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Mac OS 8.6 vs Mac OS 9 A Benchmark Rumble!
The graphs below represent a Mac OS performance comparison between OS 8.6 and OS 9.0. The test machine was a "Rev B" iMac G3/233 with 96MB of installed RAM and virtual memory set to 97MB. Disk cache settings were left at the default setting with the exception of the MacBench tests which require a 512k cache for consistency. All tests were performed with all of the OS extensions on. For the "real world" tests below we set the scores relative to OS 8.6 which received a score of 100% Lower numbers and shorter bars are better. Click here for a benchmark comparison of OS 7.6 through OS 8.6

System RAM usage in MB with standard "OS all" set of extensions


Reboot time from the "smiling Mac" face to appearance of the hard drive.


A folder totaling 80MB in size and containing over 1,100 files was duplicated


A folder totaling 80MB in size and containing over 1,100 files was emptied from the trash

Time to launch Photoshop 5.0.2 compared

Time to scroll a 574 page AppleWorks document

Time to replace a commonly occurring word in a 574 page AppleWorks document

For the network transfer tests a 10BaseT network was used. Both machines were running the OS being tested and were the only active machines on the network. For the OS 9 tests, we used both standard file sharing and the new file sharing via TCP/IP option.The "multi-file" test used the same 80MB folder from the tests above. For the 25MB "single file" test we used the ubiquitous Star Wars, Episode I trailer.



Below you will find MacBench 5.0 scores. In this case higher numbers and longer bars are better. Scores are relative to OS 9.0 which was set to 100%