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Updated: Thursday, January 3, 2002

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Below we have collected links to some of the most useful Macintosh related information you'll need if you need to make the 'Mac argument' in your place of work, school, home or social gathering. Use this information wisely!

Why Mac, Why not Windows? - Apple Toots Its Own Horn

Hot News - Jars of Clay - The band's Mac collection includes two Power Macs running ProTools and a Digi 001; a Ruby iMac in the studio for MIDI, labels and paperwork; a Graphite iMac for making movies and doing housework; four Graphite iBooks for writing lyrics, Internet surfing and games like Quake; and two PowerBooks for tracking notes and updating Filemaker Pro track sheets. All are connected via AirPort.

Hot News - Danorama Rucks - Anyone who saw Madonna's 2001 performance on The Grammys witnessed the work of Dan Rucks, the mastermind behind the video that led in to, and danced along with, Madonna. Rucks used Macs to remix hours of Madonna's existing music videos and performance footage with other campy outtakes.

Science & Technology - Flying High with a Solar-Powered Wing - Powered by the sun and controlled by Power Macs, the ultralightweight Helios aircraft shattered the world altitude record in August 2001 when the remotely-piloted vehicle climbed to more than 96,500 feet (29,421 m.) - three times higher than most commercial jets - in a test flight over Hawaii.

Hot News - Waking Life - Using Sabiston's software (which he dubbed "Rotoshop"), artists trace images directly onto live-action QuickTime video using a Wacom tablet. "it started out very simply as this little tracing program, and it's grown over the years. As we've done more and more projects with it, it's become more sophisticated."

Creative - LAMPP Behind the Lens, p.1/2 - "Now Gil creates digital files with a Canon D30, processes them on his iMac with Photoshop, and burns the images onto CDs. He also distributes his digital images to clients around the world over the Internet. Gil represents a new generation of photographers who appreciate the established masters but who also understand new technology and its application."

Games - Apple Store - Looking for more Mac games than you've ever seen in one place before? From action, adventure, kids, and strategy to the latest simulations, come with us to your new Mac gaming destination - the Apple store! Walk past the register into a new world flowing with row after row of Mac software and game titles.

Hot News - Creatives Find Freedom - Galen Wright, creative director at Emma, can sip lattes, dream up super hip ad campaigns and check email from his favorite coffee place all day long. When he needs to escape the office to do a little creative thinking, he grabs his PowerBook, equipped with an Apple AirPort Card, and goes, well, wherever he wants. To the park down the block. To the brewery next door. To the blues club around the corner. But most often, the coffee shop

K12 Education - Art Goes Global with Wireless iBooks - It was a sight the tourists to the Great Wall of China apparently weren't expecting this past April. The vision of 30 elementary school children perched atop the historic wall, busily sketching the structure on their iBook computers, seemed at least as fascinating to the visitors as the forgotten wonder of the world itself. So in short order, the students from Hong Kong's Shak Chung Shan Memorial Primary School were happily serving as technical evangelists for their enraptured audience

Hot News - Macs on Tour - behind the scenes is the level of Mac participation. "All of the tracks that are played in the background, all of the sound effects and samples for the show are edited ahead of time on a Power Mac running Steinberg's Cubase and Nuendo, BIAS' Peak and Digital Performer," says Michael Bernard, tour music programmer for the Janet Jackson tour

Science & Technology - Cornell University MacCHESS Facility - Like most areas of genomics research, protein crystallography requires extreme computational speed. A protein crystallography researcher at Cornell University, Dr. Michael Love has not only found ample power in his Power Mac G4 mini-cluster, he is also leading the way in bringing open-source research tools to the Mac platform. Through the GNU-Darwin project he founded, Dr. Love is providing free software to the many researchers who prefer Mac.

K12 Education - Reducing the Risk with iMovie - This iMovie, says Blasko, helped students understand the differences between Aristotle's and Galileo's theories on gravity. With some coaching from Blasko and the school principal, the iMovie was quickly in full production mode. "Kids are so much better at putting their own energy into the movies," Blasko notes. "We helped them a little with the script, but the final project turned out to be a mixture of what we'd written and their own adlibbing.

Science & Technology - Dr. Christof Koch: Searching for the Biological Roots of Consciousness - For his work in the lab, at home and on the road, Koch uses a combination of desktop Macintosh G4s and a PowerBook. He appreciates the elegance of the Macintosh, both in function and design - so much so that he's had the Apple logo tattooed on his shoulder. "From a user point of view, Macintosh has always stood for a cutting-edge combination of elegant hardware and very easy-to-use and highly functional GUI," he says.

Hot News - Curve Hunger For Macs - On Sep 18, Curve released a new CD, "Gift" in the US. The album is the band's seventh full-length release, but steps up from previous releases by using Macs for much more of the sound design, programming and mixing of the album

Apple - Science & Technology - HPC Products for Mac OS X - The components needed to build a Power Mac-based cluster are readily available from Apple and third parties. The Power Mac G4 with Velocity Engine provides ample RAM and high-speed Ethernet connectivity. Power Mac systems also provide PCI slots to support special-purpose, high-performance switching fabrics.

Apple - Science & Technology - High Performance Computing - When a cluster or compute farm runs on the Apple Macintosh G4, there is additional leverage gained from the SIMD vector processor on the G4 chip,called Velocity Engine by Apple. This vector processor, when properly exploited, can achieve improvements ranging from 2x to 7x of scalar code - further amplifying the power of a Macintosh cluster. On top of that, Apple's Mac OS X is a fully POSIX compliant multi-threaded OS, so Power Macs with dual processors can achieve twice the performance of a single CPU Mac but at far less than twice the cost. As a result, a cluster of dual processor Macintoshes can range from four to 14 times as fast as a competing cluster using a scalar CPUs

Hot News - Office v.X for Mac - Now there's a fully native Mac OS X productivity suite especially for the benefit of Mac users. Made up of 25 million lines of code, it's called Office v.X for Mac and it leverages the strengths of Apple's next-generation operating system to the hilt

Hot News - Neighborhood Nerve Center - Scattered about the room, resting on stacks of 70 lb. burlap bags of coffee, are a dozen iMac computers. The fee for use costs less than a latt˙ at Caf˙ Abir: a mere $2 bucks for unlimited access. "I want to encourage the creative use of the Mac," says Harris. The flat fee takes the pressure off.

K12 Education - Desktop Movies Give Voice to Migrant Students - Now, an innovative program hosted by Arizona State University (ASU) is giving children of migrant workers the chance to enjoy a different way of life. Thanks to funding from the Arizona State Department of Migrant Education and technology support from Apple, Arizona's Conexiones Project is enabling hundreds of youngsters to develop the skills needed to join mainstream America

Creative - DVD Authoring Made Easy - With the introduction of the Power Mac G4 with SuperDrive, Apple introduced the world to DVD creation on the desktop. Today, with your iDVD equipped Macintosh* at the center of your digital hub, you can easily author digital content, without any loss of quality, in a format which may be played on a number of consumer DVD players

Hot News - AirPort On the Go - Forget the American Express. Don't leave home without your Apple AirPort Card. You can email your boss, get weather reports, book a new flight, forward your presentation, change your hotel reservation, find out who won the game, trade stocks, check the news, see your kid on the Web cam - from your boarding gate, hotel lobby or favorite coffee hangout.

Hot News - Museum Video - Via kiosk, the web site at, and award-winning CD-ROMs like "Making Sense of Modern Art," SFMOMA relies on video to tell the story of modern art. To deliver that story at the highest professional level within a limited budget, the education department at SFMOMA relies on tools and technologies such as Final Cut Pro, QuickTime and Power Mac G4 computers.

Apple - Fremont Union High School District - When a group of talented students from Fremont High School showed off their digital prowess at the monthly board meeting of the Fremont Union High School District. Armed with 30 iBooks with AirPort Cards, an AirPort wireless network, and more than 50 Desktop Movies, Fremont's finest demonstrated their iMovie-based take on student life. The packed house of enthusiastic viewers included school board members, district administrators, faculty, family, and friends.

Hot News - Dinosaurs - The move to DV made it possible to store the entire show in a Power Mac G4. Sanders pats his Mac G4. "We've got 400 gigs in here. I unplug this thing and put it in a suitcase to fly to Canada to interface with the animators. I'm sitting there cutting 24 hours later, and the station doesn't even flinch."

Hot News - Digitizing the Dalai Lama - After spending a whirlwind four weeks to study the culture, prepare a plan and organize what he needed, Kuwahara left for Dharamsala on April 9, 2001, equipped with a 733 MHz Power Mac G4, a 15-inch Apple Studio Display and an editor friend who volunteered to help. The plan included teaching the monks basic computer skills as well as the ins and outs of importing content, video editing and digitizing so that they could work independently after the training period.

eNews - Finding Statistical Order with SPSS - "All of us in psychology and in science who have remained committed to the Mac platform have just been very ecstatic that SPSS brought it back," says Dr. David Fresco, speaking of SPSS 10.0 for Macintosh, the first Mac version of SPSS's top-selling statistical software since 1995.

Education: A Horse! A Horse! My kingdom for a horse! - Glenwood Public School's adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III, filmed and edited using a digital video camera, an iMac and iMovie 2, has been immortalised at Screen and Sound in Canberra.

Hot News - Tom Helmintoller - Now motion graphics director for B.D. Fox & Friends Advertising in Santa Monica, Helmintoller uses Final Cut Pro and a Power Mac to produce all types of digital media for Paramount, Warner Bros. and other entertainment industry giants.

Apple - Colleges of Education Institute - Apple is pleased to announce the Apple Colleges of Education Institute, a summer workshop designed to give teams of faculty and deans a hands-on experience exploring the role technology can play in preparing tomorrow's teachers.

Education - University of Calgary - According to Instructional Designer and Project Manager Trevor Doerksen, employing the Mac-based system got the job done much faster and more cost effectively than the school's previous project.

Taking Fantastic Voyages on a Mac - wherever the best-selling author sends readers and wherever he journeys himself, Anderson depends on two tools – his imagination, of course, and his Macintosh computers. "They're tools I use all the time," he says of his PowerBook and Power Mac.

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Why Mac, Why not Windows? - General

Readers tell why they use Macs, part I - his week we're running excerpts from a small sampling of your letters. If we ran them all in their entirety, it would make "War and Peace" look like a novella

Pundit goes Mac after disastrous XP experience - Windows user and political pundit Andrew Sullivan has recently decided to switch to the Mac after experiencing a disastrous Windows XP upgrade. n a paragraph from his Web site, Sullivan writes: "OK, OK, no more e-mails, please. I'm defecting to Apple this weekend. And to all of you geek snobs: you're right. I'm a total techie loser. Like most bewildered and abandoned consumers of Microsoft's horrible products

THE END USER Apple Users Reply - A couple of weeks ago, I reported that the public relations staff at Apple Computer had declined my requests for a hands-on demonstration of why people should buy Macintosh computers rather than Windows-based machines. So I invited readers who use Macs to make their case. I have received nearly 1,000 replies - a staggeringly large and impressive number - most of which were thoughtful and informative, some of which were long and detailed and only a few of which said I was a jerk for even asking the question

Waiting for Windows XP - HOPELESS OPTIMISM must be a fundamental part of human nature, because we want to believe that new operating systems truly represent an improvement on their predecessors. It's easy to point to certain features in a new OS as examples of progress, but end-users often find that a new OS performs like molasses compared to the version they were using. As a result, CTOs wanting to capitalize on the benefits of a new OS may find that new hardware investments are necessary -- and expensive -- requirements. Unfortunately, Microsoft's Windows XP appears to be maintaining that tradition, as indicated by results of independent testing performed by CSA Research and confirmed by our work in the InfoWorld Test Center. Our tests of the multitasking capabilities of Windows XP and Windows 2000 demonstrated that under the same heavy load on identical hardware, Windows 2000 significantly outperformed Windows XP

Windows XP Home: Don't go there - First, Windows XP Home is essentially a downgrade from Windows 2000, gussied up with pretty icons and trimmed out with multimedia features that were mostly present in Windows Me. It is not a viable choice for most professional or laptop users. Though Windows XP's networking capabilities are the best yet, Windows XP Home Edition is deliberately crippled. It can't log on to Windows 2000 domains, which means that you probably can't use it at work - and may not be allowed to, since it can compromise the security of corporate networks

Microsoft Facing Mounting Customer Dissatisfaction Of XP Licensing Scheme - Microsoft's licensing schemes are finally getting noticed by some of its customers as reports spread that they will face significantly higher software costs because of those changes. Microsoft has eliminated existing licensing programs that allowed corporate clients to upgrade on their own schedule and is instead imposing a new corporate licensing program that locks customers into a two year upgrade cycle for which they pay by the year

80,000 Microsoft servers 'disappear' - The impact of Code Red and related viruses such as Nimda has caused over 150,000 IIS-based websites on around 80,000 different machines to disappear from the internet. It has also resulted in the closure of one of the most visible proponents of Microsoft technology for mass hosting. According to the most recent Netcraft web server report, released this week, a significant number of sites running IIS fell off the web during the Code Red crisis.

Study: Windows alternates should be considered for Web - A recent Gartner Group report recommends that businesses that must provide a Web presence should look for a different solution than one based upon Windows products, since patches must be applied almost weekly to correct bugs and security lapses

PC fan has a Mac attack - It wasn't sudden. No epiphany struck me. But for the past few months, a single heretical thought has begun bubbling up from my subconscious, searing long-held beliefs and well-established prejudices: My next computer may be an Apple. I know, I know. Long-time PC aficionados are dropping their DOS disks at the mere suggestion. But I can only say I once was one of you.

Microsoft to me: We're turning off your Office - FRANKLY, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I DID, if anything, to change the configuration of my computer. Nor should it be Microsoft's business if I did. As it stands, I am on an airplane, my original Office disk is 6 miles below and 2,200 miles behind me, and Microsoft has just told me that Office will die if I don't immediately reauthorize my copy.

My Old Flame: The Macintosh - I'm rethinking the Mac as a factor in computing. One simple reason: The Macintosh seems to work.

ConsumerAffairs: Apple Is A "Good Guy," Dell Makes Rogue's Gallery -, a Web site dedicated to providing consumers with a wealth of unbiased information regarding products, services, and dealers has listed Apple Computer as one of their "Good Guys." Apple has generally received high customer rankings, and their dedication to service has earned them their high marks. According to ConsumerAffairs.

Getting Windows 2000 To Work Poses a Challenge Windows 2000 Can Be Fussy - More than two months after I first installed the Professional version on my Compaq Armada M300, The Laptop That Wouldn't Run Windows 2000 finally does. All it needed was three teleconferences with Microsoft and Compaq engineers, marketers and PR people; FedEx trips first to one company's labs, then to the other's and ultimately a new motherboard.

Through Eolake's Eyes - The Differences Between Windows and Macs -- Interview with Tim Robertson

Microsoft lacks motivation to change security - he constant inclusion of new features in Microsoft's software, and the bundling of new technologies into Microsoft's OS and application products, have created large, monolithic applications that are impossible to debug for all security vulnerabilities

To hell and back, Windows 2000 Server - I thought those 63,000 bugs were BS when Windows 2000 was announced, then I configured and installed the server

Why Macs? - Several times in the last couple of months, people have asked me to provide them with reasons — quantitative, measurable reasons why one would choose a Mac over a peecee

Ten reasons why Macs outshine PCs - HERE ARE 10 reasons I think Macs are better than PCs

Why STIMULUS chooses Apple Computer products - Apple Computer understands computers. They use state-of-the-art processors. They create the world's easiest and highly functional operating system. Apple Computer products provide a complete solution

Passion vs. Rationality In The OS Wars - "Mac people are just cooler. Mac users have a soul. People don't tell you 'I love my Dell' or 'I love Windows.' But you hear people say 'I love my Mac' all the time."

Why Mac users should read PC World magazine - Folks, I am not making this stuff up

Most Hugest Page of Mac Facts - More substantiated facts about the Apple Macintosh than... well, anywhere

Windows95 Annoyances - This page contains a list of annoying "features" of Windows95

List of Applications and Hardware That Run On The Mac.

Mac vs Windows Benchmarks.

PC Fairy Tales

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General Arms

The EvangeList - The Purpose of the EvangeList is to provide a place of community for all Mac users. Being one of the oldest 'Lists on the web, we have tens of thousands of members. We use our presence to gently show companies that there is a Mac community out there that would like a Mac version of their product

Most Hugest Page of Mac Facts - More substantiated facts about the Apple Macintosh than... well, anywhere

Findian's Paradise - 1400 Mac related books catalogued.

How To Counter Wintel "Lovers" - testimonials from the masses.

The MacAdvocate Page - resources for the evangelist including QT commercials.

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Business Arsenal

6-Month Mac Convert Moves Large Company From Wintel To Mac - Observer Charles A. Wagoner offers the tale of how he took his company from a fairly large Wintel network to the Mac. Better yet, when he began the process he had been a convert to the Mac platform for only 6 months.

Forward Migration Kit: Automobile software for the Mac OS - This week we're looking at Mac OS software designed for use by those in the automobile management industry.

Forward Migration Kit: Jewelers' software for Mac OS - This week we're looking at Mac OS software designed for jewelers. We'll be looking at a wide range of products, from applications designed to keep track of stock and inventories to software used in making custom jewelry.

Forward Migration Kit: Insurance software for the Mac OS - This week we'll look at insurance software for the Mac.

Forward Migration: Navigation Center - The E-business Center recently opened its first Mac-based Internet Navigation Center in San Jose, Costa Rica. The Navigation Center, called "Internet Cafe Colon," is almost entirely Mac based, with 30 iMac DV+/400MHz systems, five iMac DVD/450MHz systems, three G4s, and two Titanium PowerBooks.

Forward Migration Kit: Telephony software, part II - PhonePro from Bing Software lets you create your own telephony applications.

Verizon Turns To Apple Solution Provider In $2 Million Enterprise Deal - Does Apple Computer still have legs in the enterprise space? Apparently so. Verizon Information Services, a division of telecommunications giant Verizon Communications, has turned to solution provider PWR Systems to implement and support more than 600 Macintosh G4 installations throughout the United States.

BusMac: a list for Macintosh Business Users - BusMac is a forum for Macintosh users in a business environment. Most anything related to hardware, business software, troubleshooting, or productivity.

Macintosh Computers in a Law Firm - Believe it or not, computers from the dark side are almost nonexistent at Blumenfeld & Cohen's, Washington, DC office. We have two PCs for the accounting department and a general utility PC for some other functions, which I will address later. All the other computers are Macs.

Macs in Business: "Homebrewed Solutions on Vintage Macs" - Wholesale distributor to homemade wine and beer stores runs a 100% Mac business.

CNN 'to switch to PowerBooks' - CNN will equip its news teams with PowerBooks as part of its restructuring plan, according to reports.

MS' Mac boss weighs Apple moves - After describing his company's plans to bring its Office suite to Apple's next-generation Mac OS X during a speech at Macworld Expo here, Kevin Browne, manager of Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, discussed the past, present, and future of the company's Mac operation.

Multimedia visitor guides - Based on QuickTime and Flash technologies, the QuickVu system also takes advantage of Power Macs to digitize, edit, and compress the video, and WebObjects to stream clips over the Internet.

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Macs influenced 'Lord of the Rings' - The Mac still has a very palpable presence in the effects business. Weta Digital, the company responsible for the digital effects on Lord of the Rings, has some custom Mac software that does useful stuff. And this software won't run on an x86 box, either.

eMac Daily Talks to Comic Creator Jim Woodring - The comic genius of Jim Woodring is supported by his G3. "My Mac G3 is second most essential tool in my studio, right after my drawing board," said Woodring. "I simply can't imagine how I could get along without it. It gives me much more control over all aspects of my work. I use it to correct finished drawings and paintings, to create and deliver production files, to communicate with clients and colleagues and to archive my work in an economical way. It has become absolutely indispensable to me." Woodring is the creator of Frank, a mysterious, wordless comic that has taken the world by storm.

Truckville' music mixer uses Macs - Creative director Jeff Elmassian of the award-winning sound design and music company Endless Noise is a big Mac fan. Most recently, he served as music mixer and sound designer for the new Dodge Ram 1500 commercials entitled "Reflections" and "Truckville."

Manhattan Neighborhood Network uses Final Cut Pro, G4s - MNN is responsible for administering public access cable television services throughout Manhattan. The fibre-channel system -- implemented by PWR Systems, Rorke's reseller -- provided a Fibre-Channel SAN solution to help MNN cost-effectively network its Mac-based Final Cut Pro workstations, according to MNN producer, Kenyatta Cheese

Apple garners several nominations in Rave Awards - What do Apple, James Gandolfini of "The Sopranos," director Tim Burton ("Planet of the Apes"), BMW, Radiohead, and "The New York Times" have in common? All are nominees for Wired Magazine's third annual Rave Awards. Wired's Rave Awards celebrate "the people, the products and the Web sites that represent the best in technology."

Mac Sightings - Lily Tomlin Is All Mac, & Check Out The Apple Billboard - The Screen Savers took a trip to Lily Tomlin's house where she also has a production studio run by Allee Willis. Ms. Willis is a songwriter with titles such as the Beverly Hills Cop theme song and the Friends' theme song to her credit. The house and studio are all-Mac, a point which was made repeatedly. Ms. Tomlin's network is anchored by a G4, and all of the Macs in the house are running Mac OS 9, for those keeping score at home.

Power Mac G4 helps design Spider-Man's costume - For the upcoming "Spider-Man" film, conceptual artist Warren Manser used a Power Mac G4 to design Spidey's costume, according to an interview at the Spider-Man Hype Web site. The artist said he used a G4 running Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and Macromedia Freehand to accomplish his work on the project.

Mac Sightings - Orange iBook Assists In Production Of The Lord Of The Rings - Thought I'd let you know that they're apparently using Mac's to do, well, something in New Line Cinema's upcoming Lord of the Rings-trilogy. In a picture at E! Online's Web site, there's a clearly visible tangerine iBook.

Mac Sightings - Planet Of The Apes Apes Designed With A Mac - At one point, the designer was talking about how his team had designed the ape makeup and started stepping us through the layers of one of the female characters on, now wait for it, a Mac. This Mac was booted into Classic for those keeping score at home.

Much of upcoming science fiction film done on Macs - 'Radius,' a science-fiction film made especially for the Internet is due this summer. And the Mac helped make it possible.

Access praises Macs ease in video editing - When Access Magazine, "America's Guide to the Internet," focused on "Desktop Movie-Making" they had some very nice things to say about Apple and its products.

"iTools definitely helped me find a new spot on the radio when my old gig fell through,' says Big Rick Stuart, a legendary modern-rock DJ

Elyse Couvillion's acclaimed four-minute short, "Sweet,' communicates without words the story of two soulmates, transcribed through imagery, motion and color - "I pre-visualized the film using Final Cut Pro on my Power Mac G4 at home to edit the storyboard animatic,' says Couvillion.

Visual Music -Both Composer and Videodelic are Mac-only applications, made possible by the creative blessing of the G4 processor. "The G4 Velocity Engine made live, real-time video manipulation in Onadime a reality,' credits Bruce Mitchell, Onadime CEO.

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Educational Arsenal

Apple Named Recipient of Georgia Friend of Education Award - pple was honored before 700 school board members, superintendents and educational leaders at the Georgia School Boards Association/Georgia School Superintendents Association Annual Conference in Atlanta. For its exceptional level of support for public education in Georgia, Apple was named the 2001 Georgia Friend of Education

Apple may cinch 30,000+ iBook deal with Maine DOE - If things work out, Apple may close a deal with the state of Maine that makes the company's previous success with Henrico County, Va. pale by comparison. Maine's Department of Education recently announced that Apple was selected as the top-scoring bidder for the Maine Learning Technology Wireless Classroom Solution. According to the state's own projections, this could lead to sales for Apple of more than 30,000 systems

Forward Migration: Nashville, Hong Kong schools - Davidson County's new superintendent of schools Pedro Garcia, may prefer Wintel systems over Macs, but one prominent private school in the area doesn't.

School gives students laptops to integrate technology into life - the school has spent $700,000 to buy a Macintosh iBook computer for each student in grades 1-6 and each faculty member, buy a printer for each family, install a wireless Internet access system and train teachers how to use the equipment in their classrooms.

Forward Migration: Macs and Tracking Centre team up - The Tracking Centre is a school administration program from Phoenix Info-Media in Duncan, BC. It's aimed at self-paced or student-directed schools and is available for both Mac and Windows systems. It's an administrative software package developed using FoxPro software, and is intended mainly for tracking student progress in a self-paced or individually paced school. Thomas Haney, Secondary in Maple Ridge and Frances Kelsey, Secondary in Mill Bay are heavily into Macs as they each track over 1,000 self-paced schools with reports being sent out once a month, and statistics galore from its database of information

Good neighbors 'net' new computers - students at St. Paul's School on Clinton Avenue and Cassidy Place, and PS 373, around the corner on Henderson Avenue at Lafayette Street, are working this year on brand-new Apple computers, complete with Internet access, as the result of a $50,000 grant that linked the two schools

Forward Migration: Noble and Greenough School - At the Noble and Greenough School in Dedham MA, this year's incoming freshmen will be using iBooks for classes. Best of all, each will have access to the Internet/network via an almost campus wide AirPort network

Team Labs' Probeware Now Available for Both Mac and PC Computers; Educators Can Now Use Both PC and Mac Computers With The ThinkStation Data Collection System

El Rancho turns into a 'wireless' school district - A radio antenna juts from the rooftop of Ruben Salazar High School, and students sit glued to the screens of 15 new Macintosh iBook laptops in a portable classroom. "It's faster, easier and it teaches us a lot," said Kandy Hernandez, 16. The iBooks represent the latest in a push by administrators at El Rancho Unified School District toward wireless computer technology

Apple Polishes Its Image in Education - Last fall, Apple created a new vice president of education position to focus on a market it historically has dominated. In March, Apple bought PowerSchool, a developer of software that handles everything from attendance records to parent-teacher communications. And in May, Apple introduced a revamped iBook portable whose small size and rugged construction are ideal for students. As a result of these moves, Apple's education sales in the most recent quarter were up 7% over last year. According to International Data Corp., Apple again has moved to the head of the class, with more than 27% market share, compared with 14% for Dell

A Leading Figure State Teacher of the Year Scott Malloy makes calculus look easy on his iMac. - This summer I wrote my master's thesis on my home iMac. As part of it, I wrote an applet to envision where electrons would end up as they repel each other equally. They kind of push themselves back and forth until they find an equilibrium. If you have four of them they will end up like a pyramid, but if you have five, what will they do? The program is supposed to predict that. You can see it through a link on my home page, at

iBooks to be part of new elementary school - Chaparral Elementary School in Ladera Ranch, CA is opening next month and implementing a laptop program later this fall. Principal Kevin Rafferty has asked parents of third-, fourth- and fifth-graders to send their children to school with an iBook, which they'll use for word processing and storing assignments

iBooks at home in school system's new Mobile Computer Lab - The Sweetwater Union High School District in Chula Vista, CA, revved up for the 2001-2002 school year over the summer by implementing their Mobile Computer Lab, a van with 40 new iBooks, 10 mini-DV cameras, and 10 digital still cameras

The Cure for Teachers' Technophobia: Macs - In a smart move, Apple is holding "boot camps" where educators can learn firsthand that computers can be friend not foe.

Forward Migration Kit: Software for special needs students - This is the first part of our special, multi-part series about software and hardware products that aid in the education and/or assistive living of the disabled and elderly. This first installment will look at some organizations and individuals that use the Mac. This week we're looking at some specific Mac products for the disabled and handicapped and the companies that make them.

Forward Migration: Mac provides college solutions - When Montgomery College in Conroe, TX, needed a way to create students IDs, track grades at the school's fitness facility, and keep a log of lab usage, it was Apple technology to the rescue.

IDC Claims Apple Is The Leader In The Educational Market - Industry research firm IDC has issued a report stating that Apple is the unquestioned leader of the education market. In a report titled "Apple, Still at the Head of the Class: Installed PC Market Share in K-12 Education, 2000-2001," IDC claims Apple leads in both desktop and laptop sales to the education market, with more than 1/3 laptops sold to schools coming from Apple.

Study: Apple Tops Installed Base In Schools At 31.9% Share - Apple Computer holds the biggest share of the installed computer base in U.S. public schools, with a 31.9 percent share, according to a study by Quality Education Data (QED), a Denver-based education research firm.

How Apple Is Reclaiming the Classroom - Jobs & Co. is again No. 1 in education, thanks to a series of smart moves, starting with its new AirPort wireless network.

Debunking the Dellraiser: One Educator Speaks Out on Dells in his School - we've had Dell supply computers at my university, and our experience is a little different than what this article purported. Let me get one thing straight - Dell is not doing well in the education market because it makes good computers.

Quaker Valley teachers, students get an Apple - The district's nearly 1,600 students each will receive a new Apple iBook laptop computer that weighs just under 5 pounds. The district's 70 teachers each will get the more powerful Apple titanium Power Book G4, a mere 1 inch thick and only slightly heftier than the students' model. The school libraries will be equipped with Apple Power Mac G4 cubes.

Forward Migration: Lake City educators using Macs - For years the Lake City Area School District in Lake City, Michigan had nothing but PCs in its classrooms. The middle school teachers had computers for their classroom tasks, but those consisted of 486 PCs that had seen much better days.

Laptops open global doors for Piscataquis pupils - Eighth-graders at the school were the first in the state and possibly in the country to each be provided an iBook computer last year for use in the classrooms. Because of their quick mastery of the laptops, they have been called shining examples of what pupils can learn and accomplish, if equipped with the latest technological tools.

MacInSchool List - MacInSchool is a forum for Macintosh advocates in schools.

Should Our Schools (or Anybody Else) Have Macs or PCs? - In mid-2000 our local K-12 school district decided to "standardize on the Windows/PC platform". Currently they are 90%+ Mac. A group of local taxpayers felt that this was very unfortunate from several perspectives and started working on reviewing the merits of this decision.

Portable Computers Are A Class Act in Merrick - "You should be saving and closing. I should see more of you coming up and putting your machines away," said Corwin as she supervised the return of 15 gleaming indigo Apple IBooks. "Come on, it is time to lock it up." This latest turn in educational technology was introduced at the Merrick Avenue Middle School right after the winter break. The students, some working two to a machine, were using the laptops to visit the Web site of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to collect the latest weather data about the city they selected.

Forward Migration: Sacred Heart school, Venezuel biz - Instead of having a central computer lab, Sacred Heart has seven computer terminals in each classroom. The iBooks, provided by the school's parent-teacher organization, offer a portable lab.

Forward Migration: Carnegie Mellon goes wireless - Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh has completed installing an Airport compatible wireless network for the entire campus and even a neighboring park.

When your football team's ten-year record is 108-18-2, you're obviously doing something right - Cut-ups are, in fact, video clips that document specific plays on the field each Saturday. And with the help of a mobile editing system based on PowerBook G3 laptops, the school now creates these desktop highlights on the road, helping further Pitt's winning strategy.

Mac vs. PC in the Science Lab - if you have any influence over what winds up in your classroom, I believe there are cogent reasons for selecting Macs over PCs


Dual platform issues, part 1: Total cost of ownership - The TOC (total operating cost) for the Wintel machines amounts to $253.86 per year, every year until it is retired," Canterbury says. "The Macs run us $53.25 per year

Dual platform: the world's never been single platform - The world is not now, and has never been, single-platform. It is likely to be even less so in the future

The Mac Scientist: The scientific platform - Is the Mac a serious platform for scientists, engineers and architects? In short, yes, absolutely.

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RedHerring Calls Dell An Anti-Technology Company (TMO Spin: What's It Mean To Apple) - Dell is not a technology company. There, we said it. Despite ample evidence to the contrary -- $32 billion in annual sales of computer systems, a Web business that does $30 million in sales a day, and the requisite Nasdaq listing -- calling Dell Computer a technology company is like calling the Bible a good book: it's true in one sense, but completely misses the point

Hot News - AirPort On the Go - Forget the American Express. Don't leave home without your Apple AirPort Card. You can email your boss, get weather reports, book a new flight, forward your presentation, change your hotel reservation, find out who won the game, trade stocks, check the news, see your kid on the Web cam - from your boarding gate, hotel lobby or favorite coffee hangout

Extra applications insulate Apple from IT shakeout - Steve Jobs's baby seems to have survived the worldwide computer consolidation and contraction. While all about them melt and merge, Apple Computer is being given an upbeat rating by IT industry analysts in the United States

Users rip MS license changes - What's the cost of little or no competition? For some Microsoft customers, it's paying as much as 107 percent more for the software they buy in volume

The New Shape of PCs - Apple continues to cast an innovative eye on its entire product line. The Apple Power Mac G4 workstations look great and put PCs to shame with ultra-accessible, easy-to-open side panels. Apple notebooks had wireless Ethernet built in, and at an inch thick, the current PowerBook G4 Titanium notebook is a marvel in compact construction

Macintosh Plus Web Server Reaches Milestone - I thought you might be interested in this milestone. My "Macintosh Plus Web Server" will soon have had 50,000 visitors (or may have already passed it by now). It has been up since May 8, 2003 (1998), it's clock was set 5 years forward to demo Y2K with an old Mac. After Y2K, I kept the clock set forward, since the Mac is still 5 years ahead of others

Cube wins spot at Museum of Modern Art - It isn't the first time New York's Museum of Modern Art has featured Apple products, either -- Patton reports that the museum's collection also includes a 1984-vintage Macintosh and a QuickTake digital camera.

Benefits of Mac Ownership - Macintosh computers are elegant and easy to use. You won't mind having the attractive hardware on your desk or in your backpack. But scratch the surface of the Mac, and you'll find the best stuff is inside.

"PCs are Cheaper Than Macs..." - comparing PC boxes to Macs: possible, small initial cost difference, but BIG quality, performance and ease of use differences. [We say "possible", as we have seen several examples where when comparing a Mac to a comparable PC, that the Mac is less expensive. But, for a worst case scenario, let's assume here that the purchase price of the Mac is slightly higher.]

What is it about these stylish computers that has created an almost cult-like following? - "I learned more in a week on my first Mac than I did in a year on my clones,'' Calicura said. "Macs are designed with transparent, easily accessible shortcuts so you don't find yourself getting slowed down by awkward procedures like you do in Windows. The Mac comes to you instead of you having to go to it.''

Anti-Apple Rhetoric: A Barometer for Apple Success - Michael Dell, who insist on repeating the mistakes of technology's past by spouting off anti-Apple rhetoric yet again. You'd think that Michael would have learned his lesson after first suggesting that Apple close up shop and give shares of stock back to investors. The virtual slap in the face couldn't have stung more than when, shortly afterward, Apple outsold Dell in the consumer market place, then continually beat the company in minimum unsold inventory -- an area where Dell previously led the industry. Microsoft should be feared and despised! - "I don't know how many times I've heard Microsoft described as "evil" by Linux zealots and open source supporters (which I am both) and thought, "They're losing it... Microsoft is just a company!" but now I'm forced to agree with them.

No Exciting Software Available For The Mac? More Disinformation And Ignorance From The Dark Side - David Coursey of ZDNet News says that whatever Apple does to close the megahertz gap with the Intel/AMD world will be irrelevant because, as he summarizes, "Today's cool software runs first under Windows and usually only under Windows. Huh? Has this guy ever done any research into what software actually is available for the Mac

One more day in PC hell - At least everything else worked, everything that involved using a Mac

Mac vs. Windows: The Debate - Should you purchase a computer that runs Microsoft Windows or Apple's Mac OS?

Flying High - Tim Meehan's passion is chronicling events and telling people all over the world about them. That's why he never leaves home without his camcorder, PowerBook, and Final Cut Pro software

MS' Ballmer: Linux is communism - although he put Sun and Oracle ahead in terms of being stronger competitors. They of course are 'civilised' competitors - but the Linux crowd, in the world of Prez Steve, are communists.


Why Do I Prefer Macs? Why Ask Why? - Hands exploded into the light, reaching for me. "Why you Mac lovin' freak!" I leaned back in my chair, just beyond the grasping, claw-like fingers, and chuckled softly. The owner of the hands scrambled forward, trying desperately to clutch me, his unseen mouth spewing incoherent curses and spittle, the table shook violently, as if it had come to life, but I continued to smile.

CASE SETTLED: JUSTICE TO BREAK UP APPLE FOR TURNING MICROSOFT INTO MONOPOLY - Microsoft and the U.S. Justice Department Friday announced a settlement in their landmark anti-trust case that calls for the break up of Apple Computer, as both sides agreed Apple's history of "self-inflicted, anti-competitive" management practices is primarily to blame for turning Microsoft into an illegal monopoly.

Mac Sightings - Is That A Mac Featured On A Microsoft Xbox Page? (With Pics) - Some things are just too perfect for words, but we are going to try and do justice to this item anyway. If you were Microsoft, where would you turn for the best industrial design work while developing your new console gaming system? Well, we would have turned to a company like frog design, but at the very least, you would of course turn to someone who works on a... a Mac?

Web Site Offers "Microsloth Monopoly XP" T-Shirt - Electric Escape sells Mac shirts, gaming shirts, robot shirts (seriously), and some other shirts, and the site has added a "Microsloth Monopoly XP" t-shirt

Heard about the Ballmer/Gates parody? Download your "Windows 1984" movie here

A Little Fun At Intel's Expense: Intel Makes Bogus Claim - Someone at Intel goofed. We all goof at sometime or another, but because this is Intel, we are going to have a bit of fun with the mistake. On the company's Web site, Intel claims that the Pentium 4 makes it possible to create MP3s at a *higher quality* than the Pentium 3

A MACWORLD Keynote Is The Epitome Of Decorum Compared To A Microsoft Rally (With Pics & Video) - Observer "mambamac" alerted us to a link at The Register containing hilarious QuickTime footage of M$ CEO Steve Ballmer doing an ugly imitation of "Thade" from Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes."

Apple - Ads

What's the difference between a Mac and a PC...user? - Microsoft have done some research, then done the dirty. I received a call from their PR Agency today, telling me about this great new survey they'd done, looking at the different lifestyles of PC and Mac owners. And PC Owners came out on top. But then they told the guys at Mac Format magazine that THEY came on top... for more details, read on.

Mac Games

PC Confessions

Breakup - "It seems clear that it will be very hard to increase browser market share on the merits of IE 4 alone. It will be more important to leverage the OS asset to make people use IE instead of Navigator." -Microsoft manager Christian Wildfeuer (from an internal memo dated February 24, 1997).

Feds Seize Windows Source Code In Daring Raid - GATES TO U.S.: 'BRING MY SOURCE CODE BACK!'

Apple Ads Web Page - Macworld Expo New York brought us many exciting new products to talk about. And what goes along with new product announcements? Why, new ads of course!

The Freedom To Innovate? What A Load Of Bull! - Microsoft wanted to settle the case with the DOJ, with one caveat. That caveat was repeated even more often than their being willing to settle, and it was that they had to preserve their freedom to innovate. There is no doubt that many of the Microsoft drones out there buy this load of crap, perhaps millions of people even, but it doesn't change reality.

Ballmer Bombs on Keynote - Speaking to an audience that he said was the "most sophisticated in the world," Ballmer compared the upcoming changes in Internet technology to a hockey stick

The Rare Glitch Project: The legendary search for a stable version of Windows

Celebrity Handwriting Samples: What does Handwriting Analysis reveal about Bill Gates?

Spanking the Behemoth Go ahead, just try and portray Microsoft as the victimized innovator - What they fail to mention is how almost every major Microsoft product, from Windows to Internet Explorer to MSN, is either bought, borrowed, or stolen outright, in full view

Where did I want to go today? And yesterday?... the Windows Experience

We All Have A Little Mac Inside Us - A compilation of famous Mac users

The Apple Collection - We have 5'429 pictures - Macintosh, Music & Sound for all who Rock Different!

The Borg vs. Microsoft - "...Resistance is Futile..."

The Mac Gallery - The Mac Gallery provides the web's largest (over 630) collection of Apple Macintosh images.

Snail Inside Guerilla Warfare - "Snail Inside" Stickers

AppleMasters - world's visionaries use the Macintosh.

Humor at Microsofts Expense

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