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PowerBook G4
  • 1 GHz (17 inch) - M8793LL/A
  • 867 MHz (12 inch) - M8760LL/A
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Report Covers 12" PowerBook Performance - After reading several messages in forums speculating on performance, Gasparani decided to put the 12-inch PowerBook through some actual tests.

First Look - TMO Gets Close To The New 12" PowerBook - Apple may have pushed off the delivery of iLife for a week, but it made good on producing the 12" PowerBook on time by making them available last Friday, Jan.24, 2003. TMO stopped by an Apple Store to get a closer look, and these are our first impressions

Little PB: Don't Worry, Be Happy! - No one has threatened us with bodily harm as yet, so it may be safe to venture a few more words on the subject of "just how warm is this thing supposed to get, anyway?" We've heard enough reports from happy 12-inch PowerBook owners to reassure ourselves, at least

Comments: Amazing Discrepancy in PowerBook Heat Perceptions - There has to be an explanation for this. Apparently intelligent users are telling us precisely opposite things with regard to the heat produced by their 12-inch PowerBooks. This is so obviously a matter confined to certain units or astrological signs that we hereby give up trying to make sense of it all

A Tale Of Three Low End 'Books - In last week's The Road Warrior, I made a case advocating low end of 'Books as a better value than top of the line machines. As I also noted, I've put my money where my mouth is in this context

Apple 12" PowerBook G4 867 - The new 12" Powerbook G4 is small (10.9"x8.6"), thin (1.2") and light (4.6 lbs). It is noticeably smaller than a PowerBook 2400c mainly due to it being thinner. It is even smaller and lighter than a 12" iBook. The screen, at a native resolution 1024x768 pixels, is sharp and bright--very similar to the iBook's screen--and it shames our 2400c's aging 800x600 10" screen

Apple launches HP inkjet rebate - Apple's new Save and print promo offers a $99 rebate on a HP DeskJet 3820 or 5550 printer when purchased with a Mac

Comments: Oven-Mitt 12-inch, We Hardly Knew Ye - What better way to start off the week than by making wild, uncorroborated assertions? Heck, we don't know. But after one reader said the 12-inch PowerBook he tried was just too hot on his wrists, another reader chimed in with the same observation

Hot Books? Who Says? Who Doesn't Say? - It's time for Apple to speak up on this issue, if in fact it is one. Your editor is already feeling the heat (pun intended) from people accusing him of disloyalty to the cult. Does the 12.1-inch PowerBook have a hot wrist-rest problem or not?

2003: The year of the laptop - As a self-confessed laptop lover, it was great to hear Steve Jobs say during his keynote speech at MacWorld San Francisco that 2003 was going to be the "year of the laptop". To back it up he announced the arrival of two additions to the professionally orientated PowerBook range

PowerBook G4 12" Disassembled - brian writes "Have you been itching to disassemble that new PB G4 12"? Worried you won't get it all back together? You can save yourself the trouble, because someone has already done it for you , and taken some nice pictures to document the process.

12 Inch PowerBook tear down

Apple - SuperDrive Update - Software Download - Important information about using high-speed media with your SuperDrive-equipped Power Mac G4 or iMac

17 Inches of Decision - The only I struggled with, was the size. Every article I read by people who were at the Expo gushed at how this was THE Powerbook of all time... But conversely many articles I read by people who were not at the Expo questioned or sneered at the size of it, painting it as this Behemoth, that would certainly be unwieldly. This really caused me a bit of difficulty. I pulled out the tape measure countless times to try and fully comprehend the difference in size between the 15" and the 17" in terms of closed-lid surface area. And after much consternation, it dawned on my that while yes, this laptop is big, it really isn't that much bigger than the 15" everyone had already fallen in love with

The PowerBook junkie's finally gets his 12" PowerBook - This little PowerBook, which I am using to type this column, could very well be the most successful Mac ever launched. Provided, of course, that Apple makes enough of them and that they are not fatally flawed like Apple's original 400Mhz TiBook released two years ago

Aluminium and Titanium bonanza: the new PowerBooks - at present it looks like most of Mac sales this year will come from laptops rather than desktops--or at least this is what Steve Jobs hopes. The new PowerBooks, announced in San Francisco, further revitalized the situation. But good as they may be, there are still some things that I don't quite like and understand

Apple Portable Power Adapter Shortage - If the power adapter that services your iBook/Powerbook dies in the next few days, you will be in trouble, but only because neither Apple, nor CompUSA, nor MacWarehouse, nor MacMall, nor most AASPs have such a beast in stock

Titanium Loose Battery Issue Revisited - There was an article published some time ago about the loose battery issue on some of the older Titaniums. A week ago I came across the very same problem. Armed with the information found in this PowerPage article , I finally battled my way into a good final solution

ALBook12 HD swap - All the usual disclaimers apply. This may void your warranty. Do it at your own risk!

Taking portability to the masses - The two new machines come with heaps of features, including a new frame and case made of aviation grade aluminium alloy producing what we might call a line of AlBooks to complement the titanium encased TiBooks

Using a USB Printer with Older PowerBooks - Q. My wife and I both have five year old G3 (233 MHz) PowerBooks , and to date have not had a need to print from either of them. Now we want to. Our G3s have a nine pin receptacle designated for a printer cable, however, my printers all have USB. Our G3s are box stock except for memory upgrades. Any help will be appreciated

PowerBook DVI and Projectors - I am trying to use an Epson EMP-71 projector to show a Keynote presentation. I had little success projecting the image. After several attempts I managed to get an 800x600 image to display. When I tried to run the Keynote presentation, I got an error saying that I did not have enough VRAM (8 MB minimum to run a slide show) of course this PB has 32 MB VRAM

MiniBook Photo shoot! - DigitalBill has posted a gallery of great MiniBook pics ... it's fresh outta the box and posing for us drooling geeks

Airborne Express PowerBook Shipping Fiasco - The purpose of this letter is to outline a fiasco that I've had with Apple Computer and their contract carrier, Airborne Express. Neither of which seems to care about reimbursing me for my loss, a seven month old 800Mhz G4 PowerBook

New PowerBook 17-Inch GPU Not Upgradeable - The PowerPage has learned that the 17-Inch PB GPU is not on a module and is soldered onto the logic board - making it non-upgradeable

Kindergarten Laptop - Well, giving her a "new" computer is a great gift idea, but I wanted to really personalize it. The first thought I had was to make the top of the screen into a frame. Then, while at the local Walmart I found this great fabric on sale for $1.00/yard and the "Kindergarten Laptop" was born

The WOZ Gives Kevin Mitnick a 1Ghz TiBOOK - Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak gave Kevin Mitnick a 1 Ghz Titanium Powerbook as a "Welcome Back Kevin" gift on the January 21st, 2003 TechTV show

ECS reportedly lands Apple 12-inch PowerBook orders - Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has landed orders from Apple Computer to contract manufacture the 12-inch PowerBook

Five Laptop Stands Compared - Laptop computers are superb tools, but for day-in day-out use they do have some issues, mainly ergonomics and heat. Because the laptop monitor is attached to the keyboard, if you place the computer high enough for a comfortable viewing angle, the keyboard will be too high for maintaining healthy wrist posture. Conversely, if you place the laptop low enough for the proper elbows-at-90 degrees-wrists-flat body English, your neck will be cranked down at an uncomfortable angle

System Shootouts - Apple Laptop Comparison Chart

System Shootouts - US$2,800 Laptop System Shootout

System Shootouts - US$1,800 UltraPortable Laptop System Shootout

System Shootouts - US$3,300 Desktop Replacement Shootout

Mitnick 'Endorses' Apple - "For what it's worth, Kevin Mitnick's platform of choice, according to this article on , is the Apple 17" PowerBook.

Apple Downgrades PowerBook 17 DVD-R Specs - Apple has quietly downgraded the DVD-R SuperDrive specifications in its 17" PowerBook G4 model. The original PDF released following Jobs' MWSF keynote stated the DVD-R in the 17" used a 2x (DVD-R) mechanism. The alteration was spotted by a keen-eyed MacBidouille correspondent. However, a revised PDF now says that the drive is 1x

WSJ's Mossberg Give 2 Thumbs Up To 12" PowerBook, Safari - In his latest column, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal notes that there are many other reasons to like the newest and tiniest PowerBook

PowerBook G4 :Part 17 (MacInTouch Reader Report)

Never Say Die - I HAD OWNED MY POWERBOOK G3 for less than 24 hours when I knocked it off a table. It all seemed to happen in slow motion

Mossberg and the PowerBook - Walter Mossberg has a 12-inch PowerBook to review, and when you read his Wall Street Journal piece (archived at Yahoo ), you'll wish you had one too

Can a PowerBook beat an iBook? - In the Barefeats test , the 12" PowerBook beats the 12" iBook in 3 out of 5 benchmarks (but loses in 2)

Smallest PowerBook Has Ability To Make Apple Shine - APPLE COMPUTER announced last week two new models in its PowerBook laptop line. The one that drew the most attention was the industry's first laptop with a gargantuan 17-inch screen. But the company also announced its smallest laptop ever: a petite PowerBook with a 12-inch screen and a mass-market base price of $1,799. Apple also rolled out a slew of new software, including a Web browser called Safari. I've been testing the small PowerBook and the Safari browser for nearly a week now, and I like both of them

By special request, I have also created four icons of the 12" PowerBook

Rumor: 15.4" PowerBook to Replace Titanium - Appleinsider forums have published a discussion between a Digitimes correspondent and a reader, which says Apple is set to replace the current 15.2" PowerBook G4 Titanium model with a slightly larger screen

Don't Buy the New 'Books Quite Yet - Last summer Steve Jobs promised that all the new Macs released in 2003 would be unable to boot into Mac OS 9. They even held a mock funeral for the final iteration of the classic Mac OS. Last week Apple introduced the first two models that made good on that promise -- or bad, depending on your perspective

What's that on a Windows site? A Mac laptop?

The Year Of The Portable - Yes! - Apple's fantastic new 17" G4 PowerBook laptop has essentially eliminated any rationale other than lower cost for owning a desktop computer for most of Mac-users. With that big screen, more speed than any but the fastest desktop Macs, and an inventory of features undreamed of even in high-end desktops only a couple of years ago

New PowerBooks: Mini Me and the Lunch Tray - you may have noticed a few annoying limitations in the 12-inch PowerBook G4. Although 640 MB of RAM is enough, many people would like to install more. A PC Card slot might be nice, and a backlit keyboard would be welcome. It also has only VGA out instead of DVI, FireWire 400 rather than FireWire 800, and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet rather than Gigabit Ethernet. Why the limitations?

One On One With The Big Al PowerBook - Big, Bold And Stunning  - If a gigantic portable appeals to you, there are lots of improvements in the new PowerBook, beyond the screen size, to justify the price difference

MWSF03: MiniBook's New Midrange Speaker  - MacNN reader Noah Sager notes that Apple's new 12-inch PowerBook G4 features a new midrange audio speaker

MWSF03: Mac OS 10.2.4 on new G4 PowerBooks  - After talking to four different Apple staff / officials, they all said that the new powerbooks will NOT be able to boot into OS 9 whether it be from internal drive, external drive

LARRY MAGID: New on the notebook PC menu - big Macs and small fries  - When it comes to notebook computers, big is good but so is little. A big screen, big keyboard and big hard drive are all desirable features, but if you plan to carry the machine around, small and light are also very important

Name that Powerbook!  - As far as I can tell, the official nickname for these new machines has not arrived. Got any name suggestions? Post them here

Hands on with the new PowerBooks  - For some unknown reason, I have heard a lot of negative opinions about the new PowerBooks, and I would like to dispel some of the rumors circulating about them

The 17" PowerBook G4/1000 with GeForce4 440 Go versus other Apple laptops  - The Apple booth staff "freaked" when I tried to plug my FWDepot Cutie FireWire test drive into the new 17" and 12" PowerBooks with Photoshop, Quake3, and other real world test apps. But I knew you wanted some idea of the performance, right? So since the demo units were connected to the 'Net, I downloaded Xbench beta and ran it on the two new PowerBooks... along with a few others. Here's what I got

DigiTimes: Compal to produce 17" PowerBook  - DigiTimes reports -- quoting unnamed sources -- that Compal Electronics has landed the order to contract manufacture Apple's new 17-inch PowerBooks

A real January surprise  - Jobs confounded the preshow prognosticators, who foresaw no new Mac hardware, by introducing a PowerBook G4 with a 17-inch screen -- the largest display to date on a notebook computer. (Rumors of a video-capable iPod proved false.

  - Oh, sure, you can still buy titanium PowerBooks in a 15-inch form factor, but as of yesterday, the truly sexy portables-- whether you like 'em petite or big enough to double as a handy dashboard sun shade for your car-- are aluminum, baby

PBG4 15-Inch With SuperDrive: Instant Obsolescence  - The recent announcement of the 17-inch PowerBook caught me, and probably everyone else, completely off guard. When Apple came out with what I thought was a major upgrade to their PowerBook line just two months ago, adding a superdrive to the Titanium G4, I rushed out and bought one. Now I wish I would have waited

Big 'Book, Little 'Book  - The über-PowerBook offers the same 1 GHz G4 processor, 1 MB level 3 cache, 1 GB memory ceiling, and SuperDrive as the former top-end PowerBook G4 . Performance should be virtually identical, except that in the graphics department, the 17" model uses the new nVidia GeForce4 420 Go graphics processor

PowerBook G4 (17")  - The 17" PowerBook G4 is the first portable with a 17" display. It's also the first PowerBook with a backlit keyboard and two FireWire ports -- including one FireWire 800 port

PowerBook G4 (12")  - The 12" PowerBook G4 is the first PowerBook in years and years without a PC Card slot. It's also the only current model without DVI support and a ceiling of 640 MB of memory

Prices cut on 1GHz PowerBook, original AirPort cards  - In light of Apple's new PowerBook announcements, the company has reduced the price on its 15.2 inch screen-equipped 1GHz PowerBook to US$2,799

Apple execs on PowerBooks, iApplications  - One area that Apple's Titanium notebooks fell down over its predecessors was with AirPort reception. More often than not, an iBook could easily connect to an AirPort network that a Titanium notebook had no chance of even seeing. "AirPort reception was very important to us and we learned our lesson -- the best reception we can get is bringing the antennas back up into the display," said Joswiak. "The antennas are covered by polycarbonate ABS, which is totally transparent to radio signals. iBook is the gold standard and that's what our current range tests show that these have."

MW Expo : Apple new PowerBooks "world's largest and most compact laptops"  - Both PowerBooks are encased in a lightweight and durable aluminium alloy enclosure (hard metal, not painted), and include built-in Bluetooth for wirelessly connecting to mobile phones and other Bluetooth equipped peripherals

MacWorld Expo: Apple announces little and large laptops  - The notebook boasts all the software perks of its smaller brother, including the iLife suite, as well as Instant On and Automatic Networking features. It also offers intelligent adjusting of display brightness and the backlit keyboard. So for example in low light, it will raise the level of the keyboard backlight, while reducing the brightness of the screen, saving both battery life and eye strain

Jobs And The Giant PowerBook .. Or How Mini Me Became A Dwarf  - Below we cover the part of the Keynote where Steve Jobs introduced the 17 inch PowerBook

Apple's Steve Jobs Wows The Faithful With New Laptops At Macworld  - The 12-inch PowerBook contains a full-size keyboard, weights 4.6 pounds, and runs on an 867-MHz PowerPC G4 processor. It's 1.2 inches thick, has a battery life of five hours, and includes a wireless antenna for Bluetooth and Apple Airport. The wireless receiver is available for an additional $99

Macworld kicks off 'year of the laptop'  - Apple's Steve Jobs at MacWorld in San Francisco. Two svelte laptops -- an inch-thick model with a 12-inch screen and one with a 17-inch screen -- began what Apple Computer Chief Executive Steve Jobs called ``the year of the laptop.''

PC Mag's First Look: PowerBook 1GHz  - "PC Magazine has completed a First Look review of the new Apple PowerBook , which is the first notebook from Apple with a 1-GHz G4 processor. The notebook also has a nice price cut, running $2,999 -- that's $200 less than the last high-end PowerBook model."

Wintel Company Clones PowerBook G4, Touts It As Digital Hub  - The Joybook 8000 isn't exactly a carbon copy of Apple's TiBook, but it shares some similarities. It has the same general appearance, same 15.2" widescreen LCD, same heat vents, same speaker placement, and similar specs

Gigabook Observations  - I was lucky enough to get my hands on a new 1GHz PowerBook G4 Titanium with a DVD burning Super Drive and there are a few little things worth mentioning about Apple's latest portable

...While Visions of PowerBooks Danced in Their Heads  - This is the year that Mac users will decide between desktops and notebooks. Sure, the new Power Macs have dual processors and enough storage for a room full of video editors. But the new high-end Apple PowerBook ($2,999 direct) has some impressive specs of its own, including Apple's first 1-GHz processor in a notebook. To make it even more tempting, at $2,999, it's $200 cheaper than the last high-end PowerBook. Suddenly a desktop doesn't seem all that essential

PowerBook Titanium breaks gigahertz barrier  - If you're looking for the ultimate no-compromise laptop, look no further than the new PowerBook -- nothing else comes close. And if the gigahertz model is too costly, there's an 867 MHz model

Best of 2002  - The 15.2-inch widescreen display is the best on any portable, and the standard software is top shelf. On a budget? The Apple iBook is worth a look

Should you upgrade your PowerBook to USB 2  - USB 2 is a thus far mostly PC-oriented competitive to FireWire. Apple has not yet shipped any Macs with built-in support for USB 2, but desktop Macs with PCI slots can be upgraded to support USB 2 with PCI adapter cards, and as mentioned above, G3 Series and G4 PowerBooks can support some PC Card USB 2 adapters

Switched  - This week, my new 1GHz, 1Gb RAM, Gbe, Powerbook arrived. I've spent a few days moving all my data and work from the XP machine I used. I'm now pretty much completely switched over and the XP box has been relegated to a single purpose: Groupwise for the few remaining emails I'll get from the State. The week after next, I'll return it to the State and bid it good riddance

Extreme PowerBook: TiBook Tougher Than I Thought  - My five year old came tearing into the dining room followed closely by our dog, before I could stop them they tripped over the cable pulling the TiBook of the table. On it's way down it smashed into the chair. When it finally came to a rest on it's screen I thought for sure it was dead

Deep In The Zone: PowerBook vs PowerBook, How Much Faster Is The GHz PowerBook - A Performance Report  - Before we get to the speed numbers, lets first note some of the feature differences between the two current PowerBooks. In other  words what are you getting, besides a speed boost, for the extra $700 you'll spend if you opt for the high-end PowerBook

Shoot, Edit, Jam - Gateway advertisement uses a PowerBook

Apple PowerBook 1 GHz G4 - The 1 GHz Titanium PowerBook is in some ways a marvel of engineering. But, more important, it's the fulfillment of a goal for the creative market that manufacturers have been striving toward for years: workstation performance and a total hardware and software creative solution, all bundled neatly into a complete portable package--from digital video in to DVD out, from high-performance editing to high-quality graphics display, from the power of the near-flawless Mac OS X to the convenience and ease of use of Apple's bundled applications

Titanium Bluetooth inside! - Apple is taking some time to get a Bluetooth antenna and I/O guts inside its PowerBooks so Matteo Festorazzi couldn't wait any longer: here is his mod to get a PowerBook G4 with real Bluetooth capabilities inside and no dongle attached

Powerbook Justice - "I was the victim of a massive counterfeiting scam on the 21st of November. Last Tuesday PowerPage posted my story (Fraud Victim's Please for Help: "They Stole My PowerBook G4/867!"). Well, thanks to the help of everyone at the PowerPage (and no thanks to the Secret Service or the Chicago Police Department), Mr. Melvin Christmas is going to be spending Christmas behind bars.

tb800 - One of the most important traits of a reviewer is the ability to remain dispassionately objective and always maintain a sharp, critical eye, no matter how loud the marketing hype or how sexy the packaging. But when the last Apple laptop you owned was a PowerBook 170, and a brand new Titanium 800 with nearly double the horsepower of your desktop machine arrives on your doorstep, objectivity is one of the last things on your mind. Apple's newest high-end laptop, the Titanium PowerBook 800, has a way of doing that to people.

Apple's new PowerBook makes it easy to edit, burn video to DVD - I took Apple Computer's new DVD-burning Titanium PowerBook G4 with me on a Thanksgiving trip to Maryland and Connecticut. I played movies, connected to wireless networks, edited video, and burned video onto DVDs. The laptop did well at nearly everything

Apple News: Apple updates notebook lines - nstead of putting in more features, like built-in Bluetooth or a multi-button trackpad, Apple is choosing to refine the PowerBook with each new model, into the perfect productivity machine. Each revision fixes a few more bugs, adds a bit more speed, but generally doesn't take risks with its winning formula

The SpeedZone: The New G4/867 MHz PowerBook Compared To 9 Current & Previous PowerBooks & iBooks - Below you will find performance results for most of the currently shipping portable machines, and a few from previous generations

Telling The Titanium PowerBook Family Apart - The Titanium Power Book G4 is now unquestionably the most successful PowerBook Apple has ever offered. About to enter its third year of production in the same form factor that was introduced in January, 2001, it is also far and away the longest-running PowerBook model to date. Or is it?

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