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iBook InfoZone - The Best iBook Information From Around The Net!

Updated: 02/04/03

Below you will find a list of links to stories relating to Apple's new iBooks, culled from around the Web. Like our other Information Pages, iBook InfoZone is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's new iBooks. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to iBooks, mail it to us and we will add it. Also check out our iBook Buyer's Guide for additional information.

Current Generation iBooks

  • M8860LL/A - 700 MHz With CD-ROM
  • M8861LL/A - 800 MHz With combo CD-RW/DVD
  • M8862LL/A - 800 MHz 14.1-inch With combo CD-RW/DVD

Past Generation iBooks

  • M8600LL/A - With CD-ROM
  • M8602LL/A - With combo CD-RW/DVD
  • M8603LL/A - 14.1-inch With combo CD-RW/DVD

Resources At MacSpeedZone

Resources At MacReviewZone

iBook Resources @ Apple

Current iBooks

Latest iBook News

Sleep/Wake Problem With New iBook - I have a new iBook 800, 10.2.3, and I have problems with the automatic sleep function (when I close the computer). Upon opening the computer, the screen stays completely blank and only responds to a hard reboot

Topic: Probelms with my iBook - I run broadband through a router to the iBook and a PC. The Apple engineers have told me that the PC has caused the iBook, which normally runs OSX, to revert to OS9. Is this possible?

Laptop computers beginning to go home with students - Since the laptops were delivered last fall as part of former Gov. Angus King's high-profile technology initiative, the students have been using the computers extensively in the classroom, but have not been permitted to take them home, as King intended

Chameleon - Since I began browsing along the pages here at Applefritter I knew it was only a matter of time before I would disassemble my iBook to modify it.
Both the Tronbook and the Red & Blue iBook mods showed me how beautiful my laptop could become, so I began searching the web for information

Henrico parents happy with iBook program - Ninety-four percent of parents responding to the 2002-03 Henrico County (Virginia) Public Schools (HCPS) parent satisfaction survey reported being "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" with the quality of education in the HCPS system. They're also happy overall with the iBook program

Quebec's Eastern Townships schools to buy 5,000 Apple notebooks - In its efforts to provide its students with the best learning experience, the Eastern Townships School Board announced today an innovative Enhanced Learning Strategy that will provide every student in its schools with an Apple portable computer. This will be the first board-wide laptop initiative implemented in Canada

Five Laptop Stands Compared - Happily, there is a wide choice of laptops stands available in a variety of designs, configurations, and prices. In this column we will compare five of them, representing substantially different approaches to the laptop stand question

The Mac Observer: AAPLTalk System Shootouts - Apple Laptop Comparison Chart

The Value of a Refurbished iBook with Jaguar - As quickly as I could click the "Buy" button, the iBook was mine! It arrived in about 4 days (free shipping even!). That was about a month ago. Having used it now for 30 days, I offer the following observations to assist any of our readers considering a related purchase

Laptops project to boost learning for Malcolm X Academy students - The 80 sixth-graders at Detroit's Malcolm X Academy are more eager than usual to head to school today. So is teacher Jeffrey Robinson. Today is the day the kids will start learning about the Apple iBook computers they'll soon be using in the classroom -- the ones they'll eventually be able to take home

Black iBook Pictures - I painted the inner case of this 500mhz/384/30g/combo a solid black using high-temperature resistant Krylon paint; I also replaced the key caps with those from a Rev C TiBook

Can a PowerBook beat an iBook? - It turns out the G4 in the 12" PowerBook is low on L2 cache; it's only packing 256 KB. What is this, a Pentium? It really got me thinking. What is this 12" notebook? Is this really a PowerBook? What does PowerBook mean, versus iBook

Apple wants to be in New Jersey laptop program - Students in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey school system may be getting iBooks as part of an upcoming pilot program designed to provide wireless laptops for all students and teachers starting in the fourth grade

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A grand well spent  - APPLE REALIZES THAT not everyone can cough up $2,300 for a PowerBook G4, even if it is worth twice that. The iBook rode into our labs on the PowerBook's coattails and brought low expectations with it. At $999, the iBook is definitely the notebook to buy your kids for the holidays

More about Jaguar on the 800 MHz iBook - I had mixed up multithreading and multitasking. OS X includes preemptive multitasking, which controls tightly how much of the processor time each task gets. OS 9 includes cooperative multitasking, meaning that any one program can bully every other program and take all of the processor's time. Cooperative multitasking is sort of like a free-for-all -- each task dives for the pile and tries to latch on to as much processor time as it can

A New Apple iBook Breaks the $1,000 Price Barrier - The $999 Apple iBook is not an extremely high-end system, but it isn't low-end, either; it's a good machine at a bargain price. If you've been looking to add another Mac to your home network, consider buying this one. Or just tell Santa you've been very, very good

Apple Offers iBook To Education Buyers For US$899 Until December 23rd - Apple has introduced another promo for the education market, the entry level iBook for US$899. That iBook is retailed for US$999, and the normal education price is US$949

Jaguar on the 800 MHz iBook - Performance is excellent with the Radeon 7500, which can take advantage of Quartz Extreme, although still not up to OS 9 levels. In my use, I've noticed a 5-10% performance decrease in Jaguar. This performance decrease is easily offset by true multithreading

Apple News: Apple updates notebook lines - The CPU speed boost is a modest 100 MHz--to 700 MHz and 800 MHz. The processor is still a G3 though, so don't expect OS X to run as fast as it would on a G4 eMac or iMac. The Radeon Mobility 7500 is arguably a better card than the GeForce 2MX in the iMac and eMac line though, so the iBook should still hold its own against current Apple desktop consumer Macs for overall system performance



Winter 2002 iBook Reviews

Fall 2002 iBook Reviews

Summer 2002 iBook Reviews

Additional Resources

Mailing Lists

Japan Watch: Revved iBook a Big Hit - Apple's refreshed 800MHz iBook is #4 in notebook sales in Japan. The 12.1" model is the most popular, with other iBooks not making the top 20 Previously, the 14.1" high-end iBook and the CDRW iBook have been very popular.

Le Hack: CDRW into Fruity iBook Does Go - Fearless MacBidouille hardware guy Denis (surname supplied, but withheld for security reasons) has installed a CDRW into an original Blueberry iBook 300.

Buy College Education, Get Free iBook - kraksmoka writes ""The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article about how Saint Leo University in Florida is offering an iBook laptop to every incoming residential student and full-time faculty member. '... the draw of the iBooks has encouraged some of the more than 1,700 students at the university's main campus who would otherwise commute to live in dormitories

Maine Laptops: IT Takes a Village  - The enormous undertaking hasn't been easy. But recent visits to a handful of Maine schools show that with the right mix of time, resources and community support, the laptop investment pays big dividends.

The SpeedZone: The New iBooks And Game Performance - How Much Difference Does The New Graphics Card Make? .... A Performance Report - Below we take a look at performance of two different games when running on each of the new iBooks. We have also included some scores from the previous generation of iBooks

Why Don't People Like iBook CD Trays? - What we want to know is, why? What do people have against the cute little things? And why would anyone want to break a single thing in a pretty new Apple store? Maybe people are just careless, except the word from schools where kids are using iBooks every day is all about how durable they are

TiBook Wireless Problems Persist, While iBook Exceeds Expectations - the iBook apparently "exceeds industry specifications" in its implementation of 802.11b. The original model iBook (1999), which was the first Mac to support Airport, also delivered impressive wireless range, with the antenna built around the screen

PC NoteBooks Vs. PowerBook + iBook = No Contest - As the Newsfactor article notes, Sony's FireWire-equippedVaio can't compete with the iBook on weight, and the 3.6lb Dell Latitude costs a cool $1K more than the icy iBook

More iBook Musings - No Fork In the River This Time - Two years ago, I wrote a The Road Warrior column entitled "A Fork In The River" on a theme of whether upgrading my then 20 month old WallStreet PowerBook would make more sense than buying a new iBook

Reader report: school district moves to Macs  - he majority of computers purchased are either Apple iBook or eMac machines. Several eMac labs have been established, while the iBooks are used primarily by teachers for lesson administration via AirPort

University offers iBooks to students, faculty  - Florida-based Saint Leo University is offering every incoming residential student as well as full-time faculty an iBook

Laptops for all? 'Stupidest idea' makes grade - Educators from across the country - as well as from Scotland, Canada and France - have come to Maine to study the novel plan to boost computer literacy, instituted with foundation help from Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. This fall, as 18,000 seventh-graders added Apple laptops in neat black cases to the school supplies they tote home each night, the missives to King's office took on a new tone

iBook 12.1in Combo - The difference on the entry-level model is more noticeable, although still quite subtle. All the surfaces that had a metallic appearance on the old iBook have been replaced with plain white plastic. The outer casing of the machine is solid white, rather than translucent plastic with a white layer underneath, like the old model, and even the hinge that holds the screen in place is now white rather than silver. In addition, the newly whitened hand rest surfaces, as well as the trackpad button, have more of a rougher matte feel to them than the old model with its smooth feel

Ants Invade iBook - xkranda writes "Seriously ... this is off the Apple Discussions site. Apparently some poor sap's iBook became infested with ants

Kudos to Apple. Getting PHP & MySQL on my ibook - Think about this. Here is a big company that instead of trying to cover up or dismiss an incompatibility "Note: There is an known incompatibility between PHP 4.1 and MacOS X version 10.1.2." it steps up to the plate for the users, says there's a problem and not only helps insure you can get around it, but tells you that Joe Blow hacker (Marc) in this case has a fix!

Ask MacSlash: Unix Geek Buys iBook, Now What? - Anonymous Coward writes "I have just ordered an iBook. It'll be here tomorrow. I'm a Unix geek, who is used to all the nice free software like emacs, gcc, imagemagick, mozilla etc pp. Now, I ask myself: where shall I start? I've bought the iBook for its unixness, but I am willing to switch some tasks like email into the Apple world. What do I need to get started

It computes: Laptops equal better learning - "All the evidence suggests that when [certain] conditions are met, technology has an impact. One of those conditions is, of course, access," Prof. Soloway said. "There is absolute data that say, indeed, computer technology leads to increased understanding and leads to increased effectiveness in the

Taking tech to college - Computers, laptops and cell phones are no longer optional accessories for today's college students

Laptops for secondary teachers enhances ICT - Teachers will have a choice of an Apple, Compaq/hp or Toshiba laptop. Trevor Mallard thanked all the companies involved in providing the laptops. "They have shown a real commitment to the education sector and that is appreciated."

PowerBooks Forever (iBooks Too!) - There was a rumor afoot last week that Apple would roll out new PowerBook and iBook upgrades last Wednesday. It didn't happen, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if we do see upgraded, 'Books before Christmas. The current rumored target date is now November 5th. We shall see

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