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Xserve InfoZone - The Best OS X Server Information From Around The Net!

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Below you will find a list of links to articles and information from around the Web relating to Apple's new high-performance Xserve computers. Like our other Information Pages, the Xserve InfoZone is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's new Servers.. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the new Xserve mail it to us and we will add it

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Smokin'! Apple Officially Posts Xserve Benchmarks - When Apple first announced its re-entry into the IT server market, it deferred questions about the performance of the new Xserve until independent benchmarking was completed. The results are in and Apple couldn't be happier

Xserve: A sign of good things ahead for Apple - Xserve appears to be a really good server. For a first product entering a minefield of a market, where missteps are punished swiftly and sometimes terminally, it's a completely credible effort. Any server that reduces your workday hassles instead of increasing them is worthy of serious investigation, even--or especially--for hardened Windows proponents. Xserve seems to do just that.

Apple's Xserve: Why it's a big deal for all of us - I do think the advent of Xserve is a pivotal event both for Apple and in the history of Unix. At the very least, it will let Apple pick some low-hanging fruit, of which there's enough that Apple could make itself a tidy pile of money. This is a Unix server for the masses, from the only company yet to make Unix a mass-market desktop OS, too

Apple Xserve Benchmarks Toast Dell in New Test - Xinet, a developer of prepress networking software, has published benchmarks for a variety of systems, including Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) recently introduced Xserve rack-mountable, which runs Mac OS X Server. The firm's findings indicate that companies seeking to run a Unix-based server operation may not need to look further than Apple's new entrant in the hotly contested 1U server race

Thoughts on AppleŐs Xserve - So Apple can sell big storage to companies. So what? Should you or I, who may only scratch the surface of one terabyte of storage, care about something that can hold over 20? From an image perspective at least, the answer is yes. A ŇseriousÓ computer company (Dell, letŐs say) gives their clients a range of options on a single account: desktops, laptops, servers, and big, network-friendly storage units. For most businesses, this covers all the bases. Even with great products everywhere else, Apple had a big zero in the storage category before Xserve, a category which could easily make or break a large business deal

Hot rod thinkinŐ - Hey, kids, wanna soup up your spiffy new Xserve? Well, sit back and let me show ya how itŐs done ... Now, I/O is where itŐs at

Xserve Grabs the Spotlight - John Welch, IS manager for the MIT Police Department, calculates that Apple's Xserve, with its unlimited client user license, is less expensive than many comparably equipped Linux servers

Apple delivers on rack server promise - By offering a rack-mounted server with QuickTime streaming software, Apple is bolstering its position for a stronger head-to-head competition with Microsoft and Real, say analysts. That would also play into Apple's strategy to back the MPEG-4 video technology over proprietary formats

A Mac? In the Rack? - from the man who brought us the iPod music player and the flat-panel iMac? Why is Apple rolling out a line of rack-mountable servers that will be consigned to backroom server farms and grunt-work obscurity?

Apple Receives Orders For 4000 Xserves, Begins Shipping - US$14 million isn't enough to write home about to a company the size of Apple, but it's a HUGE first step in Apple's quest to bring Mac OS X Server into IT departments

Hardware Apple delivers on rack server promise - Apple asserts that it received a healthy crop of early Xserve orders. "We introduced Xserve only a few weeks ago, and we've already received orders for over 4,000 of them," Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said in a statement.

Apple and Bioinformatics - Steve Jobs, during the introduction of the Xserve, specifically mentioned the bioscience market as one of the areas Apple is now focusing on. Despite the current economic downturn in the biotech market, many folks are talking up bioscience as the next big growth market for the coming decade

Apple's Xserve to Face Tough Sell - despite the dual-processor Xserve's impressive features and the stability of the Unix-based operating system, industry insiders and analysts said, the odds are stacked against the company

Inside Xserve a special report on Apple's first rack-mountable server - Last week, Apple introduced its first rack-mount server, the Xserve. Our special correspondent Mary Branscombe was on the spot in Cupertino for the official unveiling, and she reports exclusively for MacUnlimited

Assessing Apple's Enterprising Server Gambit - Apple Computer is touting its new server as its doorway back into the enterprise, but analysts say the Xserve alone won't be enough for most IT executives to bring Apple back in out of the cold

Xserve Launch Event - pictures

Apple Previews New 2 GB Fiber Channel RAID Solution - C|Net is reporting that the RAID solution will be called Xserve RAID. The storage unit will include 14 drive bays, with a capacity of up to 1.68 Terabytes

Marathon plans Xserve accessories - Marathon Computer will introduce integrated keyboard and monitor rackmounts to work alongside Xserve, and Apple's other products

Xserve: The Good and the Bad - it is _very_ nice to see them offering advanced services to monitor and maintain these servers, but there are a few downfalls I can see with these boxen

Apple's New Server: Putting the Pieces Together - the new QuickTime 6 technologies, their relationship to Web serving, the Hollywood studios and the video market. All these things gel to form a compelling synergy and business strategy for Apple

Apple Server: Specs on Render Farm, Sci/Tech Server - It is very much inline with recently announced news that Pixar is moving to OS X and (and consistent with our reports on Apple targeting the Hollywood FX market) that Apple has a serious server planned for some serious number crunching. Below are anticipated specs on a rackmount server for Render Farms, Graphics and Video

Apple Announces Dual Processor Rackmount Servers - This is not a revolutionary server, but it is very big step forward for Mac networking. Large design firms, movie studios, schools, publishing houses, large corporations with an organized Mac presence, and many more Mac environments are going to really like Xserve

Apple serves up rack-mountable server - Although the machines are aimed at environments where Macs are plentiful--places like schools and graphics departments--the Xserve is also designed to be a good server for common business-computing tasks such as handling Windows files, e-mail and Web pages

"Humble" Jobs launches Apple server - Apple has brought its customary attention to detail, and ease of use features to its first rack mount server

Nifty Apple Server; Dull Launch - Apple achieved a first here on Tuesday. The company introduced a new server, of course, but it also hosted its first product launch to put people to sleep

Apple unveils new server - The server will come in two configurations -- a single 1 GHz PowerPC G4 processor, 256-megabyte DDR RAM among other specifications and priced at $2,999; and a unit with dual 1-GHz PowerPC G4 processors and 512 megabytes of DDR RAM costing $3,999

Apple expands into server computer market - Servers, which companies use to run their Web sites and computer networks, are an area in which Apple admittedly has little experience, but the company hopes the effort will pay off as it continues to find new revenue sources

2002 Benchmarked Configurations - Including the Apple Xserve! Xinet's latest round of performance benchmarks include output generation and AppleShare file-serving performance tests

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