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Power Macintosh 9600/300 Processor Upgrade And Discussion Page - Performance Of Latest G3 & G4 Processor Upgrades

PowerMac 9600/300 Facts at a Glance

  • Processor: 604e, 300 MHz
  • Bus Speed: 50 MHz
  • L2 Cache: 1MB, 100MHz "inline"
  • Installed RAM: 64MB (1.5 GB Max)
  • RAM Slots: 12, 168-pin DIMM
  • Min RAM Speed: 70 ns
  • Installed VRAM: 8MB - IMS TwinTurbo 128 card
  • Drive: 4GB SCSI
  • Internal Fast SCSI up to 10MBps
  • Internal Zip Drive, 100MB
  • CD Drive: 24X
  • Floppy Drive
  • Network: On-board AAUI and 10baseT
  • Slots: 6 PCI
  • Drive Bays: 1 (5.25")
  • Additional Ports: ADB, 2 Geoports, Printer & Modem
  • Supported MacOS: 7.6.1 - 9.x
  • Introduced: 8-5-97
  • Discontinued: 2/98
  • Original Price: $4,500
  • Current Price


  • 128MB DIMMs can be used, but have not been tested. Two identical DIMMs installed in corresponding slots may result in increased performance
  • Internal Zip Drive, 100MB
  • In-line cache

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The Power Macintosh 9600/300 came out when Apple was facing some stiff competition from clone manufacturers. This perhaps explains the numerous improvements in this machine over previous 9600's. The Level 2 cache was increased from 512k to 1MB and moved from the logic board to the processor card where it could communicate with the processor at 100MHz.VRAM was also doubled from 4MB to 8MB allowing 24 bit color on 21" monitors.

Continuing with the doubling theme, the CD-ROM drive was bumped from 12x to 24x and the minimum RAM configuration was bolstered to a respectable 64MB, up from 32MB.

Also new to the 9600 line was onboard Ethernet and an internal Zip drive.

Unfortunately with the 9600/300 Apple discontinued use of the faster Seagate Barracuda drive in favor of slower IBM and Quantum drives.

Of course all of these changes came when the new G3 machines were starting to make their debut. Many Mac publications while hailing the many improvements in the 9600/300 were quick to point out that the new G3 machines were much quicker in most respects. That said, the 9600 is still a real workhorse and of course is that there are plenty of G3 upgrade options for this machine.

You should note that the processor scores for the upgraded 9600/300 are nowhere near as striking as on our 9600/200 Upgrade Page. A testament to the zippy 300MHz 604e processor and new 1MB "inline cache" design.

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** Note that MacBench does not take advantage of the Velocity Engine (AltiVec instructions) of the G4. For AltiVec accelerated applications you can see a 1.4 to 4 times performance improvement over the G3, depending on the application and the functions you are trying to perform.

For G4 Application specific scores - Click Here

"But I thought that the G4 was so much faster than the G3?" In some cases it is! For G4 Application specific scores - Click Here

MacBench Absolute Scores

Processor Upgrade Card

MacBench 4.0 Processor Score

Power Macintosh 9600/300 739
Sonnet Crescendo G3/375/187/512K 1100
PowerLogix G3/350/175/1MB 1107
NewerTechnology MAXpower G4/350/175/1MB 1118
XLR8 MACh Speed G3/333/222/1MB 1150
Sonnet Crescendo G3/400/200/512K 1173
PowerLogix G4/400/200/1MB 1239
XLR8 MACh Speed G4/400/200/1MB 1259
PowerLogix G3/400/200/1MB 1265
NewerTechnology MAXpower G4/400/200/1MB 1278
Sonnet Crescendo G4/400/200/1MB 1290
Sonnet Crescendo G3/400/200/1MB 1294
XLR8 MACh Speed G3/400/200/1MB 1294
NewerTechnology MAXpower G3/400/200/1MB 1327
XLR8 MACh Speed G3/450/225/1MB 1370
PowerLogix G4/450/225/1MB 1394
XLR8 MACh Speed G4/450/225/1MB 1417
NewerTechnology MAXpower G4/450/225/1MB 1436
Sonnet Crescendo G4/450/200/1MB 1451
PowerLogix G3/500/200/1MB 1462
PowerLogix G4/500/250/1MB 1549
XLR8 MACh Speed G4/500/250/1MB 1574
Sonnet Crescendo G3/500/250/1MB 1617
XLR8 MACh Speed G3/500/250/1MB 1618
NewerTechnology MAXpower G3/500/250/1MB 1642