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iMac InfoZone - The Best iMac Information From Around The Net!

Updated: 12/31/02

Below you will find a list of links to stories relating to Apple's new iMacs, culled from around the Web. Like our other Information Pages, the iMac InfoZone is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's new iMacs. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the new iMacs mail it to us and we will add it

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Current Power Macs

iMac G4/800 SuperDrive (17") - M8812LL/A
iMac G4/800 SuperDrive - M8535LL/A
iMac G4/700 Combo Drive - M7677LL/A
iMac G4/700 CD-RW Drive - M8672LL/A


The iMac for Dummies
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Resources At MacSpeedZone

iMac Performance Benchmarks
Reference Desk: The July 2002 G4/800 iMac (17" screen)
iMacs And Gaming Performance
iMac vs 800 MHz Tower
iMac G4/800 vs iMac G4/700
iMacs And Gaming Performance
iMac Performance Compared to Others
Bottoms Up! - A Peek Inside The New G4 iMac
The G4 iMac Up Close And Personal ... Very Personal!
Apple Sent Me A Pornographic Object d' Art
MacSpeedZone's January 2002 iMac Information Page
iMac Specifications and Reviews Page
Mac Processors & Wintel Processors

Resources At MacReviewZone

iMac Buyer's Guide
A Lamp Computer?
The New iMac Up Close And Personal
The New iMac In Different Angles Of Repose
AppleTalk: Is That An iMac In Your Pocket ... Or Are You Just Happy To See Me
Computer Reviews

Latest iMac News

The iMac Rack-Mount Project: A Reality! - I can't quite say where this all started, or why I ever initially thought it'd even be possible, but once the idea was in my head I found myself quite addicted to making it happen

Best of 2002  - The sheer audacity of the design--a flat-panel display floating on a stainless-steel arm over a domed base in snowy white--created an instant classic. The 17-inch widescreen Apple iMac ($1,999), equipped with a G4 processor and SuperDrive, as well as elegant new software including Mac OS X Jaguar, iSync, and iCal, confirmed that Apple continues to be the pacesetter of the PC industry

Personal computer 'grew up' this year -  Desktop computer of the year: You have to ask? Apple Computer's 17-inch iMac, cost $1,999, referenced here last week as a great holiday gift. Nothing else comes close to its fresh design, innovative features and sheer bravado

Tech's best: This is the 'wow' stuff  - Apple has been banging its own innovative high-tech drum for years. But the company outdid itself with the strikingly seductive digital hub that is the all-in-one iMac

'TechTV's Top 20 Gifts' - desktop computers are always a great gift, but there are two ways to go: Mac or PC. If you want a cool-looking computer with performance, get an iMac with a 17-inch flat panel display

Apple's Expansive iMac - With its 80-GB hard drive, the G4 iMac provides ample room for storing audio, video, and digital photos. But raw data storage capacity is only one thing - it's what you do with the data that counts, and this is where the new iMac stands out

17-inch Flat-Panel iMac - We have only two complaints about this new 17-inch flat-panel iMac. First, the power button remains inconveniently placed on the rear of the unit rather than on the supplied keyboard, so turning on the computer is awkward. Second, there's no upgrade path for existing flat-panel iMac owners who crave the larger screen. Priced just $200 more than the most capable 15-inch model, the 17-inch iMac is an affordable masterpiece. If Apple were to add screen pivoting (from landscape to portrait mode), then the 17-inch flat-panel iMac would be our dream machine

Review: Apple's 17-Inch iMac  - Apple has a knack for churning out computers many people wish they could buy. The flat-panel iMac is no exception. The all-in-one computer is an eye-popping spectacle of tasteful but trendy computer design

Faster speeds, lower prices, new OS from Apple - If mobility isn't a big deal, the flat screen iMac or the weighty eMac could have your name on it. The flat-screen machine starts at $1,199 and suffers from the same RAM problem as the iBook. But it comes with a decent-size 40GB hard disk and a 700MHz processor

Apple iMac  - This revised version of the stylish iMac adds some changes that most users will welcome, the most noticeable being that the wide-screen LCD has grown to 17 inches, with a resolution of 1,440-by-900. Other improvements are the inclusion of a new graphics processor, the nVidia GeForce4 MX (though no performance match for the GeForce4 Ti 4600 or ATI Radeon 9700 Pro)

Review: Gateway Profile 4 vs. Apple iMac  - Strangely, both computers have more in common with notebooks than they do with larger desktops, which is one of the major reasons why neither is a great value. The iMac, for example, uses notebook memory. The Profile 4 uses 4-pin FireWire ports and comes with a PC Card slot--both features found on notebooks. The Profile also packs the aforementioned PC Card slot. But the larger resemblance is that both computers are essentially fixed, all-in-one, not-easily-upgraded systems build around a flat-panel monitor. Well, so is a notebook

Upgrade computer one step at a time -   I was just blessed with a new arrival, and it's becoming part of the landscape here at "On Computers Central." But unlike previous upgrades, I'm finding some differences - and the need for a plan

iMac Resources @ Apple

Main iMac page
Technical specifications
All about the processor
The SuperDrive
Graphics performance
As a Digital Hub
Software bundle
iMac Support page
Macworld Expo 2002 coverage
Press release


iMac Commercial (QuickTime Movie)
iMac Commercial (QuickTime Movie)
iMac Commercial (QuickTime Movie)
Mac Commercial (QuickTime Movie)
Behind the iMac (QuickTime Movie)
In the round (QuickTime VR )
Steve, Jonathan and the iMac
Time cover


iMac G4/800 with SuperDrive

Additional Resources

AAPLTalk - System Shootouts!
17" G4 iMac - LowEndMac

Mailing Lists & Discussion Boards


iMac G4 800MHz 17-Inch LCD - It's easy to find a more powerful machine, but the iMac's impeccable design and bang for the buck, plus that sexy chrome neck's ergonomic possibilities, make it a Mac we'd buy on principle alone

iMac Upgrades And OS 9 - A Performance Report  - Several days ago we posted our review of the Sonnet Harmoni upgrade cards. This review included extensive performance results of the upgrade cards when installed in a iMac G3/233 running OS 10.2. Below we post results from the same cards, installed in the same machine, but this time running OS 9.2.2

Reader posts fix for Jaguar iMac video firmware problem - I fixed this problem this evening and this is how. I'm quite happy, seeing as 3 Apple Support reps and one 3rd party service technician told me this would cost somewhere in the range of $300-$400 to fix. Hope this idea helps some of you

iMac users: make sure your firmware is up-to-date before installing Jaguar - Apple posted a Knowledge Base article today. Information from sources say iMacs without the proper firmware can reportedly suffer a range of video problems

Apple SuperDrive Update - Important information about using high-speed media with your SuperDrive-equipped Power Mac G4 or iMac

New flat-panel iMac's flash worthy of its cost - Particularly appealing is the operating system's built-in Bluetooth support. I simply plugged a D-Link adapter into a USB port on the side of the keyboard, and my PC and Mac shook hands immediately

Apple drops price of low-end iMac - Apple today dropped the price of the company's low-end iMac by US$100. The base model 15-inch iMac now sells at the Apple Store for $1199

PC Mag names iMac Editors' Choice, against PCs - Comparing the 15 inch flat panel iMac against three other offerings Windows-compatible offerings, PC Magazine has named Apple's iMac its Editors' Choice. Among those machines that Apple beats is Gateway's new all-in-one system, the Profile 4

15-inch iMac price-drop - Apple has cut the cost of two of its 15-inch LCD iMacs, including the 15-inch SuperDrive model

Why I (still) just love my iMac - The new iMac, released last January, has been a big hit for Apple. It's also been the impetus behind the company's in-Bill's-face "switcher" ad campaign, in which Steve Jobs et al. have been trying to lure Windows users over to the Mac side

Study: Flat-panel prices will dive - Flat-panel display prices rose dramatically during the first quarter, thanks to solid demand from consumers and businesses. But the second quarter saw an abrupt downturn in consumer PC sales, which strangled the relatively short-lived flat-panel rally

Buy a Mac, get Office v. X for $199 - Apple and Microsoft Corp.'s Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) will announce on Tuesday that customers purchasing a Macintosh computer can also get Microsoft Office v. X at a greatly reduced price.

Gateway Profile 4XL Review An iMac Wanna-Be, Or Really Nice PC? - Compared to the highly mobile iMac screen or even most tilt-and-swivel monitors, the Gateway's 17-inch LCD is stuck fast -- you can tilt it up or down (mostly down) through a relatively small angle, but can't adjust its height, and the only way to swivel is to shove the entire system around.

Kommando's Bias Skews iMac Evaluation - I'd like to make it clear that this is no way an attack on Ms. Komando. Everyone is entitled to her or his own opinion. However, I often find that the criticisms towards the Mac are the result of poor testing, lack of comprehensive fact checking, and a less than thorough research

 EDITORS' CHOICE - Apple originally wowed us with the first Apple iMac and continues to do so in the consumer desktop category with its newest iteration - a funky-looking all-in-one with a sharp flat-panel display. The Voodoo deserves points for being the most talked-about PC we had in our labs

Pioneer Tech Support Says Updated Mac SuperDrive Firmware Coming - Pioneer's Technical Support team is issuing the following statement to customers inquiring about an updated set of firmware which alleviates the widely reported overheating issue

Apple 17-inch Flat Panel iMac - The new iMac's widescreen format makes the second-generation design appear more balanced and less squat than the 15-inch model, and it also offers nearly two-thirds more desktop space. In fact, the display is wide enough to fit two word-processing or PDF pages side by side, with plenty of room left over to access the desktop

Ultimate home PC showdown: Apple iMac vs. Gateway Profile 4 - It all comes down to brute force versus finesse. If you want a powerful, compact PC that is well suited to home or small business use, and you aren't lured by world-class industrial design and an easy-to-navigate operating system, the Gateway Profile 4 is a fine choice. But if you're willing to give up a little in the way of number crunching performance and want to compute in high style, consider the flat-panel iMac as the winner of this close encounter

Pioneer DVD drives too hot to handle - Representatives from Pioneer Electronics USA, based in Long Beach, Calif., said that writing to blank 4x DVD-R and 2x DVD-RW discs can cause its DVD-rewritable PC drives and DVD recorders to freeze. If the drives or recorders remain frozen for longer than five minutes, the optical lens, which writes to the discs, can overheat and render the hardware inoperable

Inbox: Apple vs. Gateway revisted - There were a few points that you might want to note. One, while the Profile includes an Ethernet port, it comes with Windows XP home version which has some noticeable limitations in regard to networking. This is important to college students and businesses that are networked

Screen deep - But that's not all. Included in the price of all iMacs is a lot of software, some of it unmatched by third-party developers in either Mac or PC environments. Some estimate the bundled software is worth about $2000.

Apple, Gateway comparison a Hail Mary pass - Gateway is hemorrhaging money. Apple is making it. Apple offers innovative products created by brilliant design and engineering teams. As for Gateway, well, it mostly offers the sincerest form of flattery. Now, how about that "faster" claim? Turns out Gateway hired research firm eTesting Labs to conduct the testing. Gateway bases their speed claim on just three tests: Quake 3 Arena frame rate, JavaScript Web page loading speed and cold boot-up speed. Of course, Gateway wins all three handily. ETesting Labs didn't test any of the things that matter to a Mac user:


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