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Updated: 02/10/03

Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X that have been culled from around the Net.. Like our other 'Hub' pages , the Mac OS X InfoZone is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's new OS. New, news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Mac OS X, mail it to us and we will add it

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Safari, so good: browser and Bluetooth boost OS X -
Safari cures the biggest drawback to OS X which we noted in our Jagwyre review : the utterly miserable browsing experience. So bad was this that I hesitated to recommend the Mac to first-time computer buying friends although in other respects, Apple's careful attention to design in both hardware and software, made it well worth considering.
Safari isn't quite the finished article yet - it struggles with some websites (I'm in rural France now and it couldn't handle the timetable enquiry for my return journey to Paris on the TGV, for example) - but the quality of the engineering is evident in many small details.

A Bioinformatics Web Service with Mac OS X - Using Objective-C and Mac OS X's Core Web Services to Construct an OmniGene Analysis Engine Client

Waking A Dead Jaguar - Here's a tip for getting Jaguar back up and running. It's not very sophisticated, but it worked for me

TiVo Video Extraction with Mac OS X - Arf4 writes "I recently published an article that describes extracting video from a TiVo Series 1 digital video recorder. I have been searching the boards for info on a Mac OS X solution, but came up blank. After experimenting with my iBook I figured out a way to do it. Using nothing more than a TiVo and Mac OS X (plus a few other free goodies), you can start backing up the latest Alias or Simpsons."

The Missing Piece: Microsoft Exchange for OS X -
There is, however, one very key product missing from Microsoft - an OS X native client for Outlook Exchange. An email client may seem like a trivial piece of software. There is, after all, a plethora of email clients for OS X. However, Outlook Exchange is a proprietary emessaging platform. And while clients can connect through iMAP to the Outlook Exchange email stream, they cannot use the powerful calendaring and address book features that makes Exchange the darling of corporations

OS X Odyssey 255 - DragonDrop Brings Back Pop Up Folders And More - Miss the Classic Mac OS Pop Up folders in OS X? David Adamson's DragonDrop, which he says is "first and foremost a vehicle for my exploration of Mac OS X development, is intended to reintroduce some of the functionality lost with the death of tabbed windows -- aka pop up folders

Slow Printing, Safari, Mail, and Faster Classic Mode Launches - It's been a month since I upgraded from 10.1.5 to Jaguar and tried to make OS X my primary operating system. It worked, and now that I've done it, I don't like going back to OS 9

Mac OS X System Maintenance - Everybody's Mac needs regular system maintenance to keep it running smoothly, or to fix it when it is not. Read on to find out about some cool tips and tricks to troubleshooting and maintaining your Mac

Seven essential keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X Jaguar - In no particular order, here are seven keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X 10.2 that everyone running Jaguar should know

An Easy Way To Securely Delete Files - For those (of us) not too keen on mucking about in Terminal and still desire to securely delete, and have Stuffit Deluxe

Tangerine Jaguar: Reader Tells How - One of the benefits of this medium of communication is that posting one question often gives you the answer to another. In an earlier report about overly-warm 12.1-inch PowerBooks, we mentioned how much we like our original iBook but didn't think it could really handle OS X. Not so, grasshopper!

Keynote fixes expected in OS X update - The next update to Mac OS X is expected to contain fixes for the various problems that have beset Apple's new presentation software, Keynote

How to Emulate Tabbed Browsing in Safari - To create your very own Safari tabs you need 3 Applescripts and 1 REALbasic project. This will be a crude implementation and will have all the windows in a list, displaying them from front to back, and refreshing as the order is changed

Apple's iLife Bundle Now For Sale, Downloads Also Available - As part of the iLife package, Apple also announced that iMovie 3, iPhoto 2 would continue to be available as free downloads. iTunes, too, would also continue to be available as a free download

Taming Mac OS X - As the deadline looms for the transition to the new operating system, here are some helpful hints for making the switch as effortless as possible

Another rave review for Safari browser - I downloaded Safari and installed it as soon as I heard about it. I've updated it a couple of times since then. Normally, I'm glad to return to my regular software after trying out beta versions, but my experience with Safari wasn't normal

Post subject: Programming (OSX) - where to start? - For the past year, I've been buying books on programming in Cocoa (Cocoa Programming for OSX by Hilleglass, Building Cocoa Applications by Garfinkel and Mahoney). I've never been able to finish any of them, because of the previous programming experience that they presume

Double-quick browser beating - This Safari is, of course, Apple's latest piece of Mac OS X software, a Web browser that, even in its early public beta form, is showing a clean set of heels to the established pair.
It still needs work and clearly will get more features before it is released in its finished form later this year, but even now and despite a number of "unexpected quits" it has shown itself stable enough and well-furnished enough to be made the default browser on our workaday flat-panel iMac

Apple's X11 has library name bug - While Apple's X11 works just fine with existing binaries, it has a bug in the install name of the libraries that can cause some software to build incorrectly

So What's The Big Idea Behind X11 And Keynote? - These are interesting times. Not too long ago Apple products were thought of as an eccentric collection of software and hardware that only the equally eccentric of us could truly appreciate. The Apple brand did not come to mind when one thought of doing anything serious, be it work or play

Top tech-mag gong for Mac - InfoWorld magazine has named Apple as the winner in its 2002 Technology of the Year Awards

Fulfilling the Promise of Aqua and the Quartz Rendering Engine - A lot of things changed with Mac OS X. The Aqua interface is visually attractive, processor intensive, and is sometimes more space efficient than the classic Mac OS -- and often less so

The evolving browser ecosystem - Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla/Netscape/Chimera, Opera, OmniWeb, iCab. That's eight browsers for Mac OS X users to choose from and six rendering engines for Mac-oriented Web authors to worry about. More, if text browsers like Lynx and W3M are included

Software Strategies for Emerging Developers - Software is big business. Every year, consumers spend over a hundred billion dollars purchasing shrink-wrap software. For you as a developer, shareware is a cheap, effective means of marketing and distributing your software

Has OS X Joined the Band? - So here we are, more than a year and a half later [after OSX's release], and only a handful of audio applications have placed both feet firmly on the good ship OS X. Hardware drivers and plug-ins also remain a crapshoot. While the rest of the Mac world has been moving to OS X with only minor hiccups, most audio-related companies have lagged far behind. What's the holdup?

Mac OS X Sessions at LinuxExpo - h0tblack writes "The latest ADC Newsletter has details of a few sessions Apple are hosting at LinuxExpo in Paris in a couple of weeks. The sessions are: Mac OS X for the Linux Community, Mac OS X in Heterogeneous Environments and Mac OS X and Developer Tools

2002 Technology of the Year: Apple platform - With its platform, Apple tried to balance three seemingly conflicting goals: Keep existing Mac users happy, make OS X's GUI and application support as rich and accessible as Windows', and be regarded as the best Unix client platform on the market. The Mac platform is taking shape as one that users and developers outside Apple's established niche markets can embrace

Surfin' With Apple's Safari - Eat your heart out, Windows surfers. Apple's Safari browser is fast and feature-packed with functions that Netscape and Internet Explorer users can only long for

OS X Odyssey 249 - Jaguar's Cool Icon View Functions - I haven't seen much discussion on the Mac Web about the enhanced Icon View options introduced in OS 10.2 Jaguar, which is a bit surprising, because they represent some of the biggest revolutions in Mac GUI presentation and flexibility ever

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OS X Odyssey 248 - Native Pop-Up Folders In OS X - Sort Of - There are sever third-party shareware applications that bring back pop up folders to OS X and usually more than that, however, there is also a way to at least partially restore the pop up folder function in OS X without resorting to third-party add-ons. It's not as good as real pop up folders, but it does work

X-quest: Safe mode, booting without extensions - The more things change, the more they stay the same. Evidence of this comes to us in the form of a pair Apple Knowledge Base articles that explain the how's and why's of booting into "Safe Mode," which is described as: "[T]he state Mac OS X is in after a Safe Boot. A Safe Boot is a special way to start Mac OS X when troubleshooting."

Safari - Super Bookmark Tip - You can actually open your safari bookmarks by typing apple + shift + number (except 3 and 4 ... that's for your screenshots)

Apple confirms Keynote glitch - Apple Computer late Thursday confirmed that a bug in the driver software for some graphics cards is causing problems for those running the company's new Keynote presentation software

Review: Keynote - Keynote, (not to be confused with the event,) is quite an advanced software presentation program. One thing it lacks in, though, is automation during the presentation

iCalShare now boasts 1,000 calendars - offers iCalendars in the categories of business, health, holidays, Mac, politics, movies, music, radio, religion, school, science fiction, science, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, tech, TV, Mac User Group (MUG) meetings and more

Can the Mac Become the Unix Workstation of Choice? - Apple Computer has quietly extended an overture to the Unix community, with the release of software that would make it easier for Unix applications to run on the Mac operating system." Read the interesting article at " The XFree86 Project had been working on a port for OS X, and Apple "took the ball and ran with it a little further and integrated it more tightly into the system. We also made it easier to download," Apple's Brian Croll said." NewsFactor has a similar story too.

PHP PEAR on Mac OS X - The PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR) is an online repository of high-quality, peer-reviewed PHP classes that conform to a rigorous coding standard. In this [MacDevCenter] article , Jason Perry shows you how to install, configure and use the PEAR Package Manager on Mac OS X 10.2

Post subject: OS 10.2 and hard drive file system choices - What is the advantages/disadvantages of using the HFS+ vs the UFS (Unix file system)? In Linux I use a journaled file system ReiserFS, but don't know anything about UFS. Do you people recommend that I use it?

Firmware, Firmware, Firmware - Fix That Jaguar - I was having lots of problems with hangs where the mouse icon freezes and the only way out was a reboot. Seemed to happen when you accidently tried to move an object off the application's main window

SCO probes infringement by OS giants - SCO Group has hired high-profile attorney David Boies to see whether Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and versions of BSD infringe on Unix intellectual property the company owns

Can the Mac Become the Unix Workstation of Choice? - The X Window System is a common windowing environment used on all other flavors of the Unix and Linux operating systems. However, Apple went its own way with OS X. The company's choice to use the attractive yet proprietary Aqua GUI made Apple's Unix incompatible with all of the X applications already available for Linux and Unix. At the recent Macworld gathering, Apple announced it is officially working on X11 for Mac OS X

X11: Apple's secret formula - Apple Computer has quietly extended an overture to the Unix community, with the release of software that would make it easier for Unix applications to run on the Mac operating system

OS X + X11 vs. *NIX - on the day of Jobs's keynote Apple, with no fanfare, quietly posted a beta of its X11 package for OS X on its website. Who knows why Jobs didn't introduce this on stage, because it generated

Safari scripts released - The free scripts add the ability to import images from a Web page to iPhoto, display all thumbnail images at full size, or create an HTML phone list from your Address Book. Other scripts are also included

Adobe Acrobat has problems with OS X - It sounded like a good idea to us, so we tried it. Unfortunately, the majority of the Acrobat software doesn't run under OS X although it is marketed as being built for OS X. Adobe's tech support group was very honest in admitting that the program had major bugs. Tech support's comments were that they thought that everyone should be entitled to a free upgrade once the product worked as advertised

Keynote fails to live up to keynote hype - he wealth of feedback at the Keynote discussion board on Apple's support pages suggests that the software is riddled with bugs. Moreover many of its most-trumpeted features - PDF and QuickTime export and PowerPoint interoperability - simply don't work adequately enough. The overriding impression is that the software should not have been released in its current state

THE QUARK FIASCO - Their upgrade price has traditionally been about 75-80% of the cost of a full version of the new software. The best price I could find for a retail version of Quark XPress 5.0 was $799.00. That's eight-hundred dollars ! for a product that doesn't even run natively in Mac OS X.

Do OS X, Linux Pose the Security Risk of Windows? - the real vulnerability of Windows lies not in its enormous user base [although that in itself makes it a tempting target], but in its applications

FreeBSD 5.0 Released - danman writes "As reported here and elswhere, this last weekend saw the emergence of the final FreeBSD 5.0
5.0 introduces new features, particularly kernel-level SMP threading (performance!) - I don't know too much about the project, but what impact will this have on Darwin and OSX?, and what good things spring to mind that will come from this?"

Introductions To VPN's Under Mac OS X - VPN's can even be used to provide a low cost secure connection for the branch office that needs to connect to headquarters. No longer are expensive private lines, or slow dial up connections required. Under Mac OS X there are several options, depending on your application and our requirements

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