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Apple has been touting how the G4's "Velocity Engine" (AltiVec) wipes the floor with the Pentium III and its MMX technology. Apple claims that on average the G4 is up to 3 times faster when using one of Intel's own benchmarking applications - the Intel Signal Processing Library. We have tracked down Apple's benchmark results and present them as is below. These results compare a 500Mhz G4 to a 600Mhz Pentium III.

Benchmarks presented elsewhere also show a vast improvement of the G4 over the G3 for Altivec enabled applications. It is quite clear that Apple's "Velocity Engine" is the real deal in accelerating applications that have heavy computational demands. It will be interesting to see how many developers orientate their products to take advantage of the performance improvements that AltiVec affords

The results below show the performance of the Pentium expressed as a percentage of the G4 -longer bars are of course better.

The Pentium III/600Mhz is on average 66% slower than the G4/500, or put another way the G4 is 3 times as fast

What are your thoughts on these results?

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