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Mac IIci Upgrades

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The graph below represent a performance comparison between different configuration enhancement made to the Mac IIci. Testing was done using MacBench 3.0 and results are from various sources including manufacturer sources. MacBench profiles popular software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Word 6.0 and QuarkXpress among a variety of others and applies these profiles to the various subsystems being tested. See this description of what MacBench tests and how. Longer bars equals faster performance. Results represent percentage of improvement over base configuration and should be thought of as comparative rather than absolute. A zero score means that there was no data for that test.




FB= Quantum 1080 Firball Hardrive

T 601= Daystar Turbo 601/100 Direct Slot Accelerator

Rad 24xp= Radius 24xp Accelerated QuickDraw Video Board