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The eMac InfoZone - The Best eMac Information From Around The Net! A Resource

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Below you will find a list of links to stories relating to Apple's new eMac computer, culled from around the Web. Like our other Information Pages, The eMac InfoZone is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's new eMacs. New, news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to the new eMac, mail it to us and we will add it

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Latest eMac News

Apple - SuperDrive Update - Software Download - Important information about using high-speed media with your SuperDrive-equipped Power Mac G4 or iMac

Buy a Mac, get Office v. X for $199 - Apple and Microsoft Corp.'s Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) will announce on Tuesday that customers purchasing a Macintosh computer can also get Microsoft Office v. X at a greatly reduced price

Apple warning on faulty eMacs - Apple has admitted that there is a problem with "a small number" of its eMacs. Apple's KnowledgeBase technical issues database describes the problem as "a popping sound followed by a visible flash" inside the iMac's case that prevents its operation

All-in-One PC Roundup - If you like the Mac OS, this is an awesome value

PC buyer's guide - Like all of us, she was looking for a great deal on a machine that wouldn't be obsolete by the time she plugged it in. Beyond that, she wasn't sure what to look for in processor speed, memory and hard drive capacity. She didn't know the difference between USB and Firewire ports and wasn't exactly sure what Ethernet was -- and whether she needed a port for it

Apple Lowers Price On iMac, Adds DVD/SuperDrive Options To eMacs, Same Processors - With the economy hitting Apple's sales, and the fact that both LCD and RAM prices have been falling once again, the only surprise in this price cut is why it took as long as it did for Apple to announce it

Apple Enhances Consumer Desktop Lines - eMac With Combo & SuperDrive; Flat-Panel iMacs at Lower Prices

The New G4 Value Equation eMac, iMac, and Power Mac - is the SuperDrive eMac really worth $400 more than one with a Combo drive?

eMac - In terms of raw power, a 700MHz G4 isn't going to win any Photoshop shootouts, but this machine isn't made for professional Photoshop jocks. It's more than enough for Web surfing, AppleWorks production (version 6 included), iTunes jamming (it can rip a full-length audio CD in 5 minutes), and multimedia creation via the other included iApps: iMovie and iPhoto. These of course run better on a beefier system, but are plenty snappy on the eMac

Apple cuts eMac price, adds DVD-burning drive - Most notably, Apple said it is putting a DVD-burning drive in its eMac computer for $1,499. Previously, Apple's lowest price for a DVD-burning computer was $1,799

Apple Prepping a DVD-R eMac or Protecting iMac Sales? - A DVD-R eMac would be an ideal education and consumer solution, as Zettabyte discovered. Has Apple indenfified two very different markets for iMac and eMac? A DVD-R eMac would crossover with the low-end iMacs on price, but would of course lack the LCD, as well as the ground-breaking iMac design

Get the right gear for your new Apple lifestyle - Apple fans had a fit when the company announced that this budget-conscious new CRT Mac would be available only to the education market. Luckily, Apple relented, and an all-new Mac entered the arena. With prices starting at $999, it's the cheapest G4 on the market

Ohio Boys & Girls Club debuts eMac lab - The Boys & Girls Clubs of Portage County recently established a Quality Internet Lab at their Ravenna, Ohio location. The lab consists of two iMacs, four eMacs and high-speed internet connectivity via Road Runner and Apple's Airport wireless networking hardware

Legal restrictions stop the sale of SuperDrive eMac - Zettabyte Solutions was offering users an eMac equipped with a SuperDrive. Apple currently sells the eMac with a Combo drive or a CD-RW, but doesn't include the SuperDrive as an option. While sales of the SuperDrive eMac were brisk -- 30-40 units a day -- you won't be able to get one of the machines from Zettabyte today

Cloning the eMac or the iMac? - We don't think Apple will be suing on this one, although several engineers may giggle loudly and swallow their Buds the wrong way. Northgate do lie at least once though: "With the latest 1394 Firewire Technology downloading and editing you videos from your digital camcorder is just a breeze." On a Windows box? Fat chance. And the typo on 'you' in their PR is their typo, not ours. Would you buy a used car from them? Or a new PC?

From The iMac G3/233 To The iMac G4/800 - iMacs & eMacs: A Performance Review

Apple offers Combo drive eMac - Apple updated its eMac all-in-one computer to include a CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive. When the eMac was first introduced for the consumer on June 4, 2002, the consumer machine came equipped with a CD-RW as the only option

Apple eMac (DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive, Mac OS X) - The eMac delivers an attractive, adequately speedy, easy-to-use PC without the flat-panel iMac's relatively high price, making it a good value for students and undemanding home users

The G4 eMac Up Close And Personal! - The eMac does not have the warmth, or youthful spontaneity of the G4 iMac. Instead there is a cold formality to the machine

Deep In The Zone: Comparing 14 Current & Former Power Macs, iMacs, PowerBooks And iBooks When Running OS X - A Performance Report

The 700 Club: eMac versus iMac versus iBook - According to the specifications, the eMac G4/700 should be just as fast as the iMac G4/700. But is it? And what about the iBook G3/700? How does it compare? And I know some of you are going to ask, how does the PowerBook G4/667 relate? So here's all four

eMac Test Drive - The first thing you notice when you sit down in front of the eMac is how much extra screen real estate the 17" display provides over the iMac's 15" monitor. Even set at the maximum resolution of 1280 x 960, the display is clear and crisp and does not strain the eyes

G4 with CRT Display Is the True Successor to the Original iMac - On the outside, the eMac looks remarkably like the original iMac. Like its progenitor, it's a single unit encased in molded plastic, with a screen and optical drive in front and ports on the right side. Its large front face tapers to a rounded backside. However, this silver-and-white 50-pound hunk of computer (without a carrying handle like the original iMac's) does offer several variations on the all-in-one theme. The most impressive change is in the display, a 17-inch flat-screen CRT.

First Look: Apple eMac - When we first saw the eMac, we were both excited and disappointed. We were excited that Apple had finally created a powerful machine at a great price. We were disappointed that it was only for education. Then Apple changed its tune on the eMac and made it available to the general public. We couldn't be happier

eMacs wag school - When Steve Jobs announced the release of the eMac a couple of weeks ago and said it was for "education buyers" only, millions of people instantly began working out how they would look in short pants and school caps or whether they could bribe the local teacher to drop one off the back of his truck

Top 10: So what does the 'e' in eMac stand for now? - When Apple released the eMac to the education market just over a month ago, the 'e' in eMac ostensibly stood for education. Now that the eMac has been released to the general consumer, the name suddenly seems inappropriate. ROM comes to the rescue with this list of candidates for the eMac's lonely 'e.'

Editorial: eMac Will Not Damage Apple's Bottom Line - Last week, we expressed the opinion that Apple would not release the eMac in a consumer market. To our surprise (and many others), Apple opened up eMac sales to the general public. So, the CRT isn't quite dead. For that matter, it may not even be breathing hard.

eMac for the masses is a good thing - First let me say that the eMac is a really decent computer. It does feature a 700 MHz G4 processor as well as an NVIDIA graphics card and CD-RW. The hard drive is a bit small for these days at 40 GB, and only 128 MB of RAM are included, but those can be easily upgraded. A 56k modem, Ethernet, as well as an optional Airport card make it a good computer for getting online

Apple Offers 17" eMac To Consumers At US$1099 - This is a very smart move for Apple, and one the company frankly should have made when introducing the model. There is just no reason not to offer the eMac to consumers,

Apple Will Sell EMac, Made for Schools, to Consumers (Update1) - Apple is the only major U.S. computer maker whose shares have risen during the past year. The shares have risen 9.6 percent in the last 12 months, compared with a 29 percent decline in the Standard & Poor's 500 Computer Hardware Index

Apple's eMac now available for consumer purchase - "Consumers have pounded on the table demanding to buy the eMac, and we agree," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "The eMac's production ramp is ahead of schedule, so we'll have enough eMacs this quarter to satisfy both our education and non-education customers."

Sources: eMac heading to retail shelves - Although Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs declared the CRT monitor end-of-line in January, it appears it's not as dead as once thought. Sources confirmed to Think Secret that Apple will announce Tuesday that its recently introduced 17-inch, all-in-one eMac for education will be sold to consumers through all retail channels

Editorial: eMac Rounds Out Apple's Lineup Perfectly - The eMac rounds out Apple's lineup nicely, and may draw some old iMac using schools out to upgrade. If you're a regular consumer, though, don't hold out for Apple to make the eMac a "third" desktop choice. They learned their lesson with the cube, and would like to steer users to the LCD iMac, which seems to be working well thus far.

eMac Base Configuration Now For Individual Purchasers

Apple eMac (CD-ROM, Mac OS 9) - The eMac blends old and new. Like the CRT-based iMac, the eMac has a teardrop-shaped design, though it's somewhat boxier. However, Apple has increased the diagonal size of the display from 15 to 17 inches--thereby boosting maximum resolution to 1,280x960 from 1,024x768

69% demand eMac 'for the rest of us' - In last week's Macworld Reader Poll, 69 per cent of voters demanded that Apple sell its education-only eMac to non-education buyers.

eMac Musings - The upgraded PowerBooks were expected, but I think the eMac took nearly everyone by surprise. It certainly did me. My first impression was, "Wow, a 700 MHz G4 with a 17" screen for $999!" It wasn't so long ago that you would pay that much for a 17" CRT monitor alone

eMac leads education resurrection - Apple has benchmarked the new system running Id Software's Quake III Arena action game at 68 frames per second, which is 80 per cent better than previous top-end PowerBooks, according to some reports

eMac: Say yes to the rest of us - Many Mac users today suffer unrequited love for the eMac. They want it desperately, but it doesn't want them. That is, unless you meet Apple's education requirements

NVIDIA On eMac: We Are Expanding Our Relationship With Apple - This isn't news, per se, but the wording of a press release from NVIDIA struck our fancy. The company is belatedly touting the fact that their GeForce2 MX graphics card is being used in Apple's eMac line

eMac? Great. Now how about itMac running aLinux? - Put Linux on the Mac. Doesn't sound like an interesting proposal one way or the other. But Gary Beach, publisher of CIO magazine, has penned an article suggesting that Apple put a pretty GUI on top of Linux and offer it as an option on the flat screen iMac

New eMac, is education Apple's territory? - Apple obviously is looking to defend it's education market, a market it has until recently been the big contender. In recent years companies like Dell have introduced computers cheap enough to entice some budget strapped school districts to switch platforms

CD-ROM eMac now on sale to individuals

Apple eMac: That's 'E' for education - James Hattori went to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, and talked with Apple CEO Steve Jobs to get the lowdown on this high-tech educational tool

eMac Stripped For College A Good Buy? - the CD-ROM-equipped entry-level model (more pricey models have a CDRW or Combo drive) doesn't even come with a modem. However, it puts a 17" G4 within the grasp of students for a little more than $1,000

The long awaited for iMac: eMac - Looking at the new eMac it sure reminds me of something. Maybe an iMac crossed with the "old" 17" Studio Display. You remember, that ADC based flat screened CRT monitor that was the last one Apple ever produced. eMac is truly that same display, just take away the stand (which is sold as an option for eMac.) The form factor is identical

eMac price disparity between schools, students explained - students and faculty pay $50 more than institutions do for the eMac. Why? The lesson is taught in Business 101 -- the principle known as economy of scale

Comments: Don't Worry About eMac Prices - The fancier model ($1,199) has a CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive and a modem. This minor (?) detail escaped our attention earlier, but now it is clear that the bargain version is intended for networked environments like offices and computer labs

eMac: Calm down! Students cannot buy one for $999. - EDITOR'S NOTE: Since this article was published, due to customer demand, Apple has made the base level eMac available to students at $1,049

eMac: A Is for Apple, E Is for Education - While many are quick to point to Steve Jobs' proclamation that the CRT-based monitor is dead, the new eMac does not boast an LCD screen. Apple chose instead to incorporate a 17-inch CRT display at the request of its education customers. Consider for a moment 15 to 20 first-graders twirling, shaking and abusing the new iMac's pivoting display, and you can probably imagine why educators appreciated the stationary, solid casing of the original iMac

System Shootouts! - eMac, SYSTEMS CONFIGURED ON 4/30/02 directly from Apple & Dells' EDUCATIONAL online stores

eMac evokes price shock for students - Some college students eager to snap up the new eMac were surprised at the price tag when they tried to buy one this week from Apple Computer's online store. The reason for the shock is twofold.

The eMac, Speed Bumped PowerBooks and Strange Part Numbers - I guess most of us expected the upgraded Ti's from all the press about it over the past few weeks, but the eMac was a total surprise

Topic: Should Apple Release The eMac To The General Public? - What do you think?

The eMac for Education Gets Below US$999...Strangely - Its easy enough to see why Apple isn't willing to parcel these out to the general public: they would gut sales of the new flat-panel iMac G4. The eMac, by comparison, is aimed squarely at keeping prices down in the education market,

Apple apes rumour sites with 50lb monster Mac - Apple paid the Mac rumor sites a backhanded compliment today with the launch of its new eMac. The new machine closely resembles some of the mock-ups of 17inch CRTs created by Mac fans throughout 1999 and 2000, when it was one of the most requested new products.

Apple Releases New $1,000 Computer Limited to Education Market - what we wanted to do was capitalize on some of the iMac's features," he says, "but do it at a price that education can afford

Apple's Hot for Teacher - Like the Rev A iMac, Apple unveiled the eMac just before its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif. And like the original iMac, the eMac managed to sail in under the collective radar of the Mac Web

The e in eMac Means Earnings - In the April conference call with analysts, Fred Anderson, Apple's CFO, mentioned that margins would be pressured during the quarter due to the costs of air freighting iMacs and soft margins in the education market. The 17" G4 eMac at $999 does pose challenges for Apple in terms of maintaining its historically high gross margins on products sold

Grads Want to Study on EMacs, Too - Industry analysts responded to Apple's announcement with praise on Monday, saying that designing a computer specifically for the education market is a wise move for the firm, whose long-time leadership in education has slipped to a piteous No. 2 position behind Dell. But some Macintosh fans -- a group that can be counted on to greet any new Apple product with untempered enthusiasm -- took in the eMac news with exasperation

About This Developer Note - This developer note gives a technical description of the eMac computer. The note provides information about the computer's internal design, input-output features, and expansion capabilities. This developer note is intended to help hardware and software developers design products that are compatible with the products described here

Psst! Wanna Buy a Gray-Market eMac? - I lied to Apple. I've signed an AppleStore form stating I was working at a Michigan high school. Sure enough, digitally accept the web document and then choose your eMac. However, the prices for individual purchasers - who are entitled to only one purchase per annum - will surprise and perhaps disappoint you. Apple has deliberately priced non-institutional purchases of the eMac substantially higher than the going rate. And the base $999 model isn't even available to you

MacCommunist FontWatch: Does the eMac portend the end of Apple (Garamond)? - That's right: Apple's new "eMac" product - supposedly aimed exclusively at schools - isn't being advertised with Apple's signature font, a custom version of Garamond Light Condensed, but instead with the terribly more generic Adobe Myriad Roman. But this isn't just about simple marketing materials, comrades! Not only is Myriad being used for the marketing campaign, but the font is front and center on the product itself -- the "eMac" logo has been done in Myriad, too, and is for the first time placed above the CRT display

New hardware, just in time for... what? (part 2) - Education support is an area that Apple has famously flubbed the last few years, from sacking the sales staff to introducing machines too late for the then-current buying cycle. This time, though, everyone's favorite fruit company seems to be on the ball

Apple's new eMac looks like a winner - Offering a G4 for less than $1000 (albiet just barely) is something schools have been waiting for since the graphite towers were introduced lo, those many years ago. The machine looks very sturdy, and with the optional stand, it is very versatile, ergonomically. Schools, in general, don't need huge hard drives; 40 GB is big enough for most amateur DV projects, and the firewire port makes hooking up extra storage a snap.

Apple Rolls Out Education eMac and Faster PowerBooks - A scant four months after announcing the death of the CRT in favor of flat-panel LCD displays, Apple today introduced the eMac, an all-in-one G4-based Macintosh strictly for the education market - and to keep costs down, the eMac is built around a 17-inch CRT display supporting resolutions up to 1,280 by 960 pixels

Apple Releases 17" CRT-Based eMac,Education Market Only - In our never humble opinion, it is absurd for Apple to make this unit available only for the education market. Jump the price up by US$200 or US$300 for retail, and let customers decide which route they want to go.

Apple announces eMac, from 729 - "Our education customers asked us to design a desktop computer specifically for them," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "The new eMac preserves the all-in-one compact enclosure that educators love."

Apple Rolls Out School Macs - The eMac comes in the same compact all-in-one form factor as the iMac, but the shape has been shortened 8 mm, so it will fit on a school desk with no problem. Another change: It features a ruggedized, 17-inch flat CRT monitor for a larger viewing area. It also offers five resolution settings, up to 1,280-by-960 pixels in 24-bit color

Apple's new eMac sports 17-inch screen - The all-white desktop, which will be sold only to teachers, schools and college students, features a 700MHz G4 processor, a 40GB hard drive and 128MB of memory. A model with a tray-loading CD-ROM drive will sell for $999, while a similar model that can burn CDs and play DVD movies will sell for $1,199, again only in the education market. Because it uses a flat-screen CRT (cathode-ray tube) monitor, the eMac takes up roughly the same amount of space as the original iMac

Apple offers $1,000 eMac for teachers, students - The new machine, called the eMac -- as in ``education'' -- looks like a glossy-white gumdrop and functions much the same as a $1,400 iMac, except that its design features a 17-inch video monitor instead of the iMac's distinctive adjustable flat-panel screen

Apple aims new eMac at schools No pretty colors on this souped-up machine - Apple is pricing the eMacs at $1,000 and $1,200, which is less than the price of the new consumer-oriented, flat-screen iMac, although the eMac uses the old-style CRT screens

Apple unveils eMac - (CNN/Money) - Apple Computer unveiled its first personal computer designed exclusively for schools Monday, a move some say is intended to defend its position in the education market

Apple's eMac Attack in Schools May Pinch Margins - Monday morning, the market-share-light but accolade-heavy computer maker announced a new branch of the iMac family that dipped below the $1,000 barrier from day one. The new eMac is a computer for the education market, key terrain for Apple that has been troublesome since the company's golden age, as schools tried to keep up with the expanded dominance of the PC platform. The dive in price will contribute to Apple's soft margins in the third quarter, already projected to be a little low.

Meet Apple's affordable new computer for education - complete with a 17-inch flat CRT display, a PowerPC G4 processor and a space-saving, all-in-one design that fits on school desks. Plus digital applications for learning, Mac OS X and Mac OS 9



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