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Below you will find a list of links to articles and information from around the Web relating to Macintosh Graphics Cards. Like our other Information Pages, the Graphics Card InfoZone is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Macintosh Graphics Cards.. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Macintosh Graphics Cards mail it to us and we will add it

Latest Graphics Card News

ATI All-In-Wonder 9700 Pro - With the release of the All-In-Wonder 9700 Pro ($450 street), ATI has shored up its reputation as the leading supplier of multimedia convergence solutions for the PC. Based on the same winning graphics chip as the Radeon 9700 Pro graphics card, the All-In-Wonder board delivers the same killer 2-D and 3-D performance—plus a TV tuner and much more

ATI shipping PowerBook graphics cards - ATI has finally announced the arrival of the Mobility Radeon 9000 and Mobility Radeon 7500 graphics-processing units inside new G4 PowerBooks and iBooks – over three weeks after Apple released the details

Graphics chip demand strong amid PC slump, says Nvidia - Overall demand for personal computers is flat but sales of top-end processors, used for graphics-hungry applications such as video games are mostly weathering the downturn, the chief financial officer of Nvidia Corp

More on the nVidia GeForce FX  - One of the biggest stories at this week's Comdex Fall 2002 show was the announcement of the nVidia GeForce FX graphics processor

Firmware update fixes Nvidia, Cinema HD problem - Apple notes that Power Mac G4s equipped with graphics cards that use the Nvidia GeForce2 MX, GeForce2 MX TwinView, GeForce3, or GeForce4 MX chips require the firmware update to support the high resolution of the Apple Cinema HD Display when used in conjunction with Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar)

NVidia unveils ‘cinematic’ GeForceFX graphics chip  - Graphics-processor maker NVidia has announced the GeForceFX, a 500MHz graphics-processor that the company says will render near-movie-quality real-time graphics, and will win back the graphics crown from rival ATI and its 9700 chip

ATI Updates, Corrects October Drivers Release - The ATI update comprises revised drivers for both OS X and OS, and includes various XClaim, Radeon and Rage 128 cards

The GeForce4 Titanium makes your Mac run faster  - If you want to push your modern Mac's performance to the peak for video editing, QuarkXPress wrangling and other professional work, you need the GeForce4 Titanium. In most applications, the GeForce4 Titanium gives a noticeable speed boost, but it isn't like getting a whole new system. Still, if you need every ounce of possible power for snappier screen redraws, quicker handling of image-laden applications and faster gaming, and if you want to run dual displays, this is your card.

How Does The Radeon 7000 PCI Graphics Card Compare To The Others? - The only currently shipping PCI graphics card is the Radeon 7000. I wanted to know how it compared to the old Radeon Mac Edition as well as the newest AGP graphics cards. Here's the answer

New Radeon 9500 Reported to be Released This Month - The 9500 is expected to be only slightly slower than the current high-end Radeon 9700. The 9500 sports a slightly lesser clock than the 9700, running at 275MHz

Not too hot, not too cold: Find the right video card - ONE of the most effective upgrades you can make to a PC is a new video card, particularly if you play games or are intrigued by photo or video editing. But it's also a tricky upgrade. Spend too little, and you may end up with a card that's not much better than the one you're replacing. Spend too much, and -- particularly with an older computer -- you may end up with a card that's got more muscle than your machine can really use.

ATI Posts Loss, Sees Double-Digit Sales Growth - Hurt by slack personal computer sales, graphics chip maker ATI Technologies (Toronto:ATY.TO - News) posted a fourth-quarter loss on Wednesday that was in line with a recent warning, but said the next quarter will see some improvement

The Last Days Of 3dfx - 3dfx was the company that really brought 3D acceleration hardware to mainstream gaming, and their failure and subsequent purchase by NVIDIA was a great disappointment for Mac gamers, as they were the only really top-notch 3D hardware company that explicitly supported the Mac at the time. FiringSquad's Brandon Bell talked to an anonymous ex-3dfx source who had lots to say about the now-defunct company and their products, both available and unreleased.

ATI offers details on Radeon 9000, quells AIW rumors - Following details posted late last week on MacCentral, graphics card and chip maker ATI Technologies Inc. recently provided more details about its forthcoming Radeon 9000 Mac Edition card, and responded to rumors about a Mac-compatible version of its popular All In Wonder cards

AnandTech Tours ATI and NVIDIA - ATI and NVIDIA are the current contenders for top dog in the video hardware arena, and today AnandTech has taken a look inside both companies, in an attempt to see what makes each unique. As it turns out, ATI and NVIDIA have very different styles.

Radeon 9000 Pro Mac Edition "available soon" - Positioned as a mainstream graphics card with more power than the inexpensive Radeon 7000 Mac Edition, the Radeon 9000 Mac Edition comes equipped with an AGP interface and 64MB of DDR RAM. It"s also the first ATI retail graphics card to feature an ADC interface, making it possible to attach an Apple Studio or Cinema Display without needing a bulky and expensive ADC to DVI connector

Post subject: AGP video card options for Jaguar - I can't afford a new powermac this season, but in order to take advantage of Quartz Extreme, it looks like we'll need a new video card. We have a 350Mhz AGP G4 with a Rage128 Pro (16MB) card now. From looking about, it looks like my only choice for an AGP retail card is either the Radeon 8500 and the new Radeon 9000. The 8500 is expensive, so I'm leaning towards the 9000. Does anyone have a 9000 yet? I know they are new, but I haven't seen any posts about them

Radeon 8500 - The original Radeon video upgrade card had one main purpose in life: to speed up games on early Power Mac G4s. The Radeon 8500-ATI's latest addition to the Radeon line-does that plus a whole lot more. This little speed demon not only boosts video performance on older Power Mac G4s but on Apple's latest 700MHz-plus Power Macs as well. With a Radeon 8500 installed, you'll notice faster game play and, thanks to special features such as anti-aliasing, better-looking graphics on supported games.

ATI is gunning for Nvidia - It was like the Canadians taking the Stanley Cup from the Americans. When graphics wizard John Carmack demonstrated Doom III--the new Id Software game that pushes Mr. Carmack's graphics technology to the limit--at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in May, the surprise was that he didn't run it on a computer with an Nvidia graphics chip. Instead, the computer featured ATI Technologies' newest graphics chip, the Radeon 9700

How about giving your old Sawtooth a faster graphics card? - Some of you are getting concerned that your old Rage Pro graphics card with only 16MB of VRAM is going to cough and sputter when you run Jaguar with Quartz Extreme. So I decided to stick some of the newest graphics cards in a G4/500 Power Mac "Sawtooth" to see what they would do

Rage Develops More Bite Under Jaguar - I don't have Jaguar to test this with, but James' first hack works just fine on my Lombard with 10.1.5. This could eke even more life out of older Mac beige/portable/iMac hardware, together with Jaguar's apparently snappier performance, even on lower-end G3 hardware.

ATI vs nVidia: Is the balance shifting? - DigiTimes speculates that ATI's faster-to-market next generation chip RV250, aka Radeon 9000 series graphic cards, which are expected to ship as part of Apple's updated PowerMac systems later today, played a role in helping the current No. 2 graphics chip maker to gain ground on nVidia

ATI's R300 vs. Nvidia's NV30 - As many computer gamers know, the war between rival graphics chip makers ATI and Nvdia continues to be a contest of lightning-fast one-upsmanship. The current weapons being used are ATI's R300 chip, used in their upcoming Radeon 9700, and Nvidia's NV30 chip. Taking a critical look at the competition, The Tech Report has recently released its thoughts and obsevations in an article entitled ATI's Radeon 9700 versus NVIDIA's NV30 that examines both chips, the market, and the future prognosis in detail

Nvidia Technical Interview - Computer gaming website, Voodoo Extreme, recently posted the responses to a great deal of questions fired off to Nvidia's Dr. David Kirk. Kirk, for those unfamiliar with the name, is the Chief Scientist at Nvidia and was recently recognized by ACM SIGGRAPH for his computer graphics achievements. Given the level of Kirk's expertise, the nature of the questions asked and his subsequent replies are quite technical in nature

NVidia issues profit warning - One of Apple's two graphics chips suppliers, NVidia, has been hard hit by the continued softness in worldwide PC sales, according to a profit warning it issued yesterday

ATI's 9500 to arrive in Q3 - Around the time ATI announces final specs in mid-August you can expect to see prices start to fall on the company's current product line, i.e. the 7000 and 8500. I wonder if Mac users will again see shipping products before their PC brethren?

Apple Power Mac desktops - comparisons Nvidious? - LAST WEEK'S suggestion that Apple's next generation of Power Mac desktop, believed to be based on Motorola's latest PowerPC, the 7470, will also contain Nvidia nForce technology has since received a little vindication in the form of a series of illicit piccies of the machine

Mac3D:The workstation card that got away - As mentioned in our companion article, there are a number of new and promising graphics cards coming to the Mac platform. However, one card in particular, the new ATI FIRE GL X1, is a card that the Mac platform should, without a doubt, have on its side

New Graphics Cards coming to Mac Users - Many Mac users may not be aware of some of the latest advances in graphics cards and what is coming to the Macintosh platform. By now most of you familiar with our reports on the next generation of Power Macs know that these new machines are scheduled to have substantial graphics improvements over current generation models

ATI updates drivers - After years of abuse, ATI is finally taking us seriously. We've had more updates and products in the last year than perhaps the previously two or three combined. An exaggeration? Perhaps, but the updates have been more plentiful and timely. The lack of X-specific TV drivers for ATI cards is however a serious problem

Brisk GeForce4 Ti orders clears Apple's Web store shelves

ATI: Radeon 9700 is double the power of GeForce4 - ATI promises to revolutionise the graphics industry with double the speed than anything else on the market, plus more features. The chip may allow ATI to regain its lead over Nvidia

ATI Revs Radeon Graphics Chips - The high-end Radeon 9700 will beat NVidia's still-unannounced next-generation graphics board out the door by at least a month. That gives ATI an edge with eager gamers, says Peter Glaskowsky, senior analyst for 3D graphics and multimedia at MicroDesign Resources.

GeForce2 MX vs Radeon Revisited - In last week's review of the new Power Mac G4 533DP, we briefly compared its nVIDIA GeForce2 MX graphics card with the retail version of an ATI Radeon graphics card, a BTO option. We followed up with a comparison using ThroughPut 1.5. on Friday. Our conclusion from these comparisons was that the GeForce2 MX excelled in 3D graphics but the Radeon excelled in 2D graphics, at least on our Power Mac 533DP

Apple Store now offers GeForce4 Ti cards - Apple-made graphics cards based on Nvidia's flagship GeForce4 Ti chip have been available for months as a configure-to-order option from the online Apple Store, and just recently began shipping. Now the cards are available for purchase as a separate retail kit, which you can install yourself, if you have a Power Mac G4 built since January 2001

NVIDIA's Cg - called "Cg", and (as mentioned above) it might be the very key to easy, fast, manageable shader creation for programmers. Instead of forcing programmers to delve into the murky depths of Assembly language, NVIDIA has created a package of software which allows them to program shaders in a C-like language (in other words, a language which is based on the standard for programming that is geared specifically to graphics creation... shaders in particular)

Is The GeForce4 Titanium in A Dual G4/1000 Power Mac The Ultimate 3D Game Machine? - If you run your 3D games like Quake3 at maximum texture and geometric detail, the GeForce4 is head and shoulders above any of the other contemporary graphics accelerator cards. Is it worth $399? A bean counter would say no. But I'm not a bean counter

Reader Report: Apple Studio Displays and the Radeon 8500 - Late 2000 I bought a 500 DP G4 desktop including an Apple 17" Studio Display. Last week I upgraded the ATI Rage 128 card to a Radeon 8500 Mac Edition. I purchased an DVI to ADC adapter to connect my 17" ASD monitor to the new card only to discover that the 17" ASD is an analog monitor and is INCOMPATIBLE with the new Radeon card

Problems with GeForce 4Ti - Just got my GeForce 4Ti card from Apple for my 1Ghz Dual G4. Switched out the standard mx card and low and behold first thing I notice is that the cool OS X screen saver no longer has any motion in it, pictures just flop from one to the other.

nVidia beats Street, raises the bar - Graphics chipmaker nVidia Corp. Wednesday logged a fiscal first-quarter profit that narrowly beat Wall Street's expectations on revenue that soared 142 percent

The prince of polygons - How, with a little help from Microsoft, 3-D chipmaker Nvidia won the hearts and minds of hardcore gamers

Apple ships backordered GeForce4 Ti cards - MacCentral readers confirm that graphics cards based on Nvidia Corp.'s flagship GeForce4 Ti chip are now shipping from Apple. The cards are being sent to Power Mac G4 users who ordered their systems from the Apple Store earlier this year with the GeForce4 Ti card as a build-to-order option

nVidia GeForce 4 Ti cards begin to ship - Several MacNN readers write to confirm that Apple has begun shipping nVidia GeForce 4 Titanium (M8831LL/A) AGP video cards to customers

ATI's Radeon 8500: The Fastest Shipping Macintosh Graphics Accelerator? - The ATI Radeon 8500 loses to the GeForce3 in all three tests posted above. But, because the GeForce3 is no longer shipping (and the GeForce4 Titanium is yet to ship), that makes the Radeon 8500 the "fastest shipping Macintosh graphics card" by TKO

Apple Granted New Patent For Graphics Accelerator - It's easy to leap to conclusions like the idea that this patent has something to do with Apple's current strategies, such as Quartz Extreme. It's not likely, however, if one reads the wording of the patent, and then notices that this patent was applied for in 1995, more than two years before Steve Jobs returned to Apple as iCEO

ATI Installer, Radeon 8500 Firmware Updated - Yesterday, ATI's Eric Jaeger noted in the IMG Forum that an updated installer for the March 2002 ATI drivers has been posted

NVIDIA On eMac: We Are Expanding Our Relationship With Apple - This isn't news, per se, but the wording of a press release from NVIDIA struck our fancy. The company is belatedly touting the fact that their GeForce2 MX graphics card is being used in Apple's eMac line. The eMac was announced on April 29th, one week ago today. The interesting part is that the company says it is "expanding our relationship with Apple

Hands on with the Radeon 7000 Mac Edition - ATI Technology Inc.'s Radeon 7000 Mac Edition graphics card has been shipping for a couple of months now, so how does it stack up? Recently MacCentral got a chance to try one of the new retail graphics cards and put it through its paces

Commentary: Nvidia news aligns with inside info on next-generation graphics in Power Macs - In a C/net news story covering Nvidia's "tiff" with Microsoft over a pricing dispute, Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, promised the company will make many more exciting introductions in the Macintosh market space

ATI Radeon 8500 - Not only does it come with the obligatory speed increase, but also advanced features such as Truform, Smoothvision (FSAA), and Smartshader (pixel and vertex shaders). ATI's second generation TCL engine and memory bandwith-saving technology, HyperZ II, serves to increase performance even further. To give an idea of how the Radeon 8500 compares to other high-end video cards, we have listed the basic specifications of each

ATI Confirms Radeon Problems On Beige Macs - ATI has used their tech support Web site to officially address the problems that exist with their Radeon 7000 graphics accelerator cards and beige G3s running OS X. Results from users trying that combination range from kernel panics to blank monitors when booting

Nvidia vs. ATI: The Struggle for Mac Graphics Dominance - It remains to be seen whether Nvidia makes it a clean sweep by taking over Apple's portable line, as it has the desktop. But either way, there is no doubt that ATI has its work cut out for it if the company is to remain in the game

Radeon 7000 Review - Generally I didn't notice too much of a speedup in OS X, but I'm sure things are a tad speedier in Aqua. But what I really want to focus on is performance in games, since this is a review for a video card on a gaming site, right? With the Radeon 7000, it allows me to get better graphical performance in games I own, albeit nothing spectacular. Unreal Tournament, however, runs at a frame rate of about 30 or over when I set it to 1024x768x32 with high detail in textures

Radeon 7000 & 8500 certified for use with DVIator - The DVIator for ADC is a device that connects Apple's latest round of displays to any computer with a DVI video interface, including many Macs with third-party video cards

ATI, Nvidia porting drivers for AMD-OSX hybrid? - WHILE BOTH ATI and Nvidia have an interest in selling their products into the Mac market, sources suggest they have an even more intriguing reason for dabbling in this market. Both companies now have teams actively investigating the port of OSX to an X86 CPU - and that is upping speculation that such a beast cannot be too far away

Voodoo 3Dfx 3 2000 works on OS X! - I had a very pleasant surprise tonight as I tried to put my voodoo 3dfx card on my G4 533. so that i could test out whether my old Apple 15" AV multiscan monitor could work as a dual display monitor on OS 9.2.  This monitor has mic and sound input...its has speakers by the side...very old monitor. Firstly I had no idea that I could use the old monitor due to the fact that it uses a cable that connects to the old mac video port... I merely uses a DB-15 cable to connect to the voodoo's video port caz the port of the monitor looks like the current monitor port (DB 15) It boots fine in OS 9.2. But the best part was it boots in OS X 10.1.3 without adding any software drivers....

Radeon 7500 vs. GeForce4 MX - Many Mac gamers who are in the market for a new G4 are wondering whether to choose the Radeon 7500 or GeForce4 MX. After all, they want to get the best performance for their money and it's hard to tell who the clear winner is without knowing the technical details and/or sifting through Apple's marketing. Is the GF4MX that much better than the 7500, if at all? Is choosing the 7500 over the GF4MX and saving $100 worth it? I hope to answer all your questions and more in this article

NVidia GeForce4: Power to Spare - Our tests of four games at two resolutions yielded mixed results, though all three cards generally produced very good images. The biggest differences in the new cards' scores appeared at 1600 by 1200 resolution and 32-bit color. There, the Ti 4600 (with NVidia's Quincunx antialiasing technology off) dominated, with the highest marks in all but the Unreal Tournament test, where the MX 440 card beat it

RADEON 8500 Mac Edition now shipping; trade-up offered - ATI Technologies, Inc. announced today that the RADEON™ 8500 MAC EDITION graphics boards are now available on store shelves with a suggested retail price of (US) $299. They've also announced the "Supercharge your Power Mac G4" promotion which allows customers to trade in the mainstream graphics solution that came with their Power Mac G4 for $150 rebate on a new RADEON 8500 MAC EDITION graphics card

Review: ATi Radeon 7000 PCI Video Card - Not being much of a gamer-type, I can say that video in Tomb Raider III is silky-smooth, just like a movie, where it was very choppy before. In The Sims, moving around the house and yard is still somewhat choppy, but the characters move smoothly. Everything seems a little snappier; the magnification of the dock, the "genie" effects, window drawing, etc

ATI Radeon 8500 - The ATI 8500 (developed under the code name R200) is ATI's answer to NVIDIA's GeForce 3 series of cards, which were the first to offer a programmable GPU. An all-new chip built with a .15-micron process, the R200 is a radical break from previous ATI chips, yet it builds on a strong legacy of card technologies and enhancements. Besides the obvious increases in clock speed, memory speed, internal bandwidth and fill rate, the new chip supports the programmable features of DirectX 8.1 and OpenGL 1.3 which allow game designers to literally add new effects and special features to a graphics card on-the-fly, without having to wait for a driver update.

ATI Radeon 7000 - The Radeon 7000 differs in interesting ways from the 2001 Radeon. While it boasts a faster clock speed and dual-head capabilities, the card has been pared down with one less rendering pipeline and no Charisma Engine™ to perform Transform, Clipping, and Lighting (TCL) instructions. While these features are used in relatively few games on the Mac (or even the PC), those who like running their titles in 1600x1200 will want to read through the rest of the review closely to see how the FPS scores pan out

Graphics chipmaker takes a beating Nvidia takes a beating on Wall Street - Wall Street punished upstart graphics chipmaker Nvidia Corp. yesterday, sending the firm's shares down more than 7 percent, after federal regulators said they are investigating the company's accounting

The New Graphics Chip Snit - As you're no doubt aware, more recently Apple did the same sort of thing to its new bestest graphics buddy nVIDIA-- first by shipping new Power Macs with GeForce4 MX cards before nVIDIA had thrown that chip a coming-out party, and then later by issuing a press release touting the new GeForce4 Titanium as a Power Mac build-to-order option-- exactly a day before nVIDIA was supposed to unveil that product amid much hype and hoopla

Apple Adds Super Fast GeForce4 Titanium As BTO option For PowerMac G4s - Feel free to find some complaint about this announcement, like the cards should be free or somesuch, but we think this makes a great BTO option. It also makes the PowerMac G4 a fine gaming machine that should attract gamers and game developers alike

Power Mac G4s get Nvidia GeForce4 Titanium option - Apple today announced that NVIDIA's GeForce 4 Titanium will be offered as a build-to-order option in its Power Mac G4 series. This news comes hot on the heels of Apple's revelation last week that NVIDIA's new mainstream GeForce4 MX chip is offered as standard issue on the revamped mid-range and high-end Power Mac G4 systems

nVidia talks about the GeForce 4MX in the new PowerMac - Apple's website says the GeForce 4MX has 64MB DDR memory sitting in an AGP 4x bus running at 66Mhz. Apple says that this new GeForce delivers well over 1 billion texels (textured pixels per second), and gives a 40% boost to 3D development. This is about all we can find from Apple. Diane tells us that the GeForce 4MX is 3 to 5 times faster than Apple's previous main stream GeForce card

GeForce 4 ships in new Power Macs - The top of the range Power Mac has two 1GHz PowerPC G4 processors alongside Nvidia's upcoming GeForce 4 graphics chip

ATI Radeon 8500 - Let's get right to the numbers. The Radeon 8500 is a 2x/4X AGP, single-GPU card with 64 MB of 275 MHz DDR RAM. The card GPU itself is clocked at 250 MHz, as is the RAM. Using "a combination of brute force and intelligence," according to our interview with ATI staff, they have managed to enhance every area of this card's performance over the previous architecture

ATI 'readies Mac super-card' - ATI is set to announce a new high-performance Mac-compatible Radeon card in the autumn, industry insiders believe. It is said the card will offer similar powerful features seen in the company's recent releases for Wintel machines

ATI unveils underclocked Radeon 8500 - ATI has launched a cut-down, OEM-oriented version of its second-generation Radeon graphics chip, the 8500. The new chip, the 8500LE, runs at 250MHz, compared to the 8500's 275MHz clock speed. The LE's speed, claims ATI, will "satisfy even the most power-hungry game or application", which makes you wonder why it bothered with a 275MHz version

Your Chips Are Served: Are ATI and Apple Secretly Planning Support For Older RAGE Chipsets? - A story by Nick de Plume at ThinkSecret ( suggests that Apple and ATI may be developing OS X drivers for the 64-bit series of ATI Rage cards found in around 6 million Macs built between 1997 and 1999