Some Advice On The Relative Merits Of Upping L2 Cache To 1 Megabyte

Rich Long <> wrote:

Hi, I have a Radius 81/110 that I'm thinking of bumping up to a 1MB L2 cache > (from 256K). I saw some benchmarks on the L2 Company's home page > <> that look pretty impressive; has anyone > ordered a cache from them? Any opinions?

Thanks, Rich

Hello, from the L2 Company. Rich, just be aware of one item in particular with the Radius 8100/110. As it comes from the factory, the Radius 8100/110 does NOT include any video card. The Apple 8100/110 included an Apple HPV (High Performance Video) video card. For that reason, the Radius machine must rely on DRAM based video, which puts a heavy load on the memory bandwidth, and slows down both the video and CPU processing power.

For that reason, the 1024K cache will substantially outperform the 256K cache in that machine, as this cache is large enough to completely cache the DRAM video in the L2 cache. At 640 x 480, in "thousands" of colors, it takes 600K of DRAM to cache the video screen. Obviously a 256K cache will not be able to cache the screen, but a 1024K will be able to, and still have 400K of L2 cache "left over" for non-video instructions and data. Our benchmarks for the Radius machine in its "native" configuration using DRAM based video are published on our web page.

Now, if you have added your own video card, our benchmarks will NOT apply to you - the difference in performance between the 256K cache you already have and our 1024K will be LESS than indicated in the benchmarks, as the video card will NOT use memory bandwidth to the high degree that the DRAM based video will.

In that case, the most compelling cases for a 1024K cache are:

1: If you use a GeoPort Telecom adapter, by all means get a 1024K cache! The Express modem probably puts the heaviest computational load we have ever seen on a CPU, and the 1024K cache WILL substantially outperform the 256K cache, even if you DO have a real video card.

2: If you do any 3-D rendering, or like to play 3-D games, the 1024K cache performs well over the 256K cache.

3: If you run SoftWindows, the 1024K cache does well in this high emulation environment.

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