iPod Improvements for Science or Education? - I have been an avid user of iTunes since it was released, but after having spent a bit of time with an iPod, I have a few thoughts and ideas on how to improve the iPod for use in an academic or science setting

Middletown youngsters showcased a computerized multimedia presentation at the Technology Expo, held Wednesday at the State Legislative Office Building. - The 20 children in Julie Greeman's Wesley Elementary School kindergarten class learned how to use digital cameras, scan photos, use a microphone and type. The class created a Hyperstudio presentation called "Today I feel.. based on the book "Today I Feel Silly," by Jamie Lee Curtis

No Duds, No Glitches In BRES' First Week With Laptops - all 72 seventh graders, in groups of four, came to the table from their classrooms. Each student held a padded, black bag as if it were a treasure. The bags were identical except for personalized labels the kids had created while waiting their turn to come to the table. Their cargo is treasure. The bags hold brand new iBooks, state-of-the-art Apple laptop computers

View from the Classroom Mia's Reading Adventure - Mia's Reading Adventure: The Search for Grandma's Remedy is just what Kutoka advertised it to be -- a good edutainment title for the younger set. It's definitely not an initial reading instructional program, but has a number of good exercises interspersed between the excellent graphics to strengthen young learners' reading skills

Eighth grader uses Macs to create mini-newscast - A clever eighth-grader in Baltimore, Maryland, is using his Mac computer skills and video technology to create a new way to get his school newsletter home to parents each week

For King's laptop dream, perseverance paid off - Finally, after two years of wrangling with opposition, he won approval for $25 million to pay for laptop computers for every seventh- and eighth-grader in Maine public schools. The money is provided in the state budget signed by King Monday night. In August, 19,000 Apple laptops will arrive in seventh-grade classrooms across the state

Apple Ousts Coder for Being Young - In a move that critics say might discourage kids from using its products, Apple gave the boot to a self-described "avid Mac evangelist" participating in its open-source project because he's only 15 years old.

Apple - Higher Education - Promos - Adobe Design Collection Offer for Education Purchase an Apple Power Mac G4, Power Mac G4 Server, or PowerBook between February 24, 2002 and August 31, 2002, and save $50 on the latest Adobe Design Collection. You'll also get a free upgrade to Photoshop 7.0 - a savings of over $1500. Offer valid between February 24 to August 31, 2002

Apple - Apple at The National School Board Association Annual Conference - Apple will highlight total solutions for learning with our Digital Media in Education, Mobile Computing, PowerSchool, and Mac OS X products

Apple - K12 Education - Mounds Park Academy - With the purchase of 60 iBook computers with AirPort Wireless Cards for upper school faculty in the spring of 2000, and another 240 for upper school students in the fall of 2001, MPA found the way to keep students and their families connected with the classroom ... even while at home. Mounds Park Academy is a private school that serves approximately 700 students in grades K-12. Academic standards are extremely high; particularly for MPA's upper school students, 100 percent of whom typically are accepted to competitive four-year colleges

Forward Migration: Johnson Bible College loves iBooks - Last summer the teacher education department at Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, TN, installed 30 iBooks in their new educational technology building, along with 12 iMacs and 12 G4s. (They also installed 12 PCs, so it's obvious which platform they prefer.) And they're recommended iBooks to incoming freshmen

Apple (UK and Ireland) - Education - Breakfast with an iBook - A fast-track initiative running across 20 Manchester schools has delivered impressive results among Year 6 pupils in the attainment of Maths and English Key Stage 2 qualifications. Crucial to the success of the project has been an innovative Mac-based solution comprising an iBook, a card reader and some great educational software

Laptops "A Lock" For BRES As Pilot School - King showed the school committee a computerized presentation Chamberlin had created for the group that included the governor. She then pointed out the "airports" that will serve the wireless laptops and said that wiring has been upgraded to serve the ports

Laptop use judged a success in SAD 4 - Teachers found the iBooks to be rugged and durable, SAD4 representatives said. Although Apple offered "tremendous" technical assistance and resources, the school rarely needed to call the company with problems, Oliver said. "Students treat them like a pound of gold," he said

School Identity hopes to use Macs in new process - The company helps educational institutes build online and in-school stores. They help with logo development, graphic guides, trademark management, licensing and royalties. School Identify, which has been in business since 1986, will also help a school build a business management lab and facilitate an online learning forum in which students can interact with real world business leaders. The company also offers a Merchandising Assessment program (MAP), a "blueprint" or map for a store. As mentioned, their entire operation is Mac based

How schools are tricked into using PCs--when Macs are better - As an instructor of computer literacy in an all-Windows environment, I'm sometimes asked "would I ever consider using a Mac?" My answer: in a heartbeat! So why am I teaching on Windows machines? Two reasons: peer pressure (we all accept that adolescents are slavishly conformist, but don't always recognize that the herd instinct is still present among adults), and false economies

Apple at AACTE 2002 Annual Meeting - In recognition of its many technology contributions to this year's meeting, Apple has been named the Official Technology Provider to the 2002 Annual Meeting

Let your teacher give you an Apple Mac certifications can help you diversify your rˇsumˇ - As part of its makeover, Apple has changed its certification program to reflect today's realities about how its computers are used. About six months ago, it announced two new certifications: the Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) and the Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA)

Apple Student Core @ Emory

Maine taps Apple for $37 million school computer pact - Gov. Angus King has advocated the program and pushed through legislation to finance it via a trust fund. The state's budget problems, brought on by the national recession, have prompted criticism for using the trust fund only for education

Lot to Learn About School Laptops - While Maine educators look forward to the day when students and teachers will integrate one-to-one computing into their courses, they are realistic about the patience, time and training that this ambitious project will take

Maine Students Hit the IBooks - Maine is known for its lobster and blueberries, and now, its Apples. Wireless Apple iBooks, that is. The state recently signed a four-year, $37.2 million contract with the computer company to equip all seventh- and eighth-grade students and teachers in the state with laptops

Macs kick graphics class up a notch - .EAST HAVEN - Students who take Gina Russo's graphic arts class may soon have skills that rival those of professionals thanks to some new computers. East Haven High School recently gave students access to Macintosh Power Mac G4 computers.

Apple Named Recipient of Georgia Friend of Education Award - pple was honored before 700 school board members, superintendents and educational leaders at the Georgia School Boards Association/Georgia School Superintendents Association Annual Conference in Atlanta. For its exceptional level of support for public education in Georgia, Apple was named the 2001 Georgia Friend of Education

Apple may cinch 30,000+ iBook deal with Maine DOE - If things work out, Apple may close a deal with the state of Maine that makes the company's previous success with Henrico County, Va. pale by comparison. Maine's Department of Education recently announced that Apple was selected as the top-scoring bidder for the Maine Learning Technology Wireless Classroom Solution. According to the state's own projections, this could lead to sales for Apple of more than 30,000 systems

Should Our Schools (or Anybody Else) Have Macs or PCs? - A Brief History: In 1994 a $29 million bond (approved by our local North Carolina county taxpayers) authorized our school district to modernize their technology program and to make a substantial investment in computers. A committee of citizens was asked to assist in the decision of how to spend this money. After researching all aspects of the educational computer business (including having presentations by several PC assemblers), these independent citizens recommended that the school district standardize on Macintosh computers. So that is what happened. Note: None of these people had any affiliation with Apple Computer, and few of them owned Macs. In mid 2000, rather "out of the blue", the school district decided to standardize on PCs, and to replace all their existing Macs (through "attrition"). Their carefully-worded plan amounts to abandoning a $10,000,000± taxpayer investment in Macintosh hardware, software, training, etc. So What? The gist of our concerns is that our local School District is making a significant mistake in switching our schools' computers from Macs to PCs. We believe that this decision is detrimental to everyone involved

Macs shouldn't be used in Education because the business world uses PC's - I only wish that I had a nickel for every time I've heard this statement. (Maybe then I could start my own venture in the "business world.") I have heard this statement again and again in both K-12 and higher education. Often, the "business world" is referred to as the "real world." So, then it becomes, "We can't get Macs in education because the real world uses PCs." Well, I have news for you: Education is not the "real world." And, education is not the "business world." Nor should it blindly try to be these things

Forward Migration: Nashville, Hong Kong schools - Davidson County's new superintendent of schools Pedro Garcia, may prefer Wintel systems over Macs, but one prominent private school in the area doesn't.

School gives students laptops to integrate technology into life - the school has spent $700,000 to buy a Macintosh iBook computer for each student in grades 1-6 and each faculty member, buy a printer for each family, install a wireless Internet access system and train teachers how to use the equipment in their classrooms.

Forward Migration: Macs and Tracking Centre team up - The Tracking Centre is a school administration program from Phoenix Info-Media in Duncan, BC. It's aimed at self-paced or student-directed schools and is available for both Mac and Windows systems. It's an administrative software package developed using FoxPro software, and is intended mainly for tracking student progress in a self-paced or individually paced school. Thomas Haney, Secondary in Maple Ridge and Frances Kelsey, Secondary in Mill Bay are heavily into Macs as they each track over 1,000 self-paced schools with reports being sent out once a month, and statistics galore from its database of information

Good neighbors 'net' new computers - students at St. Paul's School on Clinton Avenue and Cassidy Place, and PS 373, around the corner on Henderson Avenue at Lafayette Street, are working this year on brand-new Apple computers, complete with Internet access, as the result of a $50,000 grant that linked the two schools

Forward Migration: Noble and Greenough School - At the Noble and Greenough School in Dedham MA, this year's incoming freshmen will be using iBooks for classes. Best of all, each will have access to the Internet/network via an almost campus wide AirPort network

Team Labs' Probeware Now Available for Both Mac and PC Computers; Educators Can Now Use Both PC and Mac Computers With The ThinkStation Data Collection System

El Rancho turns into a 'wireless' school district - A radio antenna juts from the rooftop of Ruben Salazar High School, and students sit glued to the screens of 15 new Macintosh iBook laptops in a portable classroom. "It's faster, easier and it teaches us a lot," said Kandy Hernandez, 16. The iBooks represent the latest in a push by administrators at El Rancho Unified School District toward wireless computer technology

Apple Polishes Its Image in Education - Last fall, Apple created a new vice president of education position to focus on a market it historically has dominated. In March, Apple bought PowerSchool, a developer of software that handles everything from attendance records to parent-teacher communications. And in May, Apple introduced a revamped iBook portable whose small size and rugged construction are ideal for students. As a result of these moves, Apple's education sales in the most recent quarter were up 7% over last year. According to International Data Corp., Apple again has moved to the head of the class, with more than 27% market share, compared with 14% for Dell

A Leading Figure State Teacher of the Year Scott Malloy makes calculus look easy on his iMac. - This summer I wrote my master's thesis on my home iMac. As part of it, I wrote an applet to envision where electrons would end up as they repel each other equally. They kind of push themselves back and forth until they find an equilibrium. If you have four of them they will end up like a pyramid, but if you have five, what will they do? The program is supposed to predict that. You can see it through a link on my home page, at http://home.earthlink.net/~smalloy

iBooks to be part of new elementary school - Chaparral Elementary School in Ladera Ranch, CA is opening next month and implementing a laptop program later this fall. Principal Kevin Rafferty has asked parents of third-, fourth- and fifth-graders to send their children to school with an iBook, which they'll use for word processing and storing assignments

iBooks at home in school system's new Mobile Computer Lab - The Sweetwater Union High School District in Chula Vista, CA, revved up for the 2001-2002 school year over the summer by implementing their Mobile Computer Lab, a van with 40 new iBooks, 10 mini-DV cameras, and 10 digital still cameras

The Cure for Teachers' Technophobia: Macs - In a smart move, Apple is holding "boot camps" where educators can learn firsthand that computers can be friend not foe.

Forward Migration Kit: Software for special needs students - This is the first part of our special, multi-part series about software and hardware products that aid in the education and/or assistive living of the disabled and elderly. This first installment will look at some organizations and individuals that use the Mac. This week we're looking at some specific Mac products for the disabled and handicapped and the companies that make them.

Forward Migration: Mac provides college solutions - When Montgomery College in Conroe, TX, needed a way to create students IDs, track grades at the school's fitness facility, and keep a log of lab usage, it was Apple technology to the rescue.

IDC Claims Apple Is The Leader In The Educational Market - Industry research firm IDC has issued a report stating that Apple is the unquestioned leader of the education market. In a report titled "Apple, Still at the Head of the Class: Installed PC Market Share in K-12 Education, 2000-2001," IDC claims Apple leads in both desktop and laptop sales to the education market, with more than 1/3 laptops sold to schools coming from Apple.

Study: Apple Tops Installed Base In Schools At 31.9% Share - Apple Computer holds the biggest share of the installed computer base in U.S. public schools, with a 31.9 percent share, according to a study by Quality Education Data (QED), a Denver-based education research firm.

How Apple Is Reclaiming the Classroom - Jobs & Co. is again No. 1 in education, thanks to a series of smart moves, starting with its new AirPort wireless network.

Debunking the Dellraiser: One Educator Speaks Out on Dells in his School - we've had Dell supply computers at my university, and our experience is a little different than what this article purported. Let me get one thing straight - Dell is not doing well in the education market because it makes good computers.

Quaker Valley teachers, students get an Apple - The district's nearly 1,600 students each will receive a new Apple iBook laptop computer that weighs just under 5 pounds. The district's 70 teachers each will get the more powerful Apple titanium Power Book G4, a mere 1 inch thick and only slightly heftier than the students' model. The school libraries will be equipped with Apple Power Mac G4 cubes.

Forward Migration: Lake City educators using Macs - For years the Lake City Area School District in Lake City, Michigan had nothing but PCs in its classrooms. The middle school teachers had computers for their classroom tasks, but those consisted of 486 PCs that had seen much better days.

Laptops open global doors for Piscataquis pupils - Eighth-graders at the school were the first in the state and possibly in the country to each be provided an iBook computer last year for use in the classrooms. Because of their quick mastery of the laptops, they have been called shining examples of what pupils can learn and accomplish, if equipped with the latest technological tools.

MacInSchool List - MacInSchool is a forum for Macintosh advocates in schools.

Should Our Schools (or Anybody Else) Have Macs or PCs? - In mid-2000 our local K-12 school district decided to "standardize on the Windows/PC platform". Currently they are 90%+ Mac. A group of local taxpayers felt that this was very unfortunate from several perspectives and started working on reviewing the merits of this decision.

Portable Computers Are A Class Act in Merrick - "You should be saving and closing. I should see more of you coming up and putting your machines away," said Corwin as she supervised the return of 15 gleaming indigo Apple IBooks. "Come on, it is time to lock it up." This latest turn in educational technology was introduced at the Merrick Avenue Middle School right after the winter break. The students, some working two to a machine, were using the laptops to visit the Web site of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to collect the latest weather data about the city they selected.

Forward Migration: Sacred Heart school, Venezuel biz - Instead of having a central computer lab, Sacred Heart has seven computer terminals in each classroom. The iBooks, provided by the school's parent-teacher organization, offer a portable lab.

Forward Migration: Carnegie Mellon goes wireless - Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh has completed installing an Airport compatible wireless network for the entire campus and even a neighboring park.

When your football team's ten-year record is 108-18-2, you're obviously doing something right - Cut-ups are, in fact, video clips that document specific plays on the field each Saturday. And with the help of a mobile editing system based on PowerBook G3 laptops, the school now creates these desktop highlights on the road, helping further Pitt's winning strategy.

Mac vs. PC in the Science Lab - if you have any influence over what winds up in your classroom, I believe there are cogent reasons for selecting Macs over PCs


Dual platform issues, part 1: Total cost of ownership - The TOC (total operating cost) for the Wintel machines amounts to $253.86 per year, every year until it is retired," Canterbury says. "The Macs run us $53.25 per year

Dual platform: the world's never been single platform - The world is not now, and has never been, single-platform. It is likely to be even less so in the future

The Mac Scientist: The scientific platform - Is the Mac a serious platform for scientists, engineers and architects? In short, yes, absolutely.

Let's Keep Macintosh Computers in District 833 - how to make the argument for the Mac in your school place