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There are several iMac news sites on the web. Our goal is not to be another one but rather provide a comprehensive set of links to iMac sites and news stories. We check every link and read every news item before posting it here to make sure they are of value. Newest links will appear at the top of each list. If you know of a good iMac site or news item send us the URL.

Latest iMac News

Updated: Saturday, September 23, 2000

Upgrading an iMac - What sort of processor upgrades are available for my iMac?

Speeding Up an Old iMac - I have an older iMac, and it seems compared to the newer (and much cheaper) iMacs, it's very slow. What can I do about this?

New iMac DV is one spiffy machine - Here are my initial impressions: The new "Snow" color is a semi-translucent, milky white

iMac Sites

  • Apple's iMac Site - The official iMac site. Includes a listing of USB devices currently available and a features page. New info is added on a regular basis so check in often. QuickTime VR rotations recently added.

  • iMac 2day - Daily news and a lot of areas that are still in development including: a message board, tech support area, store for asccessories etc. Also has a listing of peripherals with pricing and availability.

  • the iMac - Daily news, tech support, a functioning but empty chat room, mailing list and an active message board.

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