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Cider Press - Add FireWire To Your Original iMac - A Review Of The Sonnet Harmoni .... Oh And You Get A Processor Upgrade Thrown In - These upgrades are very reasonably priced, especially given the fact that you get FireWire on top of the processor upgrade. At $300 we think the 500 MHz card will be plenty powerful for most people. However if you are doing intensive processing type work the higher clocked card may appeal to you

The SpeedZone: iMac Upgrades And OS 9 - A Performance Report  - Under OS 9 the Harmoni upgrades turned in from just a shade under double, to two and a quarter times the performance of a stock G3/233 MHz iMac, when working on processor intensive tasks

800 MHz PowerForce G4 Series 100 in a Cube - the 800 MHz model appears to be the best value CPU upgrade. If you do not play 3D games competitively, the original Cube ATI Rage 128 Pro graphics card appears to be adequate despite it not meeting the 32 MB video RAM requirement for Quartz Extreme. Finally, heat does not appear to be a consideration. Our 800 MHz Super Cube is working perfectly but we can't wait to try out the dual 800 MHz upgrade coming soon from PowerLogix

Think Twice About Upgrades - I am a graphic artist, and I have and have had a lot of older Macs with various upgrades. These include 6100, 7100, 8500, 7300, 7600, and beige G3s. The processor upgrades have all been from Sonnet or PowerLogix. I have been very happy with all of the upgrades I have, but I have some reservations about expensive upgrades (over $200 or twice the worth of the Mac) on older Macs

Buyer's Guide: From 400 to 800 MHz - Sonnet's G4 Upgrade Cards For The "PCI" Macs - The Mac upgrade market has taken a serious beating in the past couple of years. The list of defunct upgrade manufacturers continues to grow. Companies like Vimage, MacTell and XLR8 are all gone. Newer Technology went out of business, but recently announced that they would resurface under new management. PowerLogix is still in business, but their distribution is limited. None of the store we track list any products from PowerLogix.

Harmoni Review - The performance is flawless. The installation is daunting, but well-documented. The price warrants some serious consideration. Three or four hundred dollars goes a long way toward a new G4 iMac. And you're still stuck with a wimpy six-megabyte video card. It's a tough decision, but if an upgrade is what you're looking for, the HARMONi line is the perfect way to bring your vintage iMac into the twenty-first century

Dual-G4 upgrades announced - The new PowerForce Dual G4 Series 100 and Series 133 processor upgrades will begin shipping with speeds ranging from 800MHz to 1GHz, with faster models available later

Guide to Power Mac G4 Upgrades - The Power Mac G4 is already a powerful computer, but some are already three years old and in need of a speed boost. Although more memory and a faster hard drive can improve system performance, for serious work, replacing the old G4 with one or two newer, faster G4 processors is just the ticket

Speed is in the cards Are processor upgrades worth the money? - "New Macs are usually sexier than old Macs, even if the old one is faster," Jagitsch says. "Also, if you want or need the latest greatest Mac technology, regardless of price, [you may want a new machine]."

PowerLogix G4 Upgrade CPU and Mac OS X - There is nothing quite like an engine replacement to boost horsepower. The PowerLogix PowerForce G4 ZIF 550MHz upgrade CPU for Macintosh G3 towers is no exception. Combine it with Mac OS X, and you get a winning team

XLR8's fall is a Sonnet boon - Its closing may not surprise those following the Mac industry. XLR8, unlike the larger Sonnet and PowerLogix of Austin, Texas, hasn't kept up with speedy gigahertz processors. In recent years, the industry lost DayStar Digital and Newer Technology to bankruptcy (though Newer is preparing for a rebirth). And the computer industry overall is still hurting from sluggish sales. Even Sonnet, the largest Mac upgrader, saw sales fall last year

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XLR8 re-thinking business strategy - Despite officially ceasing operations late last week, a source close to XLR8, Inc. has told MacMinute that the Mac upgrade and peripheral maker is re-assessing its business model and may not go out of business entirely

Readers Write In: PowerBook Processor Upgrade Experiences - Prior to Macworld Expo, we asked readers to send in their experiences with the PowerBook upgrades available from NewerTech, PowerLogix and Sonnet. Here's what we received

A Renaissance of PowerBook Processor Upgrades - Both Newer Technology and Sonnet announced new G4 processor upgrades, Newer's for both The WallStreet and Lombard, and Sonnet's for The WallStreet alone. Added to PowerLogix Blue Chip G4 upgrades for WallStreet and Lombard, that means there are now three players offering G4 upgrades for the G3 Series 'Books, including also PowerLogix's and Newer Technologies' G4 upgrades for the Pismo PowerBook.

PRELIMINARY: PowerBook Pismo Finally Gets A G4 Upgrade -- Is It Worth $299? - At $299, this upgrade is a "no-brainer" for Pismo-philes who want to extend the life of their "stealth-look-book." But don't expect hardware accelerated 3D games to run faster. You are stuck with a lame GPU (graphics processing unit) in the Pismo withlimited video RAM. And some games are CPU bound without AltiVec optimizations

Some Thoughts On The New PowerBook Pismo G4 Processor Upgrades - On the basis of what I know, which is thus far what I've gleansed from press releases and Website information, these two upgrade products seem remarkably similar. They both use the Motorola 7410 G4 chip (possibly the same one that was used in the rare 500 MHz version of the G4 Cube), and both sell for a relatively modest $299.00

PowerLogix offers 500MHz 'Pismo' PowerBook G3 upgrade - Mac CPU upgrade maker PowerLogix today announced its BlueChip Pismo G4 500 processor upgrade, aimed at FireWire-equipped PowerBook G3s (known to many by their development code-name, "Pismo."

Newer Systems Technology and Other World Computing Introduce First-Ever G4 Pismo Upgrade; Upgrade Available Exclusively Through Other World Computing

PowerLogix on the delays to 1 GHz G4 upgrades - With this hurdle cleared, PowerLogix plans faster upgrades as they become available, in addition to dual CPU upgrades. As faster processors come down the road, the upgrade cycle will become more economical for current PowerMac G4 owners, in addition to perhaps older Macs with the prospects of getting these CPUs running as ZIF upgrades

A Tale of Two Pismo G4 Upgrades - IGM have been aware of a PowerLogix Pismo G4 for some time. The timing here in interesting, given Newer's re-emergence, and IGM were informed only weeks ago of PowerLogix putting the Pismi G4 "on ice". We also understand Mr. Rick Este, now CEO of Newer, is formerly of PowerLogix, and we assume he would have been aware of the development of a PowerLogix Pismo G4. Either way, it's good news for Pismo owners

Mac Upgrade Cards Hit 1 GHz Mark - "The cards we announced had no real hurdles outside of the normal engineering challenges. This isn't to say they were easy, but nothing extreme," Robert Jagitsch, president of PowerLogix, told NewsFactor. "Of course, it helps when you have engineers that actually designed the PowerPC chip itself at Somerset."

We're baaaack! Newer Technology lives again! - Newer Technology has new owners. Watch for more information here in the upcoming weeks. We'll have the downloads and Tech Support pages back online as well as new product information

XLR8's launches 550MHz 'Sawtooth' G4 upgrade program - XLR8, the folks who specialize in Mac expansion products and upgrades, is now accepting online orders from Power Mac G4 owners to upgrade their G4 processor card to 550MHz. This program is targeted to owners of "Sawtooth" Power Mac G4 systems

Aging Mac Part 1: Processor - Samples of the 1GHz chips have only just been provided by the manufacturers. We do not anticipate long lead times on engineering new cards to run these faster chips, but we are too soon in the process to guesstimate as to when we might release such products

Adding grunt to Mac G4s - the $1100 you'd have spent on the Sonnet card is equivalent to 33 per cent of the new machine's street price. Is it worth it? Only you can decide, with the assistance of your bank manager, of course. (Is that his hand at your throat?)

Upgrading an Old G3 - Unless you've pretty much filled your hard drive or have regular out of memory errors, I'd start with a CPU upgrade

Another Perspective On Processor Upgrades - Many of us have an older Mac (mine is a Power Mac 7300 with a 200 MHz 604e CPU) which we use for all our computing needs. These may include word processing, graphics with the likes of Photoshop, PageMaker and Illustrator, Internet (both work and recreation), and various other things. While perhaps not "power users," we find the Mac to be a very efficient work partner in its present form. We may have neither the resources nor the need to think about a new iMac, inexpensive and powerful as it may be

No High-Speed Mac Processor Upgrades on the Way - Joy Hsu, spokesperson for upgrade card manufacturer Sonnet Technologies, told NewsFactor that technical issues are blocking the release of upgrades that use faster chips. "There is a new design to the G3 and G4 chips, and they don't present the same voltage as before, so upgrade card manufacturers need to design new boards that can operate properly with these new chips," Hsu said.

Experience Report: Upgrading a Lombard PowerBook with a G4 BlueChip Card - After talking with PowerLogix tech support, I learned a few facts you should be aware of when using the new card. First, the technician said the fan would come on if you were doing something intensive, but you shouldn't have to worry about the temperatures I'm citing, unless you were just running from the battery, because then the fan would drain your battery faster. Otherwise, though, those temperatures are ok

Sonnet Upgrade for Wallstreet Beats New iBook - I just received my Sonnet Crescendo/WS in the mail today. It is a 500 MHz CPU upgrade for Wallstreet PowerBooks (which have 233 to 300 MHz originally)

G4 Upgrade Cards Give a Speed Boost to Your Power Mac G3 - A G4 processor has a subprocessor called AltiVec (Apple calls it the Velocity Engine), which can dramatically boost performance--but only in applications designed to take advantage of it (such as Adobe Photoshop and some other image-editing programs, MP3 encoders, and video-editing packages). Not many applications are optimized for AltiVec, but if you happen to work with one of them every day, you'll want a G4. And Mac OS X uses the Velocity Engine much more than Mac OS 9 does, so if you're planning to switch to OS X, a G4 upgrade may be in order.

Crescendo/PB G3 333/512K - Upgrade Won't Transform PowerBook 1400 into a True G3 - When the system was up and running, the speed difference was palpable. The entire system felt more responsive. It didn't quite feel like I was using an iBook, but it didn't feel like I was trapped in 1997, either. On one hand, I had to use a PC card to connect to my Ethernet network; on the other hand, an AirPort PC card would theoretically work with the upgraded system, though I was unable to get my Orinoco card to work.