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The Performance Edge: 6.2 Gigaflops Can't Be All Bad? - First Report On The Performance Of The Quicksilver Dual Processor G4/800 PowerMac
Monday, August 20, 2001

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Following on heels our first look at the Quicksilver 867's performance yesterday, a reader (we'll call him John ... mainly because that's his name), sent us the results of his newly arrived Quicksilver Dual Processor G4/800. Needless to say, he is one happy camper. To be honest, other than the Cinebench 2000 test, we have not used the benchmarking utilites he used in his tests. We will look into them when we get our "on order" G4/800 in hand.

If anyone else out there has more results for any of the new Quicksilver Macs, or general impressions of the machines, send them on in and we will post them. And again thanks go out to John for "sharing the love"

Here goes:

A Dual-800 with 768megs of RAM.  This unit does not have a Superdrive.  CD-RW only.  
Apple "TwinView" Graphics card.  Aside from those build-to-order requests, it is a stock unit.

Cinebench 2000 test:

Shading (4D): 7.08 CB
Shading (OpenGl):  9.06 CB
Raytrace (Single):  9.93 CB
Raytrace (Multi): 17.22 CB - [ editors note: Yum!! - The Quicksilver G4/867 received a score of 10.76 
making the G4/800 60% faster]

Throughput V1.5 test:

CPU  213.3
FPU  213.6
Altivec  220.5
Copypits 252.7

Altivec Fractal test:

(Stock settings except Maximum Count set to 65536)
6.2 Gigaflops

Processor query:

Unknown Rev.
PVR 0x80000201

That's all I've got so far.  I love this wonderful beast!