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Processor Upgrade Card InfoZone - The Best Upgrade Card Information & Reviews From Around The Net!
Updated: Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Below you will find a list of links to articles and information from around the Web relating to Macintosh Processor Upgrade Cards. Like our other Information Pages, the Processor Upgrade Card InfoZone is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Macintosh Processor Upgrade Cards. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Macintosh Upgrade Cards mail it to us and we will add it

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Power Mac Upgrade Reviews
FastMac 1.4 GHz G4
PowerForce47 G4/2.0GHz
GigaDesigns G4/2.0GHz
Sonnet Encore/ST G4 Duet
Mercury Extreme G4/1.467GHz

PowerBook Upgrade Reviews
Daystar's Upgrade
Daystar's Pismo 550 MHZ G4

iMac Upgrade Reviews
Daystar 1.9GHz

Cube Upgrade Reviews
PowerForce7457 1.3 GHz G4
Gigadesigns' Dual G4/1.6GHz
PowerLogix Dual G4/1.5GHz
PowerLogix Dual G4/1.3GHz

GigaDesign Upgrades & Reviews

ZIF Slot Upgrades -Single

PowerLogix Upgrades & Reviews

ZIF Slot Upgrades - Dual

  • PowerForce G4 Series 133: 867MHz to 1.4GHz
  • PowerForce G4 Series 100: 800 MHz to 1.4 GHz

ZIF Slot Upgrades -Single

PCI Slot Upgrades


  • iForce SL G3 900 MHz
  • iForce G4: 500MHz


  • BlueChip G3"Pismo": 900 MHz
  • BlueChip G4 "Pismo": 500MHz
  • BlueChip WS G4: 500MHz
  • BlueChip LS G4 G3 333 to 400 MHz

Sonnet Upgrades & Reviews

ZIF Slot Upgrades - Dual

  • The Encore/ST G4 Duet: Dual 500 MHz

ZIF Slot Upgrades -Single

PCI Slot Upgrades

  • Crescendo/PCI G4 700 to 800 MHz
  • Crescendo/PCI G3 500 MHz



  • Crescendo/WS G4 500 MHz
  • Crescendo/WS G3 500 MHz
  • Crescendo/PB G3 466 MHz

Cache Slot Upgrades

  • Crescendo/L2 G3 400-500 MHz

NuBus Slot Upgrades

  • Crescendo/NuBus G3 500 MHz


  • CrescendoŞ/7200 G3 400-500 MHz (Power Mac 7200)
  • Presto Plus 68040 66/33 MHz
  • Presto 040 68040 80/40 MHz
  • QuadDoubler 68040 100/50 MHz

Daystar Upgrades


Additional Resources

Latest Processor Upgrade Card News

Sonnet Encore/ST 1.8 GHz processor upgrade
Adding a Drive Bay to the PowerMac G5 Quad
Powerlogix problems: overheating and kernel panics
Daystar's CPU Upgrade for Aluminum PowerBooks
Aluminum PowerBook 1.92 GHz Upgrades
Daystar 1.9GHz Upgrade for iMac G4 Flat Panel
Review: FastMac 1.4 GHz G4 Upgrade
How-To: Upgrade the processor of macintosh G4
Buy a Mac mini or Upgrade Your Cube?
Pismo (And Titanium) Processor Upgrades
GigaDesigns G4/2.0 vs G5/2.0 Power Mac
New Giga Upgrade Pushes G4 to 2.0 GHz
G4 Cube to 'Killer Kube'
Giga Designs: When faster isn't faster
Powerlogix and dual G4 for Cube
Singing with the Sonnet Encore/ST G4 Duet
Mercury Ti SuperDrive 4x PowerBook Upgrade
Mercury Extreme G4/1.467GHz upgrade card
Daystar's Pismo 550 MHZ G4 upgrade!!

Upgraded Pismo or 14" iBook, More Thoughts on Pismo and Lombard G4 Upgrades, and More - with the 14" iBook you get a fast G4 processor and a full new computer warranty. You also get 32 MB of video RAM with a Radeon video accelerator that supports Quartz Extreme - - something the Pismo will never be able to do. That said, I still find my 550 MHz G4-upgraded Pismo a better overall performer then my 700 MHz iBook (which does support Quartz Extreme).

Hotrodding The Pismo Phase Two: Faster Hard Drive - I decided that a 40 gigabyte, 5400 RPM unit would be about right, and narrowed my choices to these two contenders: The 40GB Hitachi/IBM Travelstar 5K80 5400 RPM unit with an 8MB buffer cache, and the 40.0GB Toshiba MK4019GAX 5400 RPM drive with a 16MB data buffer

IMG Posts Dual G4 Duel - IMG 's hardware editor, Lucian Fong, has tested the latest Dual G4 accelerators from Giga Designs and PowerLogix against each other. The whole test tries to determine what upgrade gives the best card for your money, the Giga Designs G-celerator Duo 1.33 or the PowerLogix PowerForce Dual G4 Series 133

WallStreet and Pismo Processor Upgrades: Do They Make Economic Sense? - Another reason for the Pismo's enduring popularity is the fact that it, unlike the iBooks and metal PowerBooks, can be processor upgraded. I've expressed skepticism about the economics of processor upgrades in this space in the past, but I will make at least one notable exception in the case of the G3 PowerBooks, which are superb machines that deserve to have their useful life span extended. Several Pismo CPU upgrades are available

Giga Designs G-Celerator G4 1.4GHz CPU Upgrade - Typical of the new breed of upgrade cards is Giga Designs' G-Celerator 1.4GHz G4 CPU upgrade. It will fit in any Power Mac G4 equipped with AGP graphics, which counts out the very first G4 Power Macs, but all others, up to and including the Quicksilver 2002, are supported by one of two G-Celerator options. We've tested the GC5A-1400-D2/A, which caters for any Power Mac with a 100MHz system bus. As well as a faster processor, the card has 2Mb of Level 3 cache and is fully Mac OS X 10.3-compatible. There's a matching card for 133MHz bus machines that does the same job for slightly more money

Daystar MAChSpeed G4 PISMO Upgrade: First Impressions - Now with this 550 MHz G4 processor from Daystar in the Pismo, there's no contest. The Pismo is just flat-out faster. I didn't do any formal benchmarking, but programs now open with only a couple of bounces in the Dock; menus and Windows snap open and closed just about as quickly as they do in OS 9; browsers feel like they're on steroids, and scrolling -- always a bugbear in OS X -- is significantly improved, almost too much so in Classic Mode. The speed increase across the board is impressive.

Daystar Pismo G4 Upgrade - Making the Impossible, Possible - he process that they do is taking out your old G3 processor and replacing it with a MAChspeed 500 or 550Mhz (7410) G4 processor. Also included in the upgrade is an XLR8 MAChspeed Control which is essential to maximize the stability of the system under Mac OS 10.3 Panther. Daystar's qualified technicians go through a complete review of your Pismo. Making sure that everything is optimized so each customer will be happy on his upgrade. Not only that but it is fully compatible with Panther

PowerLogix priming 'MDD' Power Mac upgrades - PowerLogix may become the first third-party hardware developer to release a G5 upgrade for Apple's 'Mirror Drive Door' (MDD) Power Mac G4 models, anonymous sources told AppleInsider on Monday. According to the source, members of the company's research and development division have been analyzing the details of such an engineering effort

At last, Gigadesign finally has brought an accelerator card for Cubes. - The processor is a 1 GHz G547455A certified to operate properly under temperatures up to 85¡C/ 185¡F.

Review: GigaDesign's 1.25GHz G-celerator - I purchased a GigaDesigns upgrade from OWC and, on the whole, I'm rather pleased with the purchase -- G-cellerator 1.25GHz ($439, plus $33.50 shipping [Taiwan]). My QuickSilver w/ 1GB RAM is now running at a healthy (and pleasantly snappy) 1.33GHz, which is an improvement of 81 percent over the stock 733MHz processor

How Much Faster Is A 1.4 GHz Upgrade Over A 1 GHz Upgrade? - Hi, i'm in the process of considering upgrading my G4, while I'm spending money I though I'd go for the fastest single processor available, but is it going to be significantly worthwhile getting a 1.4GHz over a !GHz upgrade. I use my computer mainly for video editing - final cut and after effects

Dueling PowerBook G3 CPU Upgrades - Which Is Better for You, a G4 or a Fast G3?

Mercury Extreme G4 - Since our test Mac is at the bottom of the supported-Macs list, we saw an appreciable but not mind-boggling performance gain. Some Photoshop tasks, like the processor-intensive Unsharp Mask, were up to twice as fast with the new processor, but for most tasks, including launching Photoshop, the speedup was more in the 25 percent range—not terribly impressive considering we more than tripled our processor's power from 400MHz to 1.4GHz

The Sonnet Upgrade Experience Everything Old is New Again - After cruising around the Web, I discovered that Sonnet users seemed to have the best things to say about their cards and Sonnet's new dual-processor G4 sounded great. But a warning on Sonnet's site led me to discover that my AGP G4 was one of a batch with an older version ASIC that wouldn't work with a dual processor. But their new 1 GHz Encore ST seemed like it would do just fine

G4 Processor Upgrades Four 1.4GHz Cards Offer a Timely Stopgap Measure - We tested Giga Designs’ G-celerator GC5B-1400-D2/A, Other World Computing’s Mercury Extreme G4, PowerLogix’s PowerForce G4 Series 100, and Sonnet’s Encore/ST G4. A $600 investment will give you a Mac almost as fast as Apple’s other G4 systems, and it could keep you satisfied for another six months to a year

Sonnet Encore Ziff G4 500mhz CPU for my Beige G3 - his CPU upgrade was the straw that broke the camel's back. I could have installed the OS 9 tune-up and maybe the CPU would have worked, but for me I need a rock solid machine, and don't need to go to the hassles to get my computer working when I reinstall it

Reader Reviews for G-celerator GC1-800-S2 - Giga Designs - I have an older G4/450 that is starting to look a little long in the tooth and I had started a little passive lusting after the new G5. A little checkbook balancing and a look down the road ruled out any major purchases like that this year. I just couldn't justify replacing the machine, then I happened to notice the price reductions going on around the middle ground of the G4 speed upgrades

Sonnet offers G4/700MHz upgrade for beige G3s - For now, the unit is being offered specifically for beige G3s. Sonnet said that it expects to make announcements about the compatibility of the processor with "Blue & White" Power Mac G3s and PCI graphics-equipped Power Mac G4s in the coming weeks

Commercial Overclocking And You - Trollaxor writes "Recently, I have been feeling the sloth of my 500 MHz iBook . I found instructions on how to boost my bus speed to from 66 to 100 MHz and my chip speed from 500 to 700 MHz, but the catch is that I am all thumbs and never learned how to solder properly. My question to you, MacSlash, is who provides Macintosh overclocking services commercially? Researching this topic has yielded zero results so far and I am in desperate need of a faster system for the upcoming school year."

How To: Hotrod Your G4: Processor Upgrades - When selecting an upgrade card, you want to look for several things. Once you narrow your choices down to what is compatible with your computer, you have three main factors to compare: processor speed, number of processors, and L3 cache. The L3 cache is least obvious but it is very important. Unless you are on a totally bare bones budget, make sure to pick an upgrade with L3 cache

Adding DVD-RW (and CD-RW) to Legacy Macs - MCE recently announced DVD-R drives for PowerBook G4 TiBook (and other) models; currently the drive for 550Mhz or better is available while the drive for PB G4/400-G4/667 is backordered. The drives offer both Disc Burner and iDVD compatibility

Beige G3 Resurrection Project - jgardner asks: "I have been a Mac user since '84, and lust for the latest hardware with the best of them. However, my bank account is less than accommodating. My current machine is a Beige G3 266. I use it for Quark & Photoshop work, and would like to move to Jaguar if the performance hit isn't too great. Does anyone have advice and/or experience that will help me save a few bucks and avoid any potential pitfalls?"

The SpeedZone: G4 Processor Upgrade Performance... How Fast Will They Make Your G4 Machine? - Below we provide performance information on the 800 MHz, 1 GHz and 1.25 GHz G4 upgrades from Sonnet ,PowerLogix and GigaDesign. We also supply processor performance info on most of the machines that these upgrades can be installed into

Mac News : Power Up Your PowerMac Without Weakening Your Wallet - In the world of computer upgrades, the average user would be hard-pressed to find anything more significant than a newer, faster processor for their existing Power Mac. With this in mind, Sonnet Technologies officially rolled out its long-awaited 1.4 GHz upgrade on Tuesday.

Opinion: Why the G5 Will Force You to Upgrade - Now you may be able to buy the fastest G4 Moto can manage to put out and dump it in your Cube/B&W or iMac. But you won't be able to upgrade to a G5. Never. Ever. Ever. Why? Because you'll need Apple's fancy-schmancy new mobo architecture to go with it. No simply unplugging that ZIF-socketed G3 and plugging a G4 in, like a Lombard or Wallstreet. No

Souping Up A PowerBook 1400 - Not; And Some Ruminations On Laptop Longevity - I had actually never opened up a 1400 before, so I downloaded the PDF file with instructions for replacing the processor card from Sonnet Technologies’ website Sonnet makes Crescendo/PB 466 MHz G3 processor upgrades for the 1400 (some 333 MHz and 400 MHz leftover units are still available as well), which are the way to go if you really want to hotrod these great old computers, but the procedure is the same regardless of processor speed

Giga Designs G4 Upgrades Recent Entries to CPU-Upgrade Market Let You Hold On to Your Old Mac - We highly recommend the G-celerator GC1-800-S2, as it's a good performer with a very tempting price. For the best system performance, you can't beat buying a new machine. But we can still recommend the G-celerator GC5-1000-S2 for its speedy performance and trouble-free operation

The SpeedZone: iMac Upgrades And OS 9 - A Performance Report  - Under OS 9 the Harmoni upgrades turned in from just a shade under double, to two and a quarter times the performance of a stock G3/233 MHz iMac, when working on processor intensive tasks

Post subject: New Mac or upgrade - In the three years since I purchased my 350Mhz G4 AGP PowerMac, I've added an 80GB drive along side the original 10GB drive, an ATI Radeon 8500 video card, a Pioneer DVR-104 DVD burner, and nearly a gig of RAM. I had been planning on purchasing a new Mac within the next few months, but now I'm thinking that I might try installing the Giga Designs ( G4 upgrade card that was announced at MacWorld last week instead. Does anyone out there have an experiences or stories about installing processor upgrade cards? What would be the drawbacks versus buying a new Mac? Your opinions are greatly appreciated!

PowerLogix Announces Single, Dual 1.4 GHz G4 Upgrades - The new PowerForce G4 is compatible with AGP-equipped Power Macs up to the Quicksilver 2002 model, and G4 Cube upgrades

Guide to CPU Upgrades for Power Mac G4 - Moving to a faster CPU is as easy as removing the current one and inserting a new one in the zero insertion force (ZIF) socket

Upgrades for the Tray-Loading iMac - Once you have enough memory and a fast hard drive, you can really unleash your iMac with a processor upgrade. The Sonnet upgrades include a FireWire port, which can be a real plus for connecting to digital video camcorders or fast external drives. The PowerLogix iForce G4/500 is the only G4 upgrade currently made for the tray-loading iMac

iForce SL boosts slot-loading iMac performance - Mac CPU upgrade maker PowerLogix Inc. has announced the iForce SL, a new CPU upgrade aimed at some second-generation "slot-loading" iMacs. The iForce SL incorporates a 900MHz processor and 512K of Level 2 Cache running at 900MHz as well

PowerLogix Takes Fruity iMacs to 900MHz - Your Tangerine iMac running at 900MHz? Surely not?
PowerLogix has released its iForce SL, a CPU upgrade for second-generation iMacs. The card features IBM's 750FX processor with 512K of L2 cache running at full processor speed

900 MHz Pismo - Better Than Son of Pismo? - Powerlogix’ release of their new, Blue Chip 900 MHz CPU upgrade for the Pismo G3 PowerBooks last week got me to thinking. The 14 in. iBook, also upgraded to 900 MHz of couple of weeks ago, has been referred to as “Son of Pismo,” but can old dad still give the youngster are run for its money with a CPU transplant, and is the latter an economically sensible option? In my opinion, it depends

GigaDesigns 1.25GHz - Il vostro G4 acquistato qualche anno fa incomincia a non soddisfare le vostre esigenze? Vorreste prenderne uno nuovo ma i prezzi dell'Apple Store vi fanno paura? Bene, da un pò di tempo sono tornati di moda gli aggiornamenti delle CPU che ad un prezzo relativamente basso renderanno nuovamente competitivo il vostro "vecchio" Mac

1200 Megahertz Madness - Many Mac users thought they would never see the day when they could turn their three year old Power Mac G4s back into the speed demons they once were, and at a fraction of the cost of buying a new Power Mac. Giga Designs ,PowerLogix , and Sonnet have stepped up to meet the growing demand by offering fast G4 processor upgrades at competitive price points. The fastest single processor upgrades that have been announced by the three companies clock in at 1.2 gigahertz and have recently begun shipping to customers

Determining dual processor compatibility with PowerMac G4 'AGP Graphics' - Download and run this utility . It will report the ASIC revision of the Uni-N and whether your machine is dual processor compatible. Note: Macs that have the proper UniNorth chip revision but have no chance of ever accepting a dual processor (such as Titanium PowerBooks) will be shown as "Your Mac supports Dual Processor Upgrade." Therefore please use this utility only on PowerMac G4s

Two 1GHz upgrades for supercharging older Power Mac G4s - Overall, either card is easy to recommend thanks to their clear performance gains. We give the slight edge to the Sonnet Encore/ST because of the lack of a software installation, but it's an extremely close race

Q. How can I upgrade my G3 iMac? - While there's no feasible way to get the older iMacs to have the new styling and LCD features of the current iMac, there are still plenty of ways to get the pep back into these not-so-useless older iMacs.
Today, we'll talk about some of the options you have to supercharge your iMac

Updating an Older Power Mac or iMac for Under $500 - I am not a technogeek. I don't rush out and buy every new product or upgrade that comes along. My Mac is a tool to accomplish my work. To have it in a constant state of upgrade flux is, to me, unsettling and ultimately counterproductive. I generally only upgrade when it is necessary (i.e., to run a new program that my current Mac won't run) or when I come across a deal that would make it foolish not to upgrade.
An example of this last scenario is the purchase of my wife's PowerBook G4

Tempo Trio - So should you buy these upgrades and keep your trusty Mac another year? That's between you and your God--and possibly your accountant. The Encore-Trio combo will make your G4 much faster, and even make it feel like a new Mac--almost. But let's face it, there's nothing like the real thing--if you can afford it

Sonnet CPU Upgrade Kits for Mac - Hardware upgrades are always a good way to extend the life of your current investments. Additional RAM is the single best upgrade you can give any computer, but a CPU upgrade comes a close second. The Sonnet HARMONi G3 upgrade brings the performance of a Rev. x iMac near to par with the most recent G3-based iMacs. For the money, that's a pretty good deal

Introducing the G4 Pismo: NuPower Upgrade Review - In retrospect, I'd definitely do it again but probably not with Newer. With the large wait time, I think I'd go with Powerlogix . To all Pismo owners who want to extend their machines' life, don't want to worry about paint flaking off, and frying their legs, get this upgrade! $300 is a very reasonable price for the performance boost

PowerLogix "PowerForce" 800 MHz G3 ZIF Review - On the whole, I think this upgrade is a reasonable value for the money. Not earth-shattering, and it just feels like it's somewhat high-priced for a single chip on a board. Particularly when I could buy a 1 GHz PC for not much more money. But it's made enough of a difference in machine performance for me to consider it worthwhile. The machine feels like it did back in the days of OS 9 - what a leap forward!

Review: Sonnet Encore/ST G4 1GHz and Tempo ATA133 Host Adapter - A quick benchmark with Xbench revealed a score of 55.28 before the upgrade and 96.87 after which is pretty respectable considering that my completely tricked out dual GHz Quicksilver with GeForce Ti video card scored 111.65 on Xbench

1.2 GHz PowerForce G4 Series 100 in a Cube - the 1.2 GHz PowerLogix PowerForce Series 100 G4 CPU upgrade makes our Cube very fast. It's cool to have the fastest single CPU Mac on the planet, even if for just a little while.

Is the Lombard Worth Upgrading? - My concern is whether a G4 upgrade for my Lombard (such as Sonnet or Newer Technology) will be safe for the computer. Will it run hot? Will the processor upgrade be compatible with Mac OS X? I also would like to use video software like Avid DV Express or Final Cut Pro 3 which require a G4 processor

IMG Reviews CPU Upgrades from Giga Designs, Sonnet - As long as Apple's Power Macs had been stuck at 500 megahertz, the CPU upgrade market was stagnant for even longer. Back in late 1999, Motorola hit a brick wall with the PowerPC 7410 processor (aka G4), which interrupted the product cycles of Apple and CPU upgrade companies. Finally, three CPU upgrade companies hit the 1 gigahertz plateau: Giga Designs ,Sonnet , and PowerLogix . Today, IMG takes an in-depth look at CPU upgrades from Giga Designs and Sonnet

Wallstreet 800MHz Upgrades from PowerLogix - owerLogix wrote me today to say that 800MHz G3 upgrades are planned for Wallstreet PowerBooks in the next couple of months. Their current BlueChip G4 WS is a PowerPC 7410 (G4) running at 500MHz

Upgrade the Lombard and Pismo PowerBooks - In the pages of Macworld you learned how to upgrade the RAM and hard drive in the original PowerBook G3 Series (Wall Street) and PowerBook G4 (Titanium). Welcome to the online adjunct to that article, in which we reveal how to upgrade these same components in the other two members of the PowerBook G3 Series family: the Lombard and Pismo models

PowerLogix Downclocking Upgrade Cards? - Using a magnifying glass, and presumably some tweezers, MacBidouille may have established that some PowerLogix upgrade cards are using downclocked processors

Cider Press - Add FireWire To Your Original iMac - A Review Of The Sonnet Harmoni .... Oh And You Get A Processor Upgrade Thrown In - These upgrades are very reasonably priced, especially given the fact that you get FireWire on top of the processor upgrade. At $300 we think the 500 MHz card will be plenty powerful for most people. However if you are doing intensive processing type work the higher clocked card may appeal to you

800 MHz PowerForce G4 Series 100 in a Cube - the 800 MHz model appears to be the best value CPU upgrade. If you do not play 3D games competitively, the original Cube ATI Rage 128 Pro graphics card appears to be adequate despite it not meeting the 32 MB video RAM requirement for Quartz Extreme. Finally, heat does not appear to be a consideration. Our 800 MHz Super Cube is working perfectly but we can't wait to try out the dual 800 MHz upgrade coming soon from PowerLogix

Think Twice About Upgrades - I am a graphic artist, and I have and have had a lot of older Macs with various upgrades. These include 6100, 7100, 8500, 7300, 7600, and beige G3s. The processor upgrades have all been from Sonnet or PowerLogix. I have been very happy with all of the upgrades I have, but I have some reservations about expensive upgrades (over $200 or twice the worth of the Mac) on older Macs

Buyer's Guide: From 400 to 800 MHz - Sonnet's G4 Upgrade Cards For The "PCI" Macs - The Mac upgrade market has taken a serious beating in the past couple of years. The list of defunct upgrade manufacturers continues to grow. Companies like Vimage, MacTell and XLR8 are all gone. Newer Technology went out of business, but recently announced that they would resurface under new management. PowerLogix is still in business, but their distribution is limited. None of the store we track list any products from PowerLogix.

Harmoni Review - The performance is flawless. The installation is daunting, but well-documented. The price warrants some serious consideration. Three or four hundred dollars goes a long way toward a new G4 iMac. And you're still stuck with a wimpy six-megabyte video card. It's a tough decision, but if an upgrade is what you're looking for, the HARMONi line is the perfect way to bring your vintage iMac into the twenty-first century

Dual-G4 upgrades announced - The new PowerForce Dual G4 Series 100 and Series 133 processor upgrades will begin shipping with speeds ranging from 800MHz to 1GHz, with faster models available later

Guide to Power Mac G4 Upgrades - The Power Mac G4 is already a powerful computer, but some are already three years old and in need of a speed boost. Although more memory and a faster hard drive can improve system performance, for serious work, replacing the old G4 with one or two newer, faster G4 processors is just the ticket

Speed is in the cards Are processor upgrades worth the money? - "New Macs are usually sexier than old Macs, even if the old one is faster," Jagitsch says. "Also, if you want or need the latest greatest Mac technology, regardless of price, [you may want a new machine]."

PowerLogix G4 Upgrade CPU and Mac OS X - There is nothing quite like an engine replacement to boost horsepower. The PowerLogix PowerForce G4 ZIF 550MHz upgrade CPU for Macintosh G3 towers is no exception. Combine it with Mac OS X, and you get a winning team

XLR8's fall is a Sonnet boon - Its closing may not surprise those following the Mac industry. XLR8, unlike the larger Sonnet and PowerLogix of Austin, Texas, hasn't kept up with speedy gigahertz processors. In recent years, the industry lost DayStar Digital and Newer Technology to bankruptcy (though Newer is preparing for a rebirth). And the computer industry overall is still hurting from sluggish sales. Even Sonnet, the largest Mac upgrader, saw sales fall last year

XLR8 re-thinking business strategy - Despite officially ceasing operations late last week, a source close to XLR8, Inc. has told MacMinute that the Mac upgrade and peripheral maker is re-assessing its business model and may not go out of business entirely

Readers Write In: PowerBook Processor Upgrade Experiences - Prior to Macworld Expo, we asked readers to send in their experiences with the PowerBook upgrades available from NewerTech, PowerLogix and Sonnet. Here's what we received

A Renaissance of PowerBook Processor Upgrades - Both Newer Technology and Sonnet announced new G4 processor upgrades, Newer's for both The WallStreet and Lombard, and Sonnet's for The WallStreet alone. Added to PowerLogix Blue Chip G4 upgrades for WallStreet and Lombard, that means there are now three players offering G4 upgrades for the G3 Series 'Books, including also PowerLogix's and Newer Technologies' G4 upgrades for the Pismo PowerBook.

PRELIMINARY: PowerBook Pismo Finally Gets A G4 Upgrade -- Is It Worth $299? - At $299, this upgrade is a "no-brainer" for Pismo-philes who want to extend the life of their "stealth-look-book." But don't expect hardware accelerated 3D games to run faster. You are stuck with a lame GPU (graphics processing unit) in the Pismo withlimited video RAM. And some games are CPU bound without AltiVec optimizations

Some Thoughts On The New PowerBook Pismo G4 Processor Upgrades - On the basis of what I know, which is thus far what I've gleansed from press releases and Website information, these two upgrade products seem remarkably similar. They both use the Motorola 7410 G4 chip (possibly the same one that was used in the rare 500 MHz version of the G4 Cube), and both sell for a relatively modest $299.00

PowerLogix offers 500MHz 'Pismo' PowerBook G3 upgrade - Mac CPU upgrade maker PowerLogix today announced its BlueChip Pismo G4 500 processor upgrade, aimed at FireWire-equipped PowerBook G3s (known to many by their development code-name, "Pismo."

Newer Systems Technology and Other World Computing Introduce First-Ever G4 Pismo Upgrade; Upgrade Available Exclusively Through Other World Computing

PowerLogix on the delays to 1 GHz G4 upgrades - With this hurdle cleared, PowerLogix plans faster upgrades as they become available, in addition to dual CPU upgrades. As faster processors come down the road, the upgrade cycle will become more economical for current PowerMac G4 owners, in addition to perhaps older Macs with the prospects of getting these CPUs running as ZIF upgrades

A Tale of Two Pismo G4 Upgrades - IGM have been aware of a PowerLogix Pismo G4 for some time. The timing here in interesting, given Newer's re-emergence, and IGM were informed only weeks ago of PowerLogix putting the Pismi G4 "on ice". We also understand Mr. Rick Este, now CEO of Newer, is formerly of PowerLogix, and we assume he would have been aware of the development of a PowerLogix Pismo G4. Either way, it's good news for Pismo owners

Mac Upgrade Cards Hit 1 GHz Mark - "The cards we announced had no real hurdles outside of the normal engineering challenges. This isn't to say they were easy, but nothing extreme," Robert Jagitsch, president of PowerLogix, told NewsFactor. "Of course, it helps when you have engineers that actually designed the PowerPC chip itself at Somerset."

We're baaaack! Newer Technology lives again! - Newer Technology has new owners. Watch for more information here in the upcoming weeks. We'll have the downloads and Tech Support pages back online as well as new product information

XLR8's launches 550MHz 'Sawtooth' G4 upgrade program - XLR8, the folks who specialize in Mac expansion products and upgrades, is now accepting online orders from Power Mac G4 owners to upgrade their G4 processor card to 550MHz. This program is targeted to owners of "Sawtooth" Power Mac G4 systems

Aging Mac Part 1: Processor - Samples of the 1GHz chips have only just been provided by the manufacturers. We do not anticipate long lead times on engineering new cards to run these faster chips, but we are too soon in the process to guesstimate as to when we might release such products

Adding grunt to Mac G4s - the $1100 you'd have spent on the Sonnet card is equivalent to 33 per cent of the new machine's street price. Is it worth it? Only you can decide, with the assistance of your bank manager, of course. (Is that his hand at your throat?)

Upgrading an Old G3 - Unless you've pretty much filled your hard drive or have regular out of memory errors, I'd start with a CPU upgrade

Another Perspective On Processor Upgrades - Many of us have an older Mac (mine is a Power Mac 7300 with a 200 MHz 604e CPU) which we use for all our computing needs. These may include word processing, graphics with the likes of Photoshop, PageMaker and Illustrator, Internet (both work and recreation), and various other things. While perhaps not "power users," we find the Mac to be a very efficient work partner in its present form. We may have neither the resources nor the need to think about a new iMac, inexpensive and powerful as it may be

No High-Speed Mac Processor Upgrades on the Way - Joy Hsu, spokesperson for upgrade card manufacturer Sonnet Technologies, told NewsFactor that technical issues are blocking the release of upgrades that use faster chips. "There is a new design to the G3 and G4 chips, and they don't present the same voltage as before, so upgrade card manufacturers need to design new boards that can operate properly with these new chips," Hsu said.

Experience Report: Upgrading a Lombard PowerBook with a G4 BlueChip Card - After talking with PowerLogix tech support, I learned a few facts you should be aware of when using the new card. First, the technician said the fan would come on if you were doing something intensive, but you shouldn't have to worry about the temperatures I'm citing, unless you were just running from the battery, because then the fan would drain your battery faster. Otherwise, though, those temperatures are ok

Sonnet Upgrade for Wallstreet Beats New iBook - I just received my Sonnet Crescendo/WS in the mail today. It is a 500 MHz CPU upgrade for Wallstreet PowerBooks (which have 233 to 300 MHz originally)

G4 Upgrade Cards Give a Speed Boost to Your Power Mac G3 - A G4 processor has a subprocessor called AltiVec (Apple calls it the Velocity Engine), which can dramatically boost performance--but only in applications designed to take advantage of it (such as Adobe Photoshop and some other image-editing programs, MP3 encoders, and video-editing packages). Not many applications are optimized for AltiVec, but if you happen to work with one of them every day, you'll want a G4. And Mac OS X uses the Velocity Engine much more than Mac OS 9 does, so if you're planning to switch to OS X, a G4 upgrade may be in order.

Crescendo/PB G3 333/512K - Upgrade Won't Transform PowerBook 1400 into a True G3 - When the system was up and running, the speed difference was palpable. The entire system felt more responsive. It didn't quite feel like I was using an iBook, but it didn't feel like I was trapped in 1997, either. On one hand, I had to use a PC card to connect to my Ethernet network; on the other hand, an AirPort PC card would theoretically work with the upgraded system, though I was unable to get my Orinoco card to work.

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