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PowerBook 1400/166 Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 Processor Upgrades

PowerBook 1400/166 Facts at a Glance

  • Processor: PPC 603e, 166MHz
  • Bus Speed: 33.3MHz
  • 128k Level 2 Cache
  • Drive: 1.3 or 2 GB ATA
  • Installed RAM:16MB (64 Max)
  • RAM Slots: 1
  • Min RAM Speed: 70 ns
  • VRAM: 1MB
  • Exp. Slots : 2 Type II PC Card (1 Type III)
  • Free Exp. Bays: 1
  • Screen Size 11.3" 800x600
  • CD-ROM:8X or 12X
  • Weight 6.7 Lbs. 
  • Introduced: 7/14/97
  • Discontinued: 4/98
  • Original Price: $3,499

Additional Notes

  • No on-board Ethernet
  • No internal modem
  • Memory expansion slot allows "piggy-backing" of up to two memory cards
  • Can customize back
  • Supported OS: 8.0 - 9.x

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The PowerBook 1400/166 represented the high end of the 1400 line which included 117MHz and 133MHz models as well. Like the 133MHz model, the 1400/166 gained a performance boost from the inclusion of a 128k level 2 cache. Performance was roughly 15% better than the 1400/133.

Although Apple finally made the level 2 cache standard across the 1400 series, the whole line was still hobbled by a 32 bit system bus. This limited performance to roughly that of the original Power Mac lineup. Other PowerBooks of that era, namely the 3400 and 2400 had 64 bit system busses.

The 11.3" inch screen was available as either dual-scan or active matrix. The resolution on the 1400 series was bumped up from the 640x480 of older PowerBooks to 800x600. Many faulted the video as being too slow and with 1MB VRAM video was limited to 16 bit.

All of the 1400's offered the cool option of adding a custom back and companies like were quick to supply them. The cover on the PowerBook above was a solar panel which could either recharge or extend battery life.





Below you will find the MacBench 4.0 results for the current processor upgrades available for this machine. Results marked in blue indicate that benchmark results were done by us. All other processor card results were provided by the upgrade manufacturer. The bar graphs below express results as a percentage of improvement over the base machine, which receives a score of 100%. Further down the page you will find a table with the actual MacBench score

MacBench Absolute Scores

Processor Upgrade Card

MacBench 4.0 Processor Score

PowerBook 1400/166 152
Sonnet Crescendo G3/PB 333/167/512K 1002
Sonnet Crescendo G3/PB 333/167/1MB 1100
Sonnet Crescendo G3/PB 400/200/1MB 1362