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iiMac G3/333 Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 Processor Upgrades

iMac G3/333

  • Processor: G3, 333 MHz
  • Backside Cache: 512K, 166MHz
  • Data Path: 64-bit, 66MHz
  • Drive: 6GB ATA
  • Installed RAM: 32MB
  • Max RAM: 384 MB
  • RAM Slots: 2, 144-pin SO-DIMM
  • Min RAM Speed: 100MHz/10ns
  • Graphics: ATI Rage Pro Turbo graphics controller
  • VRAM: 6MB (Max 6MB SGRAM)
  • Introduced: 4/15/1999
  • Discontinued: 10/7/1999
  • Initial Retail Price: $1,199
  • Current Price
    Special Notes
  • Included 56K internal modem
  • 4 USB ports (2 on keyboard)
  • Built-in 15" monitor
  • Built-in 10/100 Ethernet
  • Mac OS Supported: 8.5.1 - 9.x

iMac & iMac Upgrade Discussion Forum


The iMac Revision "D" G3/333 came out a short 3 months after the revision "C" machine, in early spring 1999. There was very little different in the revision "D" version to distinguish it from its predecessor, other than the 16% speed bump. It still came in 5 fruity colors, sported a 6 GB hard drive had the same ATI Rage Pro Turbo graphics controller & 6MB of video RAM and still had an anemic 32MB of RAM installed. There were rumors that this version of the iMac would have a larger monitor but it came with the same 15" monitor. The CD-ROM drive is 24X and the machine comes with on-board 10/100 Base-T Ethernet. Like all the iMacs there is no floppy drive nor SCSI connectors.

There are two RAM slots one of which is filled with the 32MB chip. Installing RAM or processor upgrades is a bit of an involved process but not that difficult if you are comfortable taking machines apart.

This iMac has two 12Mbps USB ports (with another 2 on the keyboard) and in a very small concession to complaints about the Puck styled mouse, the mouse that came with this machine came with a small dimple on one end, so you could tell more easily which side was up

Also included, was an internal 56Kbps modem and a substantial software bundle.

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Below you will find the MacBench 5.0 results for all of the current processor upgrades available for this machine. The bar graphs below express results as a percentage of improvement over the base machine, which receives a score of 100%. Scores marked in blue mean that these results were independently verified by MacSpeedZone, red scores were provided by the manufacturer. Further down the page you will find a table with the actual MacBench score.






Previous Upgrade Card Scores For This Machine

MacBench Absolute Scores

Processor Upgrade Card MacBench 5.0 Processor Score
iMac G3/333/133/512K 929
iMAXpowr G3/466/155/1MB 1196
iForce G3/500/200/1MB 1539

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