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Power Mac InfoZone - The Best Power Mac Information From Around The Net!

Updated: 01/30/02

Below you will find a list of links to articles and information from around the Web relating to Apple's new high-performance Power Macs. Like our other Information Pages, the Power Mac InfoZone is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's new Power Macs.. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the new Power Macs mail it to us and we will add it

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Current Power Macs

  • Dual G4/1.42 - M8841LL/A
  • Dual G4/1.25 - M8840LL/A
  • Dual G4/1000 - M8839LL/A

Past Generation Power Macs

  • Dual G4/1.25 - M8573LL/A
  • Dual G4/1000 - M8689LL/A
  • Dual G4/867 - M8787LL/A

Resources At MacSpeedZone

Resources At MacReviewZone

Power Mac Resources @ Apple

Reviews & Detailed Info

Dual G4/1.25 GHz (August 2002)

Dual G4/1000

Dual G4/867

Additional Resources

Mailing Lists/Discussion Boards

The January 2003 Power Mac G4 Value Equation - a mere 14% increase in clock speed in the five-and-a-half months since the the dual 1.25 GHz model was released. Moore's Law points to roughly doubling CPU speed every 18 months, which equates to a 25% improvement every six months

More Commentary: Does Anyone Know What They're Talking About? - Another correspondent noted that the Ars Technica comment about the 167 MHz system bus speed being "pitiful" ignored the fact that the bus is "double pumped" and actually works at 333 MHz

New 1.42GHz Power Macs and 20" Cinema Display - This goes to show that Motorola has some life left in its G4 processor. Motorola's hoping to get it up to 1.8GHz by the time that IBM's PowerPC 970 is ready (Q3)... at 1.8GHz, so it will be interesting to see what happen

Apple Power Mac Specifications Page - Comparing The 2003 Power Macs With Their Predecessors

Comments: New Power Macs, etc. - Some people are never satisfied. The word at Ars Technica is that the 167MHz system bus is "pitiful," and perhaps it is, but this is being written on a machine clocking in at 45MHz, bus-wise, so that looks pretty good to us. For our money, the upgraded Power Macs are great values

Notes on new Power Mac G4s - The only Mac OS 9 bootable machine is an older Dual 1.25GHz PowerPC G4 (with 2MB of DDR L3 cache per processor) for $2,499. It is available at the Apple Store. All the Power Macs are pre-installed with (and only run) Mac OS X

Power Macintosh G4 (January 2002) - The fastest pair of new G4s have faster video cards, the ATI Radeon 9000. The dual 1.42 GHz model includes 2 MB of level 3 cache per processor, twice as much as the slower models

The New PowerMacs: Cheaper, but Not Better - Can't innovate? Can't introduce truly new products that take technology to the next level? Do what Apple does, make incremental improvements and make your products a little bit cheaper. It is a short-term solution to a now long-term problem - the lack of newer and faster processors in the Macintosh

Finally, A PowerMac Students Can Afford - The Power Mac G4 provides incredible expansion capabilities with five slots, including four open high-performance 64 bit 33 MHz PCI slots and two external drive bays for optical drives. Apple?s SuperDrive? (DVD-R/CD-RW) optical drive for burning and playing DVDs and CDs, standard on the top configuration, now lets customers record DVDs, CD-R and CD-RW discs up to twice as fast as with previous models

Apple updates Power Macs, releases 20-inch display - Apple revved the high-end Power Mac to 1.42GHz, while adding FireWire 800 and internal support for 54Mbps AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth wireless networking. The Power Mac G4 line now features a single 1GHz, dual 1.25GHz and dual 1.42GHz processors with prices ranging from US$1,499 to $3,799

New Power Macs faster, cheaper - The new systems come preloaded with the iLife digital media suite

Apple quietly updates the PowerMac - Apple has just updated their PowerMac line with a few of the revisions that many expected at MWSF: Firewire 800, Bluetooth support and a slight increase in CPU speeds (1.42 GHz is now the top end). There was no press release and no fanfare with this update, which is appropriate because it's not really that spectacular

Apple Computer Cuts Power Mac Prices as Much as 20% - Apple's Power Macs now come with a single 1-gigahertz processor, or two processors that each operate at speeds of 1.25 or 1.42 gigahertz. The old models had two processors, each with speeds ranging from 867 megahertz to 1.25 gigahertz

Apple Speeds Up, Sharpens - Apple also surprised observers by announcing its refreshed Power Mac line of professional computers. The line had lagged in sales in the most recent quarter, which Apple had blamed on a slowdown in corporate IT spending

Apple - SuperDrive Update - Software Download - Although all SuperDrive equipped Macs are compatible with all currently shipping 1x and 2x DVD-R media, new higher speed media will become available later this year - it is important that your SuperDrive be up to date before using this new medi

Apples Power Mac Line - What Gives? - There's little doubt that many professionals who are currently using a Power Mac are using a machine that is likely showing its age, holding on to it until a much more powerful Power Mac comes forward. For a lot of us, the reason we have held off is because the recent upgrades to the Power Mac line have left much to be desired in terms of new performance,

Will New PowerMacs Have More Than 2 Processors? - JonP writes "OSNews published an interesting editorial exploring the possibility of Apple going multi-CPU (4 and 8-way) until the G5/IBM/Opteron/whatever deal might be ready. It is an interesting thought because it could bring Apple to the workstation market

Op-Ed: Would 4, 8-way PMs get us there faster? - there's the question of whether or not X has the threads to effectively handle such power, as well as questions about Moto CPU's lack of a sufficient front-side bus (FSB), and how this would affect developers and their costs

G4 Performance :Digital Photo Benchmarks

PC Magazine Praises G4 Tower's Performance - It seems the Mac crowd is harder on Apple hardware's performance than the PC press is. Troy Dreier, writing for PC Magazine's First Looks section in the February 4 issue, calls the dual 1.25 GHz Power Mac G4 "one fast machine."

Faster speeds, lower prices, new OS from Apple - for people who have lots of money. Apple's pro range of desktops sport dual processors. As you might imagine, that makes your computer faster. OS X will love you for it. But if you're planning on running the older, soon-to-be unsupported OS 9, don't bother


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Apple expands AppleCare protection program - Onsite service for Apple's desktop line of Power Mac G4s has also been added to the AppleCare Protection Plan

Apples to Apples II: Dualies and Droolies - Everything about the current lineup of Macintosh G4s should make them at least mildly superior to the previous lineup of desktop G4s ... in theory, anyway. They have faster chips, dual processors all around, faster bus speeds and, of course, DDR memory. And those are only the obvious advantages. But does theory hold up to practice in the Mac universe? We tested the entire lineup of current G4s--from the dual 867 MHz G4 to the dual 1.25 GHz G4--against the previous generation and found some fascinating results

Top-of-the-Line System Offers Impressive Performance -- at a Premium Price - For those who need the fastest Mac around, high-end Power Mac G4s have always provided maximum performance -- for a high price. Sitting atop the new dual-processor Power Mac lineup, the new dual-1.25GHz model -- which contains the fastest G4 processors ever available in a Mac -- is no exception

Apple releases the PowerMac SuperDrive update

IMG Reviews Apple's Power Mac G4/Dual 867 - IMG has taken an in-depth look at Apple's low end tower, the Power Mac G4/Dual 867. Senior Editor Andy Largent covers the dual 867's gaming abilities in detail, with comparisons of ATI's Radeon 9000 Pro and NVIDIA's GeForce4 MX and GeForce4 Titanium. The review also contains benchmarks from Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Elite Force, as well as FSAA screenshots from Jedi Knight 2

nside The New Towers It Is Completely Different ... A Pictorial Review Of The Power Mac Tower's Innards - on the inside it is a whole different story. Things have been completely remodeled and components have been switched around from where you would find them before

The new dual-processor PowerMac G4s - There was no presentation to an invited audience at Cupertino, no special occasion at any of the Apple retail stores... It was almost as if Apple didn't think the new PowerMacs were much to shout about. So, are they?

Apple - SuperDrive Update - Software Download - Important information about using high-speed media with your SuperDrive-equipped Power Mac G4 or iMac.

BARE FEATS ASKS: How Does The Pentium 4 and Athlon XP Running Windows XP Compare To The G4 Power Macintosh Running OS X? - A recent shootout by another site of the Dual G4, Pentium, and Athlon included Photoshop tests. However, they acknowledged mixing multi-processor (MP) aware filters with NON-MP aware filters, thereby diluting the advantage of the Dual G4. I chose to create two action files... one with MP aware filters and functions and one that Non-MP aware

Power Mac 1.25GHz MP versus others - In my comparison of the DDR 1GHz Power Mac to the SDR 1GHz Power Mac, I wondered "out loud" if the 1.25GHz version would utilize the DDR memory in a more effective way. In other words, will the speed difference be more than the 25% increase in clock speed?

Dual 1GHz Power Mac - Apple has topped itself again. It's squeezed another generation of life out of the venerable PowerPC G4, and has done so in such a way that a new dual-processor 1GHz Power Mac G4 soundly thrashes the previous dual 1GHz incarnation

First Look: Dual Processor G4 Power Mac - Apple proves two processors are better than one with this screamingly fast, powerful machine

The SpeedZone: How Fast Are The New Power Mac Towers At Playing Games? This Fast .... A Performance Report - Below we take a look at performance of three different games when running on each of the new Dual Processor Towers

Dual G4 1.25 GHz Impressions - MacGamer's Christian Franz has written up his first impressions of Apple's latest high-end Mac, the Dual G4 1.25 GHz. Franz compared the machine with his previous setup - a blue and white G3 350 MHz - in a variety of games

Here are the modifications needed to change the G4 Bi-867's bus clock from 133 to 167MHz - You'll note that changing the bus speed to 167MHz would overclock the CPU to over 1GHz. To prevent this, you'll have to change the CPU's multiplier coefficient from x6.5 to x6

Apple Adds Another New Promo: Save Up To US$400 On PowerMac Or PowerBook With Display - Apple is really pushing the Apple Store promos this quarter in advance of the holiday shopping season

Apple gets PowerMacs right - In mid-August, Apple decided to surprise everyone with a very low key unveiling of some significant new PowerMac G4s. We weren't expecting to see any new hardware until after Mac OS 10.2 shipped, but it seems Apple wanted some cool new hardware out there to show off the power of its upgraded operating system

Power Macs used to float hot air business - For four months a year, Peter Vizzard and Judy Lynne, proprietors of Balloon Aloft Australia, run a hot-air-ballooning company in Australia from a barge floating along the canals of France, using Mac technology

The SpeedZone: It's 40% Faster, Costs $1,600 More And Purrs Like A Kitten- A Detailed Look At The Performance Of The Dual G4/1.25 GHz Power Mac - The new Dual GHz Tower clocks in about 15% faster than the 867 MHz one, and the Dual 1.25 GHz machine clocks in about 44% faster. It would follow then that in basic processing prowess the respective machines should be about 15% and 44% faster, on these kind of tasks. And that is exactly what we found

Misplaced Decimal Offers 125 GHz PowerMacs At Apple's Home Page - An errant decimal place is offering 125 GHz PowerMacs to some visitors at Apple's home page

Overclockers Get Power Mac G4 DP Running at 1.5GHz - some users have apparently been able to get the PMs running stably at 1.33GHz, which is commendably quick, according to those with first-hand experience

Buy a Mac, get Office v. X for $199 - Apple and Microsoft Corp.'s Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) will announce on Tuesday that customers purchasing a Macintosh computer can also get Microsoft Office v. X at a greatly reduced price. While industry analysts see the combined efforts of the companies as a positive sign, one analyst also points to pricing pressures as a leading factor of the promotion

Speed Holes Shining Bright: A G4 Case Mod - I've never been big on case mods. Sure, I've been known to slap a few extra fans in a system when temperatures were getting high but that's been the limit, really. Tonight I got just slightly more ambitious. For a couple of weeks now I've been staring at the holes on the front of this PowerMac G4 and it just didn't seem right. Then I decided to shed some light on the issue

The SpeedZone: It Costs $800 More Than The Power Mac Dual Processor 867, Just How Much Faster Is The Dual GHz Machine? - A Performance Report - Below we have a performance comparison between the new Power Mac dual G4/867 and the new Dual Processor G4/1000. The GHz machine costs $800 more than the 867 MHz. From a performance standpoint, is it worth the extra money?

Pioneer Tech Support Says Updated Mac SuperDrive Firmware Coming - Pioneer's Technical Support team is issuing the following statement to customers inquiring about an updated set of firmware which alleviates the widely reported overheating issue

First Tests: Apple's Dual-1.25 G4 - To find out how these new desktops measure up to previous models, we tested final versions of the dual-867MHz and dual-1GHz Power Macs and a prototype version of the dual-1.25GHz model.

Dual 1.25 GHz PowerMacs Are Shipping (In Time To Apply To September Quarter) - This is the fastest PowerMac ever shipped, which is good news. That Apple was able to ship them before the end of the current quarter is even better news. The pre-orders Apple received for the new units can now be applied to the current quarter.

Pioneer DVD drives too hot to handle - Representatives from Pioneer Electronics USA, based in Long Beach, Calif., said that writing to blank 4x DVD-R and 2x DVD-RW discs can cause its DVD-rewritable PC drives and DVD recorders to freeze

Build Your Own G4 - Building your own G4 can be both fun and exciting, and in doing so you will join a small but growing group of computer enthusiasts. Undertaking this project also represents a solution to the high prices associated with both new and used Apple computers. To give you an idea, a machine similar to what I'm about to describe here will normally sell for around $800. Retail prices vary, but that's around the norm for a low end G4 Graphite model with AGP

Apple - Creative - Power Mac G4 Creative Workflow Benchmark - The aim of this report is to verify whether the new family of Power Mac G4 systems can deliver significant performance and productivity increases when compared to the older Power Mac G4 models. Another important aspect of the benchmark project was to verify whether multiprocessing can deliver significant performance increases over single processor architectures

Apple Adds InDesign Promotional Offer For PowerMac Purchases, Quark Should Pay Attention - Apple has announced a new promotional offer on its Hot Deals page for PowerMac buyers. The company is offering a free copy of InDesign 2.0 with the purchase of any PowerMac G4 system, except for refurbished and other used PowerMacs

The SpeedZone: Comparing The Performance Of The New Dual Processor G4/867 MHz Power Mac To 28 Current & Former Macintosh Desktop And Portables

Power Mac G4 867MHz DP - This is the first time that Apple's professional range of Macs has entirely consisted of dual processors. There are two main reasons for this: Mac OS X is able to take advantage of multiple processors at a system level and Motorola is unable to develop processors with a significantly higher clock speed in the time frame that Apple needed to update its machines

Apple talks expansion, noise, dual processor systems - If you're considering buying one of Apple's new dual processor Power Macs, you may be wondering "Are they expandable?" and "Do they run louder than previous models?" According to Apple, the answers are "yes" and "no," respectively

Apple releases dual 1.25GHz G4 Servers - Three models are available, all featuring dual G4 processors. The models are based on Apple's recently introduced G4 Power Macs. They ship with Mac OS X Server 10.2 and a pre-installed unlimited client license

Readers Sound Off on New Power Macs - I heard from plenty of readers who have already shelled out for a new dual-processor system; while some of them expressed mild disappointment in the rate of PowerPC evolution between January's Power Macs and these models, they argued forcefully for the position that these systems represent a great leap forward for price and performance

Technical Analysis of DDR in Macs - Ever since Apple introduced its new line of PowerMac G4s, much debate has raged regarding the practicality of introducing DDR RAM in the current system architecture. Though some websites have released benchmarks showing virtually no performance improvements, it may not be as cut and dried as people think, particularly in regards to the L3 cache debate

New 867MP versus 1000MP - Lots of you are asking for test results on the new "low end" Power Mac G4/867MP. Is it that much slower than the G4/1GHz MP? The Dual 1GHz model costs from 21 to 25% more, depending on how you confgure both models. Is it 21 to 25% faster?

Architosh pays new Power Macs a visit at Apple Store - Our Thoughts on the New Gear - Looking at the design, this model doesn't seem like Jonathan Ive's work at all. It seems hard to imagine Jonathan coming up with vent holes on the front like it is some jet fighter or race car. What we imagine is that Jobs mandated all new Power Mac cases to express 'power' and speed as much as possible. But judging Jonathan Ive's past work, such a literal attempt at expressing speed through a cheap metaphor seems unlikely. We hope we are right on this. We hope Jonathan is busy working on the G5's case design, now that the Xserve is over. The new case screams B-team and we are not alone in that sentiment

Reader Report: 2002 Power Mac G4

Power Mac Tests Spark Debate - Apple Computer Inc.'s latest professional desktops have sparked a heated debate in the Mac community. At the center of the controversy: Are the dual Motorola PowerPC G4 processors within each Power Mac able to draw on the architectural enhancements being touted by Apple?

Why less is more for Apple's new Power Macs - As if the impending arrival of Mac OS X 10.2 (aka Jaguar) weren't enough to keep us pundits preoccupied, Apple goes and announces a brand-new desktop product line. From my perspective, this new generation of G4-based machines is the first in a while to really pique my interest, and not just because they share the same architecture as the Xserve

Post subject: Strange Story Hidden In New PowerMac Specs - This writer has spent considerable time the past days looking through the design and technical specifications of the new PowerMacs, and has discovered an amazing change between this new lineup and the previous QuickSilver models. In fact, the discovery raises so many new questions that I am henceforth dubbing this latest PowerMac line the "MysteryMac." Why does this new design require 286 Watts of additional power supply capacity over the QuickSilver design it replaces? Yes, that's right, folks: The new MysteryMac has a power supply capacity almost double that of the QuickSilver. And, my simple question is: Why?

The New Power Macs: Dual-Processor Computing for the Rest of Us - As expected, the new Power Mac line is, in many respects, an incremental upgrade of the existing line - although it is obviously more than a simple speed bump. And, as expected, it will probably do little to change the computer-buying behavior patterns of the public in general and of Macintosh aficionados in particular

Apple's Revamped Desktop Batting Lineup - This is an appropriate season for baseball analogies, and I've been trying to decide whether Apple's fanfareless upgrade of their professional Power Mac towers this week qualifies as a double or triple base hit. After some serious pondering, I've decided that a double comes closest to the mark, not least because of the topical emphasis on dual processors

New G4s boast loads of features for the money - Last week I was considering a $3,000-$4,000 Xserve to be my everyday Mac. I know it's overkill, but I was lusting for those high-performance features previously found only on Xserve. Now, just a week later, all three G4 desktop models are based on that very same Xserve architecture, complete with all the things I coveted

PC buyer's guide - OUR RECOMMENDATION: Yes, we know he prefers Windows, but he needs an Apple PowerMac with a 17-inch LCD screen, dual-867MHz professional G4 processors, 512MB of RAM, a 60GB hard drive, the DVD-burning drive, and a 3-year warranty ($3,300). It comes with iDVD software for making DVDs, iTunes for managing music and burning CDs, iPhoto for managing digital images, and iMovie for editing video

Is the New PM G4 Architecture a Good Thing? - there's noise from some quarters that the 2002 PM G4 isn't everything that it could be, and tracking down a clear answer isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. Is the PM's architecture hobbled, cobbled together, or is it really all the Mac we can expect at this point in time?

Analysis: New Power Macs' Improved Architecture, Better Memory More Important than Dual 1.25 GHz Processors - Apple finally announced the long-awaited update of the desktop G4 mini-tower, unveiling a dual-1.25 GHz model, discontinuing the last single-processor model, and adding significantly to the speed of the line

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